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How many average players would you accept in a package deal for the #1 overall recruit?



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What are we considering "average" for this poll? The average OSU recruit, or the average quality of ALL recruits around the country (I'm assuming 2*)? If the former, no more then 2; if the latter, possibly 4+. 

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This.  I would say 1 for 1 judging by the success we've had with our "average" players like..oh a small dude named AJ Hawk.

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I honestly don't know so you can correct me, but I assume AJ Hawk wasn't a package deal player. I say this because he got an offer because the staff liked him and thought he would be good not because another player wanted him to tag along.
While the "average" package deal player could turn out, the reason they have to be a package is because the staff does not offer the average player normally and doesn't think as highly of him.

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AJ Hawk was not a package deal player.  I think he was just referencing that out of high school AJ was not considered an elite blue chip player.  Ohio State took a calculated risk on what they saw from him and offered, but he wasn't considered a 5* no miss type player.

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Also have to consider if the overall #1 players is a Terrelle Pryor / Cam Newton / Reggie Bush / Jadeveon Clowny (setting all violations aside) type of game breaker, or will he be more of the average veriety (Ronald Powell / Da'Quan Bowers / Joe McKnight / Myron Rolle).  I know none of these guys are sure things, but its pretty obvious that some years produce "can't miss" type of number 1 overall talent.  
If we're looking at getting another TP, Cam Newton, Reggie Bush, the kind of player who could go a long way towards putting the team on the shoulders and taking them to a National Championship, I'll sacrifice signing a few average players.  

Time and change will surely show how firm they friendship... O-HI-O.

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You also get the drama of the #1 recruit and the BS that can come along with it. I would much rather have 3-4 mid levels than a #1.

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I think its easy for us to sit back and say you would offer a couple kids in order to get a stud but I don't think it's that easy. Those 85(82) scholarships go really quick and are too precious to a coach trying to develop depth to be offering package deals to kids. As acrossthefield pointed out, recruiting is a crapshoot at best. So if you're offering a package deal for 3 kids to get 1 you really want and that 1 doesn't pan out, you've now lost 3 ships.

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I guess I don't get the question. Package deal, as in to get Dr Awesome I have to take X of his buddies... or I can have have Dr Awesome if I give up X solid recruits.
If the later (which I think is the case) I would say for the first few top recruits I would say 2 for 1. But at some point you will have too little in number to field a quality team and therefore I would stop doing the deal. I would rather have our class last year than USC's even with al their studs, because there just was too little talent.
The % of success are certainly higher at the top of the rankings, you are almost triple the chance of at least having an average player in college. But at some point you have roster space you need to fill and therefore can only do the deal a few times. I'd do it twice with the trade being 2 for 1...

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If the overall number one recruit is so egocentric that he demands his buddy be offered a scholly too or he won't come to my school, well, he'd be off my board as fast I could erase his name. Goodbye, good luck and don't let the door hit u in the ass. 

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You could put it that way, the other way is he wants to enjoy his college experience with his friends so he wants to go to a school they all can go to. Many high school friends attend the same school on purpose, what is the difference here?

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The obvious difference is few negotiate scholarships for their friends as a condition for them going to that school. Instead they just all go to a school they all got accepted at on their own merit.

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If the recruit makes it known he wants to go to college with his buddies I see no harm. Its up to the school to then identify whether or not the make a move. Id rather him be upfront and honest instead of not being clear. The schools are trying to figure out what it takes to get the kid here, he makes it known, no problem. If his intentions are to get them scholarships and then bail... I can agree with you on that.

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Oh I don't necessarily have a problem with it. Just pointing out the difference.

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;) didnt read the name and assumed you were the original person I replied to.. oops

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I said 2. If you're talking about a sanctioned class with fewer scholarships, I would probably say 1. In the long run I think the hype of getting the #1 recruit would bring in higher talent and would more than make up for taking one or two average players in a package deal.

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None. Football is the ultimate team sport.  I'd rather give those extra scholarships to players that want to be here and work, not have it handed to them.  Plus these highly ranked kids have big enough heads already.  If you start bending to their desires before they even get on campus, what's it going to be like later in their careers?

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#1 Ranked players are usually pretty sure bets.  Here is rivals' list from 2002-2012:
Vince Young
Ernie Sims
Adrian Peterson
Derrick Williams
Percy Harvin
Jimmy Clausen
Terrelle Pryor
Bryce Brown
Ronald Powell
Jadeveon Clowney
Dorial Green-Beckham
IMO, there are only a few guys on this list who aren't worth at least 2-3 average players.

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To get the #1 player I would be willing to take 1 average player.  By average I am thinking decent player, so maybe rated as a 3 star.  You never know what kind of player the average player could turn into.  Also getting the #1 player is something that will help boost recruiting.  You just hope that you get a player that fits in well with the team.  It's a risk, but a risk I would take. 

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You 4+ guys are smoking something really nasty. You completely are out of line with the coaching philosophy on this team and the mentality that "When we recruit you, we want you ready to compete for the starting position day one upon your arrival in Columbus..." I don't want to accept mediocrity for someone trying to manipulate the system to get him and 4 of his buddies on the team. Those that try to leverage a coach like that typically have a greater chance of having entitlement issues.

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I'll admit that when I answered, I was thinking more "deal with the devil" kind of hypothetical "would you rather hit on 3 average prospects or one good one." Not actually telling the #1 recruit I would give his imaginary girlfriend and his dog a scholarship. The latter would definitely hurt more than it would help just in terms of coaching relationship.

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Jordan Hall wasn't a "package deal" with Terrelle Pryor but it sure helped to get Pryor! 

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And look how that all played out.