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Pick one: if Ohio State wins the Big Ten championship in basketball this upcoming season, it will be because of:



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I really think that while Q could fill the void DT is leaving, if Sam becomes more of a scorer, he could potentially become B1G player of the year.

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I think at this point we are almost relying on Q to be the go-to scorer while still looking for a second threat (similar to last year). If Sam, or anyone else not named Craft (he's shown he will score in bursts at times, put up a consistent 8-10 somethimes, and some games will just disappear and I don't see that changing this year) can be that threat we have a very real possibility of winning the B1G

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

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Kinda surprised there aren't more Sam votes on this poll. LQR was our breakout player of the tournament, but I think Sam Thompson was our breakout player of the second half of the season. Sam Thompson with a consistent jump shot? Hello.

I can't believe I ate the whole thing.

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I 100% agree Vico.  Laquinton definitely hit some big time shots, and offensively he definitely has more potential/skill, but I think Sam Thompson is the key to a great team.  An improved jumpshot for Sam, and the sky is the limit.  Plus I like his defensive game a lot more than Ross', and Matta teams thrive on defense.  He'll be a big part of our defense.

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I agree with almost everything you said, but he's consistent on D, which is something we love as well as Matta loves. If Q becomes at least serviceable and learned to play team D, his offense would be that much more spectacular. To me, it's not about who's going to be the "go-to" scorer. It's about what each player has to do to make that impact.

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Definitely should be more love for Sam. I seem to recall Craft kicking it out to Sam for an automatic three to start the game a lot toward the end of the season. He did seem to get quiet in the second half of games, though. But I definitely see him providing a huge spark again this season, and I hope he keeps it up through the whole game. I think he can. He might be the star this year.

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I voted LQR.  I believe he has a better all around game because of his jump shot. But if Sam Thompson can improve his ball handling and jump shot OSU could be scary good. 

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As much as I would love to see Slam's midrange and long range shots fall more, Q with serviceable D won the vote for me. If he can not be a liability on D, his outstanding O is more than enough to cover hand gaps and ball handling (just please, stop dribbling into traffic, Q, for my sanity).

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I feel Ross is a more complete player already.It's Thompson that needs to become a more complete player for the Buckeyes to win The B1G.GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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Let's define complete player. He has a more complete offensive set, but his defense is kind of sad. That to me, is still as incomplete, if not more so, than Sam.

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Counting on Q to carry his portion of the team but we NEED to have a second threat. That falls on Sam. That's why he got my vote.

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I feel like we saw what Q can do already with how he is a great scorer but I dont know if he can develop the defense that is needed from him. Sam seems to have the better overall game. Also we have seen Sam develop a lot over the past 2 years and I feel like this is his year to explode for OSU

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I voted for Sam, because I think we already know what we can expect from Q as a go-to scorer, but Sam will have to elevate his game to the next level in order for this team to really make some strides in the B1G after losing DT to the draft.

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You had me at Big 10 Championship.

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Got to go with Q.  He's my choice because I think he will have more of an overall impact.  Thompson does have the explosiveness to be a big contributor and I think he will be great at times, but I just think Q will produce more over the entire season. 
Two pretty great players to have! 
Go Bucks!!