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Should E. Gordon Gee have stepped down?



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Not only no, but HELL NO!

3M hoards the KoolAid like Elaine hoards sponges.

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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It is truly sad when someone who was obviously joking is subjected to this.  Like Gee said, "I have no regrets for about having a sense of humor and enjoying life and having a thick skin." I wish Gee all the best in his future endeavors and hope he NEVER changes.  Once a Buckeye Always a Buckeye. 

Go Bucks or go home. 

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As president of the University,I definitely think that Gee's comments were in bad taste, and I approved of the BOT following up with him to hold him accountable. That's the reality of leadership - you have to hold yourself to the same standards of accountability as the people you're leading. However, it makes me so sad to see Gee retire in the wake of those comments. The man has done so much good for the university and has a genuine love for its students and alumni. It's an unfortunate end to a brilliant career. I'm hoping that Provost Alutto, as interim President, is able to continue Gee's outstanding work while we search for the next president. I'd hate to see such a quick transition of leadership harm the University and all the growth we've experienced these last few years.

"You win with people "

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I don't know why these sorts of endings have to keep happening for leaders at Ohio State.  I really liked your comment.  Well said.

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Thanks, Bucksfan. I agree - Woody, Tressel, now Gee... really hope that Urban, Matta, next President get to end their legacy on own terms.

"You win with people "

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Sometimes it is the nature of high profile jobs that brings about shaky endings.  There is a reason we have a term limit for Presidents in this country.  The longer you are seated in a position of authority the more your own personal idiosyncrasies catch up to you.  Heck, take a look at JoPa.  Had he retired at a respectable age (70) most likely his legacy would be untarnished.  Stay in power too long and certainly some skeletons from some closets are going to catch up with you.  
In Gee's case, jokes of the nature he told are bandied about on a daily basis by many people - including many in positions of responsibility.  However, when you hold a position of authority at tOSU those kinds of things are magnified considerably.  Meanwhile, Witt, U of AL Pres., basically justifies racism on his campus and no one gives a crap.  Perhaps Gee could have made these jokes as Pres of any other University and they would have gone unnoticed.  As much as it pains us to have these types of things crop up from time to time, it kind of goes with the turf. 

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Excellent comment.  I have many postings on 11w asking for his resignation, as he was a national figure (which he came to be)  for my alma mater.
It's a sad end to an excellent career at The OSU.    I again, do have a problem with all the $ spent by him outside of his salary.  (I have sons paying tuition not at OSU but it's the same everywhere)
The OSU will move on.   After the horror that was Ms. Holbrook, we shall pay more attention.   The BOT GETS THAT.

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I understand those saying that he should go from a public relations perspective, but I dislike that as a society we seem to have reached a point where you are not allowed to make mistakes that don't hurt anybody.
There is a big difference between a mistake that harms another person (i.e. allowing your basketball coach to verbally and physically abuse players or sweeping child molestation under the rug) and a mistake that simply involves SAYING the wrong thing.
It seems all too often nowadays we fail to make that distinction. 

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I voted yes, but not for the traditional reasons.  I do think he has probably been ready to retire for a little while, so this seems like a reasonable excuse.  And the best thing about it is that now he can essentially continue to do much of the part of the job that he loved without putting up with the media hassle.  He is about to become President Emeritus Gee. 

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I'm not a Gee apologist, but the circumstances (above and beyond anything Gee has said) are unfortunate.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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I said yes only because he shouldn't have to deal with people picking apart his every word. The only reason this is news is because it is Ohio State and Ohio State moves the needle... and also because it's a slow part of the year for sports news.
He's getting to that retirement age anyway so you might as well do it now.

And when we win the game, we'll buy a keg of boooooooooze!! And we'll drink to old Ohio 'till we wobble in our shoes.

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Possibly penalized? Yes. But being forced to quit? NO!
Unless he was preparing to retire on his own terms already but "had" to speed up the process b/c media members like Matt Hayes can't take a few jokes. I like Gordon's "thick skin" comment. We, as a society, need similar skin.

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I honestly feel that as overblown as it is, this very well could be on his own terms. I doubt he has little regrets.

~Because we couldn't go for three~

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^ This.  I voted NO, but that is because I thought he should not be forced out because of the jokes.  However, I concur with your view, and think that because of his life circumstances it may be time for him to step down.  I have always been a firm believer that anyone should retire from any leadership position by the time they are 70 (I worked with a great coach, and he felt that way too).  I am thrilled to see him continue his association with tOSU, and I hope he has some input on who is to succeed him. 

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I voted "no", and while it's obvious that his comments led to his resignation, I feel like he's completely fine with retirement.
The dude's 69 years old, he's been super active running the university for years, and probably was just sick of dealing with the controversy. I think he just had a kind-of "I'm getting too old for this shit" moment. Good for him. He gets to spend time with his family, do fundraising for the university, and not get caught up in any of the bullshit he had to deal with before.

When I walked in this morning and saw the flag was at half mast I thought, "Alright, another bureaucrat ate it." but then I saw it was Li'l Sebastian. Half mast is too high. Show some damn respect.