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Ohio State put up 37 points per game last year. How many points will they average this year?



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With the playmakers they are bringing in that has to bump the average up at least a TD per game.  Braxton should also be even better as well.  The only thing that could hurt us is that the defense will be much younger so that could lead to other teams keeping the ball longer.  I think that will only last in the beginning of the year until the D starts to gel. 

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I voted for 45+ due to last year's success combined with this year's woefully weak schedule.  Had it been a normal year in scheduling I would have guessed 37-40.

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well, none of the non-conference teams are gonna hold us under 50. That could mean Braxton will win the Denard Robinson Memorial September Heisman.  Difference is, he'll still be talked about for the real Heisman. 

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I predict OSU will drop 164 points per game on the way to the title. 
OK, divide that number by 4 and that's about what you'll get.

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If you didn't vote for 41-44, I have to ask why?  Look at the schedule and then look at who OSU plays and where.  Northwestern and potentially TTUN could be the only games that OSU doesn't score over 41.  I'm not being overconfident's obvious.  
The offense will be MUCH better and they were pretty darn good last year.  Not to mention...Meyer and Herman kept it VERY vanilla last year.  Look out for this year with the addition of new guys with the experience of the vets.  It's a foregone conclusion really that OSU will win by large margins unless they have some hick-up games (i.e. Purdue away and Wiscy at home too along with those other away games I previously mentioned).  I can't wait for the last week in August;-)

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Isn't hick-up what West Virginia calls their fans for a big game?

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55.5 ppg

I'm just happy to be here

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I will defend the less points than last year position.
I think we will go 14-0, I think we will beat Michigan twice in back to back weeks and I think we will go to the BCS title game and push back the Tide. That being said I think we will score a little less than 37 per game. Here's why I think this way.
1) The conference has had a year to see how Urban is going to use the personnel. You're not going to beat the 2013 edition of TOSU by getting in a shooting match, you might beat em in a chess match, which means run the football and the clock which means lower scores.
2) Cal is going to be lower scoring than you think. Eastern time zone teams always under score when they travel to the pacific time zone.
3. We are going to blow some people out but the later in the year we get the more minutes back ups will play in the effort to keep healthy. If you're up 35-3 in the fourth quarter you're gonna sub and you may not get 38 or 42.
4. One injury to Braxton and we are scoring less than 37 per game.
5. If we our last three games of the year are @ Michigan, Big Ten Title game and BCS title game I think those games will be less than 37ppg.
Of course considering that we might score 200 points against Florida A & M I might be completely outside of my mind.

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I went with 37-40 based on some of the rationale you cite.  I think the biggest difference this season is we won't be letting the Indiana's score 40+ and so forth like many times last season, so the MAIN difference will be the spread - we'll actually beat the opponent by a larger differential, but not necessarily score MORE points, if that makes sense. 

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Why do you think Urban wanted a third digit on the scoreboard?

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I tend to agree with you on everything but #4. 
I think we have what many teams would kill for, a back up who is as good if not better than most least in the B1G. Kenny G has showed he can handle pressure, and from everything Urban has said, seems to be a good leader/teammate. Don't get me wrong, I would hate to lose Braxton, but I think Kenny could fill in nicely.  

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I don't know that any team in the B1G has a better backup than Kenny G.
Braxton inspires fear in the opposition because you have to deal with so many things that he does. Arm, legs, decision making. Braxton also makes everyone around him better. Kenny inspires respect but he doesn't instill fear.
With the offense that we run, Kenny will have to play in many games in 2013. Braxton is going t get dinged and take pops and in the moment of the game Kenny is good enough to beat anyone we will see before January (including those giant suck holes in Ann Arbor). I just worry that if Braxton is lost for a complete game and a defense has a full week to prepare for Kenny G., will Kenny G be able to do what he did as a junior?

Q: What is the difference between the Michigan Football Team and a bag of crap. A: The Bag.

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I really don't see how we don't average more than 40 ppg. Easy schedule, Heisman candidate at QB, ton of playmakers, diverse offense with a lot of formations/personnel groups, Urban & Herman.


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I care more about points scored on us.  I could live with 12 games of 21-3

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Ill take the over give the points and see you ample playing time for both Kenny G and Cardale

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If we average over 45 points per game this year, it's going to be a good season folks!  As long as Braxton can stay healthy, the sky is the limit for this offense over the next 2 years.  I think the defense is going to be much improved this year too, so scoring 45 a game won't even be neccessary.  My guess is that we end up averaging a similar amount of points as last year.

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It still amazes me to a certain extent that we were 21st in the nation last year in scoring offense. It just seems like the offense (while far better than the last couple of years) had some growing pains and stuttered a bit in games. If you look at the numbers one more touchdown a game should be very possible which would put us in the 41-44 range. 

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I have us scoring +45 a game in every game - in fact I have us averaging 8 td's (56 pts/game) and I do not look at that as being absurd or ludicrous. I just feel our offense is that much ahead of other teams in the BIG, and the under whelming non-conference schedule will allow us 2 things: 1) to ramp up our offense to take on and destroy anything a weak BIG has to offer, and 2) to allow our defense to catch up and match the level of excellence by our offense. Let's face it folks, this is the easiest schedule our Bucks have ever had. I mean, it's laughable. UFM and staff understands this from a strategic national point of view. There can be no hiccups (close games) or we risk letting a 1-loss sec team leap-frog us. We have no choice but to manhandle and destroy other teams. We are the face of the BIG. Other things:
ttun ain't no joke when it comes to recruiting. This year's game we will pound them because they still have pieces missing. I believe in the future though, fellows, we will have to really pack our lunch pails and knuckle down for some good old-fashioned Woody-Bo ball cause it's coming sooner than we think. What they have done in building both sides of the line is incredible. They have created tremendous depth that we lack on our O-line, but have on our D-line. And as anyone who has any ounce of football savvy will tell you games are won up-front, especially competitive games. They're at least 4-5 O linemen ahead of us, and that's a lot. I'm sure UFM and staff understand this problem. However, we separate ourselves from everyone in the BIG in skill position players. WOW!! Not even close. Our lber recruits are 2nd to none; our wr, slot back, and tailbacks are awesome collection of talent. It's just that the engine (O-line) that revs everything can't afford a break-down. That's where quality back-ups come in to play. With what we have now, and everyone stays healthy, as last year, this team will Bust at the seams all offensive records. And never count out our Defense. The Silver Bullets are Back!!!! Awesome time to be a Buckeye.