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What 2013 football game makes you the most nervous?



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I picked Cal because it is away and early in the season.  I do wonder why the last game of the season wasn't an option though?  Or is that just a given as the game with the most concern? 

FitzBuck is clearly the winner.  Not even close.

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Same pick for the same reasons, early and very away. I do think we'll pull away similar to the last time we were at Washington.

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Mine also. Mainly because the D-line and LB's will still be a little green.

Long live the southend.

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They lost most of their play makers and have a new coach.  They are not an overly talented team and capitalized on many mistakes by OSU under a new coach.
I think it gets ugly quick.
I hope so, I'll be at the game.

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I think maybe the question was worded badly; it should have said, "of these games..." Because meatchicken is really the only team that should even be close this year.
yeah, going to the west coast sucks, but cal and the ordinarily tough whiskey game and the somewhat incomprehensibly difficult Purdue game are 1st yr coaches. All good, but I'm guessing they'll be tougher in yr 2.
And northwestern... I know they have a good team, but they can't hang with our junk! Sure, IU scored some points last yr, but that was prior to our insertion of the Borenator. Everything settled down after that... 
Meaning, as long as our LBs have a pulse no team on this list can really threaten us, barring injury (knock on wood). I'm pretty sure the Urbanator is looking forward to dropping 50 on some of these teams...

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Purdue always seems to give us a good game. Last year gave me atrial fibrillation.



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They didn't in 2010. I need to see more games like that.

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Agreed. I just have flashbacks to too many road trips to Purdue where, unfortunately, all I could think was..."Brutus, NO!!!!!"

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At least this is the good year in the every other year Purdue contest. We get a tough game one year then we thrash them the next. But this ones at Purdue so....

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Cal. Sonny Dykes is a solid coach. The Bigelow kid at RB scares the shit out of me. And we really struggle against spread teams(IU). With it being a road game across country and early in the season I worry about our defensive line a little. A part of me thinks we will just outscore them, but you can't help being concerned after watching Indiana nealry beat us running the same shit. Should be a good game.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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I think Indiana should have at least made the list although my pick would still be NW. I am hoping our D won't allow this, but we could see another shootout with the Hoosiers this year. Cal seems like another obvious choice but for some reason I think Urban will have our guys ready to play with a chip on their shoulder and we will win BIG.


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Every time I see @ Purdue on the schedule I always get a bit "nervous" for that game ... been a rough one the last few years.
EDIT: Not every year, but some of the last few trips there haven't been as good for us as they should have been.


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I love how a certain game is not mentioned in the poll...

The South will NOT rise again!

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Exactly what I was thinking! lol

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Class of 2008

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Northwestern.  Well, TSUN is the true #1, but #1 on this list and #2 overall for me is the Wildcats.  They've got talent, good coaching, mobile QB, and nighttime home field advantage.

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We will beat Northwestern 35-14 or even 35-7, Their O-line and lack of a strong passing qb will be their undoing, Purdue just has Voodoo against us and the game is in West Lafayette! Any buckeye fan keeping tabs for the last 5 years should be wary of that bunch moreso than anything northwestern can come up with.

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TSUN isn't on the list because we should be nervous/jacked up/ready to play The Game every season - we're already moving to DefCon 1 that week, standard operating procedure.

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I agree and I'm glad they weren't on the list.

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Not at ease with Cal or Purdue, but Pat Fitzgerald is all over that program in Evanston. He has Ohio State clearly marked on their schedule, and sees the game as a huge step to putting NW into the upper echelon of the B1G.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Why isn't Illinois on this list? ... Oh wait.  At least I get to see a demolition when the Buckeyes visit Champaign.

Columbus to Pasadena: 35 hours.  We're on a road trip through the desert looking for strippers and cocaine... and Rose Bowl wins!

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Not sure why Michigan isn't on this list but if we're going for #2 I voted Wisconsin. I only voted this game because if we lose I believe our entire season is ruined. Wisconsin could likely win the other games on their schedule and we would be on the outside looking in for a Leaders division title and trip to Indy for the Rose Bowl. 

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Yeah I think the Michigan #1 is already assumed in this poll

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Although we dont typically play well on the west coast I think we should be able to take care of Cal. Northwestern is a quality team with a great young coach. Factor in a night game, homecoming weekend and NU having two weeks to prepare, yeah Evanston worries me

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yeah, the fact that they have a bye week before us scares me. If they come in to this undefeated then this will be their biggest game in school history imo

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Penn State. Because the world is cruel and that's the sort of los us fans who live in a cruel world would have to endure.

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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Cal. It's on the west coast, which always worries me, and it is also an early season trap on my opinion. Win, and it's expected. Lose, and it stymies a lot of what we want to do this season. There is no way we would make it to the BCS Championship game with a loss in Cali. It's too early in the season, and we won't know what we have. Even though @NW and @Purdue worry me, those are further in the season and we would know what we have and how we can adjust.

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Northwestern, they are the most underrated team in the B1G and maybe the most underrated in America. Their defense isn't intimidating, but their offense and their quarterback is very scary. I believe the Buckeyes will win but it will be the toughest game of the year until TTUN.

Brady Hoke ate my comment

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I voted purdue, we have alternated wins with them lately and that unsettles me.

~Because we couldn't go for three~

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My biggest concern was a major injury in the Spring Game

I'm a friend of thunder is it any wonder lightning strikes me

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Foreshadowing: We lose to Iowa. Dammit!
Those 4 guys: Told you so!

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