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How much longer do you expect Tom Herman to be at Ohio State?



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If the assistant coaches keep getting paid so well, I dont see why they'd leave.

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I voted "Gone after this season." If Texas has another subpar year, Mack will get canned (or "resign") and Herman, a former GA, will be high on their list to replace him. 

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If Mack is struggling around mid-season it'll be time to fire up the Nick Saban to Texas rumors.

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I'm guessing that Art Briles at Baylor is the most likely candidate to get the call for the Texas job if Mack Brown exits. 

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Hmm... I think if Mack struggles, he'll get the axe, but I think Texas will hire someone with head-coaching experience before they take a chance on a coordinator. Not to say Herman wouldn't do well there, but Texas will have its pick of top-name guys that have already been HCs.

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It depends on if they want to go with youth and energy, or want to more heavily weight experience. Still... Being an OC at Iowa State, then for two years at a powerhouse program like Ohio State under Urban Meyer, isn't exactly taking a shot at a guy completely devoid of big time college coaching experience.

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Pete Carroll. 

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I said this in another forum. I think Muschamp is another solid option for Texas and I believe he would be very interested. 

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Chose two more years, seems reasonable considering the landscape of major college football head coaches.

I'm optimistic he wants to see the development of this offense through, in terms of productivity and results.

I expect to hear his name and "possible candidate" quite often should Ohio State have the success we hope they have this season.

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I agree. Unless the Buckeyes win the national championship, he sticks around another year to see the offense hit full stride in 2014. 

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i voted two more years, but then I remembered Jim Bollman was hired on immediatly.
That being said I don't think he leaves for another assistant coaching gig, It would have to be a head coach.

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I said 2 more but it's impossible to say. It all depends on the jobs that come available. I don't think he's unhappy by any means, but it depends how badly he wants to be the boss. I could see him taking a great job after this year. I could see him taking a lesser job after next year. 

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I chose two years, but it wouldn't surprise me if it were more.  It also wouldn't surprise me if it were less.  Being the OC at tOSU isn't exactly small time.  Personally I'd rather be the OC here than to be a HC at a mid level program.  He's only 38, the dude has plenty of time to be a HC.

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I also think it depends on the positions that become available. Texas is a no brainer for Herman if he was to be offered the job, but I don't see him leaving to take over a lesser program. Thats not to say he will only leave for a program on par with Ohio State but more that he will only leave for a program that he thinks he stands a chance to make nationally competitive in a short period of time.

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2 years then when Urban retires in 5 he comes back and takes the reigns.

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I picked after this season. i see OSU doing well and he will get a HC offer that he shouldn't refuse.
Although I did say this in the forum, I wish he would be a coach in waiting and stick for another 5 years until Urban retires and Herman takes over. He could take over a huge program that would be left with plenty of talent and he would already be involved deep. I wouldn't be surprised if Urban takes more of a hands off approach after a couple of years and let Herman start to do most of the HC duties. Then Urban can take an office position, perhaps take over for Gene.
Urban as the AD and Herman as the HC in 5 years is my dream!

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He'll win a NC here first.