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What bowl tie do you most want the Big Ten to reestablish?


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It's not a reestablished bowl but I would love to see the B1G get a game in DC against the ACC.

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I would like to see the B1G get out of the Rose Bowl.  A home game basically for four teams and the rest are just a state or two away.  It's almost as bad as when LSU played a home game for the NC.

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Out of the Rose Bowl !?!  Seriously?  We've been part of the Rose Bowl for over 100 years, and it's the best bowl out there.  Whenever a B1G team goes out there, we get at least half of that stadium filled with our fans.  Pasadena is a destination place.  And even though the BCS muddle things up, that's one bowl I would never want to lose a tie in with.  With regards to the Alamo, Holiday, Liberty, Music, and Sun Bowl, who really gives a crap?  Besides the big bowl games, these lesser tier games really don't matter regarding bowl tie-ins's to me.  I agree that getting out of the "away games" in the Southeast is a priority.  

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Yes, seriously.  Then again, that is just my opinion.

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Not hatin', Oyster, (or downvotin'), just disagreeing.

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Oyster, I understand what you mean about the Pac 10/12 having home field advantage every single year.  We always have to to send our teams thousands of miles to play the Rose Bowl.  Now don't get me wrong, I love the Rose Bowl and it is a tradition that has been around for a long time.  I think a lot of us would also like to see a Midwest tradition start up.  They played the Super Bowl at Ford field a few years back.  Detriot put on a pretty decent two week event with lots of fun for the family and so forth.  Why couldn't they have the National Championship game up north every once in a while.  At the very least since we are moving more to a playoff it would be great to see the lower seeds get home field.  Now I think they have already set the sites for the near future, but in the next round of "tweaking" the playoff I'd like to see something like that happen.  Could you imagine if one of the SEC schools had to come up and play a playoff game in Columbus, Madison or Ann Arbor in January.  Oh man, I'd pay quite a bit to see that!
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Other: I'd like to get back to championship bowl games.

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Same reason I voted for "Other".

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I was about to say the same things... B1G in a NCG. Well, Ohio State in a NCG but its basically the same. 

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Here is a look at the current bowl games, their conferences affiliates, location and the last time a B1G team was feature in that respective bowl game

  • Alamo Bowl (Big 12 vs. Pac 12) San Antonio 10'*
  • Holiday Bowl (Big 12 vs. Pac 12) San Diego 94'*
  • Liberty Bowl (C-USA vs SEC/Big East) Atlantic City
  • Music City Bowl (SEC vs. ACC) Nashville 05' *
  • Sun Bowl (Pac 12 vs. ACC)  05' El Paso 05'

As it stands now the Big Ten plays either SEC and Big 12 teams along with the Rose Bowl and Pizza Bowl. I think its best to diversity the bowl games so that you don't have a repeat of teams going back to the same bowl (i.e. Nebraska). If we were to drop one bowl game with the SEC, it may be best to pick up the Holiday Bowl again since there have been previous ties and we could have more than one Big Ten vs. Pac 12 game, that being the Rose Bowl. It also allows for easy travel as well versus getting to San Antonio. An argument can be made for the Alamo Bowl being better but I voted against it since it'd likely result in another Big Ten vs. Big 12 match up. 
Throw out the Liberty Bowl since playing a C-USA, Big East (now AAC) team will do nothing to bolster the image of the conference. Moreover, I doubt the SEC gives up their slot in this bowl game when they are allowed to pick. 
The Music City bowl is firmly established between the SEC and ACC so that's ruled out. 
Sun Bowl isn't something to be excited about. Never really had any ties to it and if the Big Ten wants to play the ACC in a bowl game, they can do better than this. 
My vote is for the Holiday Bowl 
* Denotes previous Big Ten tie in
Edit: After the Big Ten spring meeting here is some more info on the bowl game line up via ESPN. 

The Big Ten's bowl lineup will be changing beginning in 2014, and colleague Brett McMurphy has some more details here. McMurphy reports that the Big Ten and ACC will share tie-ins with the Gator Bowl and Music City Bowl during a six-year agreement, so three Big Ten teams would go to Jacksonville and three to Nashville in the span. They'll face SEC opponents in both games. The Big Ten had a tie-in with the Music City Bowl from 2002-2005. As reported earlier, an ACC team could replace a Big Ten team in the Capital One Bowl when a Big Ten team makes the Orange Bowl. Other bowls the Big Ten could add to the lineup include Pinstripe (against ACC) and Holiday (against Pac-12). Don't expect the Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas to be part of the next Big Ten bowl lineup.

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Other: Don't really care because we play in big time bowl games.

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I looked at these bowls and asked myself, "Which of these bowls would I like to see Ohio State play in?".  The obvious answer is "None of the above".  So I chose "Other".  I don't really care what bowl the other B1G teams play in.

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All these bowls should be abolished. They are basically nothing more than participation trophies and I don't think big time college football needs them. Just my opinion.

