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Which of the two All-American linebacker recruits will have a better career at Ohio State?



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I almost picked Trey Johnson since he is the complete package right out of the gate with Athletic ability and rock solid technique/smarts. I decided to go with Mitchell though because with his raw athletic ability, if he winds up being a quick learner ( and he seems like a really smart kid) then he is going to catch up quick. Either way I predict that both kids are going  to make Ohio State proud.

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I picked Mitchell but i still think both of these guys will have a better career as a buckeye than Lewis Neal or Anzabologne wouldve

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Pepper Johnson & Chris Spielman

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I voted Mitchell, based on his athletic prowess, but really would love to see both these guys bringing the wood in tandem the next few autumns.

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This is like asking me to pick my favorite child. Love them both in their own ways...

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I agree Hovenaut. I voted Mitchell not only because of his freak athletic ability, but also because of his background with football. I just think he's a kid that is destined to succeed, as he comes from a great football family.  His passion for the game is impressive even for coming out of HS football in Texas.  I think when you match these things with his unbelievable athleticism, he's the guy that will have more success. I'm not saying Trey Johnson is far off though, as he is a great player in his own right. I'm just hoping that Trey settles in well at OSU.  His recruitment worries me just a tad and I really hope he doesn't end up wanting to transfer because he doesn't like it in Cbus.  I love both these guys though and I'm so excited to see how they turn out, my point is just that I feel slightly better about Mike Mitchell developing into an animal at LB and becoming the next great silver bullet!

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Don't like the poll question - why not ask if these two kids will be a better tandem than previous classes or something - I think both will excel!

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thought the same thing. 

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Two great linebackers! I like Mike's chances to develop a little more, but I think both have the chance to develop into two of the best LBs that OSU has ever seen together.  The Speilman and Johnson reference up above is definetly the level that these two can take it too, which would be outstanding. 

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They'll both be All-Americans, amirite? So really the question to me is which will be a higher draft pick when its all said and done. I'll go with Mitchell on this because he'll be a combine king.

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Let's hope so!  That would definitely put an end to any worries about the LB core going forward

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It depends on who has the bigger ass.
Just joking.  I really have no idea.  I hope they compliment each other well and raise each other's games like the way Boren and Shazier did for one another.

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1 and 1A

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Johnson seems to be further along developmental wise at this point, but Mitchell has way more potential because he seems so raw. I wanna see Johnson more inside stuffing the run and making good reads while Mitchell is coming off the edge from OLB like a bat out of hell. As of now I don't see either of them starting this year on D unless Perry is having problems or Grant just completely tanks the first few games. But both of their futures are bright, very bright.

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I think that's a very good analysis of the overall outlook for the LB going into the season.  I see them possibly getting rotational time especially against the likes of a team like Buffalo or Illinois.  I don't see them making a major impact quite yet though, although I wouldn't be shocked if one of them did.

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While I love the athleticism mitchell brings, I went with johnson. Mitchell has the phsyical tools to be an outright stud. And he has room to improve. Johnson is further along in terms of technique development. Plus, texas kids are notorious for having reached their full potential by the time they head to college. Not saying mitchell has...he has room to grow as a football player. Just think johnson has the edge at this point in terms of being more technically sound as an LB. Either way, both have the potential to be next in the long line of great buckeye LB's. And I can't wait to watch their careers unfold.

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I predict both of these young men to be beasts at tOSU. I voted for Mitchell because he appears to be ahead athletically, but again, both these young men will strike fear in opponents in the years to come.

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