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Are faster offenses more fun to watch?



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Remember Teddy? Point proven.

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Speed does not necessarily equal success. Who gives a shit if you have a ton of speed and can't score.  If we score points, LOTS of points, I figure we're in a pretty good position to win, especially with our defense.

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The question was about fun, not efficiency.

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But is there FUN if your going fast and not scoring points? It can't just be fast

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I enjoyed watching Chip Kelly's offenses. Not sure I want Ohio State to be exactly like that. I want a big back in there to demoralize defenses.

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I personally like team speed highlighted on the defensive side of the ball.

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Ding, ding, ding...winner!

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I think it depends on the type of offenses for certain people.
I myself like a fast offense that utilizes the spread option and passing together, who doesn't like a good QB/RB read option where the DE gets faked out of his cleats by BMilller then later that QB/RB read option is used for play action to DSmith overtop?
Others might like a purely fast paced offense that is "Air Raid" and throws almost every down, only running when crucial or trying to trick the defenses.


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I can't believe how much Urban has changed the culture of OSU football.  (For the better)  This same poll, asked in 2002 would almost certainly yield an opposite answer.

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Home run threats make this offense dynamic, even if the premise is still a power run attack.

Wear 'em down and knock 'em out.

I'll take sustained offensive balance, the young speed at the skill spots look to bolster the pass game. If the Buckeyes become efficient and multi-dimensional, and I'm expecting it, stand aside.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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If the athletes on the field aren't as good then yes it is more fun to watch. But if you have good/great athletes on the field I don't care what kind of offense you are running because it will be entertaining regardless.  I prefer good sound football that doesn't leave you sayin what the f*@& is this

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Points/Wins are more important than pure speed - BUT if you have the ability to score from anywhere on the field and the Defense Knows that - it would certainly be entertaining - and thats what I believe we are recruiting/practicing for along with a Fast D, as speed kills on D

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Does this mean faster paced offense? I don't think the up tempo offense is really any more fun to watch. I definitely like to watch fast athletes, but even tressel ball could be exciting to watch if our offense was rolling.

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If we're talking about a game between 2 teams where I don't give a damn who wins, then hell yes, bring on the up-tempo game (especially if I've had a few cold ones).
If it's Ohio State, then I'm not all about uptempo all the time. As long as we're outscoring the other team, and giving the defense plenty of chance to rest, I don't care how we get to 50. 

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I like to watch an offense pound a defense into submission. 1 if by man or 2 if by speed. It's all the same to me, as long as the end result is demoralized defenders.

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Speed isn't fun unless you're winning, and you only win by scoring points.