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When you say all of these bowls do you mean the Big Ten bowl games or all of them minus the ones that count for a national title? What about the Minnesotas, Indianas and Purdues out there in college football landscape?

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


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I'm just talking about some of the lesser bowls that function as participation trophies. I admittedly haven't put much strategic thought into it but 35 bowl games or whatever is ridiculous to me. Again, just my opinion. There aren't but maybe 30 (40 max) teams even close to be being what I would consider "bowl worthy". As a result, I feel like virtually half the existing bowls could disintegrate and I'd be fine with it. I don't see it as a God given right that a team from a major conference should go bowling just because they managed to play .500 or slightly better football.

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Couldn't agree more

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Do away with bowls and make a playoff. Could have some bowls that would be kind of like the NIT for those that fell short 

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Why not keep the bowl games and have a playoff?  I like your "NIT" idea.  The lessor bowls are for the teams that fell short.  The playoff is for the top 8 or 16 teams.  If the playoff is long enought an early loser in the playoff could be eligible for one final mid level bowl.  Schools would make a ton of money off of it.  That's what is driving all of this, right. 

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I never really understood the push to get rid of most bowl games. Of course they don't mean much, but it's a free vacation for the student athletes who deserve one, and more college football through December is never a bad thing for me (I've lost a lot of interest in the NFL over the last few years, at least until the regular season is over and the playoffs start). The 2012 Texas v Oregon State Alamo Bowl, for example, was actually a pretty enjoyable game to watch. The Sun Bowl was pretty enjoyable as well, just from the perspective of watching an underachieving USC team get whooped on by a mediocre GT haha. The Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl (lol) between MSU and TCU was always a pretty enjoyable defensive matchup imho.

To each their own, though!

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Can you elaborate on why the student athletes deserve one? Just curious. Do you think ALL teams / student athletes deserve a bowl trip regardless of record? Or just ones that go .500 or better, or something else entirely?

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If the university is willing to pay for it, I think all university students deserve a paid vacation (i.e. not exclusive to student athletes) in general considering the amount university administration makes off of students. Even myself as a former English BA/MA who contributed very little to the university aside from paying tuition haha. I still believe that now as a university professor. But I think that's especially true when you consider how much college football provides in revenue for the vast majority of these universities. The bowl games themselves, even the insignificant ones, are a tremendous source of revenue for these schools -- it's really a no-lose situation in my mind. The university makes money, the student athletes and coaching staffs get a nice trip, and we get more football.

I can understand the desire to make the bowl games BETTER, but I don't see any need to get rid of them entirely.


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Let's get the Bowl Haircut re-established.

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Tip of the cap your way good sir.

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My wife's family is from El Paso & I still have connections to get multiple free sun bowl tickets thru ft. Bliss. 

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Every year I say it and a lot of people disagree with it, but there are way too many bowl games. I understand that not every team can compete for a national championship and you wanna be able to reward a team for a "successful" season and all, but rewarding mediocrity is ridiculous. A team should not be in a bowl game if they finish .500. That is dumb. If you finish .500, I'm sorry, you should be home for Christmas break and not playing football. When OSU went to the Gator Bowl with a 6-6 record after the 2011 season, I was freakin' embarrassed. The "successful season" bar needs to be raised.

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Wait, we reward mediocrity in this evermore entitled society??? #ShitEveryoneSays
I agree TennBuckeye. Going 6-6 is like getting a C+ or bowling a score of 70 or being able to spell "average", but not "extraordinary" in a spelling bee. These guys should be sitting on their couch in December. The exhaustive bowl system is treating those C+'s like B's with a bonus of "A for effort". "A for Effort" never helped me pass AP Physics in high school.

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I would like to see the Holiday Bowl reestablished.  It is the only bowl on the list that has at least some significance, don't feel that strongly about it though.

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Call me crazy but any reason to go to Nashville for a couple days has my vote.  Music City Bowl would be awesome. 
I do however think this is irrelevant to us for the foreseeable future... Should have plenty more BCS games to travel to (knock on wood).

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All of these bowls suck!! To hell with them all lol.

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Give me a bowl game in Big Ten country. New York, Chicago, DC.

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Amen!  That's got my vote!

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I voted for the Alamo Bowl on the basis of it being the easiest for me personally to attend (though I do understand it's not easy to fly to San Antonio). Besides, the Buckeyes are 1-0 there, not that I expect OSU to be frequently partaking of that level of bowl going forward.

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If we don't make the NCG or the Rose Bowl, I want us in the Gator Bowl every year since I live in Jacksonville!

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Music City bowl, b/c Nashville is awesome.  Not that we will ever play there tho... lol.

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Second, I just want a reason to go to Nashville

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The Alamo Bowl?

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Agree.  San Diego means Whale's Vagina.  That's all that has to be said.  Holiday Bowl baby !!

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