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Call your shot: does Ryan Shazier return for his senior season in 2014?



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depends on the success of this season...i think these guys want a national title more than anything and if they fall short this year, bringing back all the juniors plus the underclassmen getting experience, i think 2014 would be unreal.

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Good point by you. Gross picture though. 

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Agree completely with you. It all depends on how well the Buckeyes do this fall. Obviously I hope he returns, but I don't think he will, sadly.



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I think Ryan Damn Shazizzle has much room to grow before going pro. He's a damn good LB, but over-pursued on many plays, especially early last season. I think he grows heaps this year, but still needs two seasons to get to the elite pro level. Just my opinion. I would love to see him stay, graduate, and have a championship (or two) under his belt!  He's definitely my favorite Buckeye on the defensive side of the ball. I think he stays. 

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I think his problem in the first part of the season was not having someone in the middle that was reliable. Once Boren came in, he excelled immediately, and got better from there - so I don't think he was playing poorly as much as he took those bad angles because he was worried about too much of the field. If Grant is good in the middle, Shazier will be a monster. Again! If not, there could be similar problems. I hope he stays, but Linebacker is a position where injuries are very likely. So yes, how the team does will play a part in his staying or not, but it won't be the only factor. Then again, one thing about him - he loves being a Buckeye & he loves OSU - so maybe he'll stay just experience another season. It's rare these days that kids stay when they could go, but it does happen.
Either way RDS is the guy I am most excited to watch this year. More so than Braxton or Hyde even. I'd love to see a Linebacker win the Heisman!

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I think if they go out and win the BCS title this year RDS is gone.  I believe we would all be fine with this.

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Hard to turn down the NFL money.  I'd love for him to stay, but I think if he is able to go the odds are that he would. 

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I'm just happy to be here

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I think he might stay another year to improve his draft stock and make up for him being a little undersized for the position.

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Agreed.  He needs to shore up his technique and see if he can add any size.

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I don't think that his draft stock would be that high as to warrant going pro.  I could see him leaving if we win it all but other than that, I would say no.

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It's rare for a linebacker to turn pro early.  I don't know why, but that just seems to be how it goes.

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What do you know about linebackers, "Mr. ChangemyiconjustgivingtheheadsupGuy"?



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I would like to think he'll be back for his senior season. However, it will hinge on how he plays next year. Which is just about what everyone else already said.

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There was a piece on Bucknuts about two weeks ago saying that according to a source close to the Shazier family that there is no doubt he is going to stay and get his degree. FWIW

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yup beat me to it.  Granted we have heard that dozens of times.

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I think the voting numbers are really telling. At this point, it's 50/50 in my eyes as I could see it going either way depending on this year and his stock. I think we have a much better shot of getting Shazier back than we do Roby.

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Considering the only way we get Roby back is if he somehow plays horribly all season...

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Too much position competition in 2014 and urban doesnt hold any loyalties to upperclassmen.  Short of an injury I dont see him returning, besides if ohio state runs the table or gets beat in the title game his stock wont be any higher anyways if hes not putting the work in that he needs to. I can hear kiper and mcshay now "his motor isnt always on"  "takes plays off"  "needs to develop in coverage" so he better be working twice as hard as the incoming freshmen to be that much better than the next guy.

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I think he comes back regardless. He needs to put on another 10-15 pounds before he's NFL size.

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I want him to leave. Because if he leaves, that means OSU won a NC. I want that!
Hence, he leaves.

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Good point!

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Can't fault that logic!

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Too much is unknown to predict now. I think the most important factor is not Buckeye success but RDS success. How many really come back to win a title? not many.  If he has a monster year I think  he's gone like so many OSU defenders. If not he's more likely to take seriously the draft predictions and stay if he's outside the second round. One thing working against him is the feeling that however well he does this year will be against the weaker skill level of the B1G - is he the real deal or a big fish only in a small pond? After this last draft that could really deflate his draft position. But if RDS reads too many 11W press clippings he could leave early.

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Naw I think he stays. Still needs to bulk up more before entering the NFL IMO...

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I think he stays. His dad is the minister for the Dolphins so he knows what the NFL is like and will probably want the extra experience in football and experience his senior year.