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Is a quarterback a "must-have" in Ohio State's 2014 class?



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I wouldn't say it's a "must" since Jones and Barrett will still have 2+ years of eligibility left, but getting a QB in the class would certainly be nice. 

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It's a must and it's a need.  Urban can't worry about what ifs.  Just have it covered that way there are no what ifs (like Braxton having a studly year and leaving after this could happen. Then what?). JT=unproven and Jones=also unproven and Guiton and Miller gone if he has a type of season I mentioned.  That seems to must and a definite need.

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JT=unproven, Jones=also unproven, and a frosh QB=extremely unproven!  It would be nice to have, but I wouldn't necessarily call it a must, especially considering most of the big name talents are off the board.

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If Brax leaves after this year (it has to be considered), the Buckeyes are left with two scholarship players at QB. Aside from the inexperience factor, that depth is too thin for a major college football program.

I like Jones, really like Barrett, but Ohio State has to sign a QB in the 2014 class. I believe they will....just not sure who.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Absolutely a must.
It is OK for a guy to not start at QB until he is a junior or senior.  Depth at QB is essential, especially when you run a spread variation that includes the QB running the football.  Even if Braxton stays for his senior season, which I believe will happen, and he or Jones/Barrett is injured, you're back to only having two healthy scholarship QBs.
There needs to be one QB signed, per class, if at all humanly possible.

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Yes - Brandon Harris please...

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It's not a must in my opinion. I think the Bucks have more pressing depth issues on the OL and at LB. So I'd rather see a scholarship go elsewhere instead of reaching for a QB. Especially with the limited scholarship offers the Bucks are dealing with. Now I won't complain if we get a talented QB this year (looking at you Harris) but I don't think the Bucks would be in too much trouble if they didn't take a QB. I do have faith the Meyer & Co will make the right decision as far as scholarship offers go and I won't try to second guess him.

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Go look at Michigan's QB depth chart. It is a must have.

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I don't give a shit about Michelin's depth chart.



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I agree that realistically, it is the most PRUDENT course of action to take a QB EVERY class. With that being said, what that translates into is- at times, settling for a QB for the sake of having a player on the roster who identifies himself at that position. This can, in lean years, mean selecting a candidate from what is available, (every position has bottom of the barrel years). This, in my humble opinion, can be as bad or worse than (especially in our hampered scholarship position) using a coveted scholarship for a player that will ride the bench through 4 years of advanced chemistry for free and never even have the faith of his coaching staff to take a meaningful snap. 
Conversely, If you hold out during an especially lean year, rather than suck it up and accept a "fire insurance" commitment, you can utilize that scholarship to "shore up leaking compartments" or "righting lists" in other position groups, from higher quality, more impactful players who will perform not only in class, but on the field as well.

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But I think, as Jeremy has mentioned several times, we don't need to worry about this staff taking a guy just to fill a number.  They aren't going to settle for just anyone.  Yes, there is the possibility a QB in this 2014 class would not be necessary, would never play, etc.  There is also a very strong possibility that sometime down the line the player in question ends up having to come in to a game late with everything hanging in the balance.
I realize there are, or may be, depth issues at OL, LB, etc.  But this is QB we are talking about.  The most important position on the field.  Unless there is literally no one out there the staff feels is worthy of being on their roster, one needs to be signed each and every season.  One or two injuries at this position can make or break a season, easily.

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Fair enough. I absolutely understand your logic... I suppose this is just the rhetoric that replays in my mind to control the voices screaming about losing another high visibility prospect to another (read: inferior) program.  ;) (:

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We need a batch of QB's after Braxton is gone. Someone will emerge, but having only 2 scholarship QBs with any experience after Braxton's departure would be scary. Let alone one of them leaving the program for some reason. Numbers dictate you need 1 QB a year if you can get it so that you have a stable of starters and backups.

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A must. 3 isn't enough.

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I think it is a want, yes. But a MUST, no. Like a few have mentioned, most of the big names are off the board. (Still holding our breath for Brandon Harris). Yes, JT and Jones are very unproven, but if it came down to one of them or a true freshman, I would take JT  all day. Especially if that true freshman is a middle tier QB. I do not think we should waste a limited scholly on a middle tier player just becuase he is a QB.

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It's pretty incredible that 2/3rds of voters said no to this.  Just shows how few people here actually know anything about roster building.

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I'm flabbergasted by it, honestly. Let's look back just two seasons ago to what happened when there were QB issues. Lacking depth at that particular position can absolutely derail a team's season/success in no time.

This isn't a want. It's a must have need. Even if you end up with a Kenny Guiton type, there has to be depth.

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I'm astonished...

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I would only take a quarterback if we can get a highly talented QB like Harris.  If we can't get a top prospect I would try to take an O-Linemen.  However, the following year we would need to put the full court press on getting a QB. 

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There's zero doubt that Ohio State needs and will take a QB in this class, zero.

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2/3 of you are insane. Realistically, Brax could leave after this season. With only 2 QBs even practicing effectively is problematic if one is injured. This is the most important position in football!