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Is the Big Ten done expanding for the foreseeable future?



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A grant of rights is just a contract. Like every other contract, it can be renegotiated, adjusted, made void, and a thousand other things.  There is no such thing as an ironclad contract.
More worrisome is that the various rumored target schools all signed it, indicating they want they ACC to survive. That certainly indicates an uphill climb to convince schools to want to move to the B1G.
In the end, this doesn't change much. If the ACC was going to be picked further apart, it was going to be completely devastated; several schools to the B1G and several to the SEC or B12. Well, guess what- that is still exactly the case. There are 14 fulltime members. If 8 want to move, the Grant of Rights is voted out of existence.
This means that instead of poaching piecemeal the B1G will have to collaborate with other conferences and act via nuclear bomb.
Still, anything can be done in the contracts world.

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I agree with the concept of convincing a majority of ACC members to dissolve the GOR.  That is highly unlikely, but is about the only way the B1G would proceed with targetting those schools.  Delaney and the B1G has no interest in challenging a GOR agreement in court, as it is just such an agreement that protects its own conference.  The last thing that the B1G would want is to successfully get an FSU out of such a contract and then lose a maryland or nebraska whose new administrators might have decided that the move hasn't worked out as well as was hoped.  

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with the ACC doing what they've done, I dont see the B1G expanding...I think the best candidates for further expansion would have been UNC, GT, FSU, and the Va Schools and since they are obviously a part of the ACC, just don't see it happening. Could look into the Big East, or American Athletic, or whatever the heck they are now, but not too many schools I'd want from there. Still schools like Texas and Oklahoma that will eventually look elsewhere IMO (Big 12 filled its holes left by premier members Nebraska and TAMU with West Virginia [not exactly an athletic powerhouse; and their overall academic standard is extremely weak] and TCU [good school, not an athletic powerhouse, bit of a little brother to Texas, pretty irrelevant in terms of the combination of national athletic programs and academics]). Could see the B1G pursue OU and Texas, but think one, if not both, will go to the Pac-12 when its all said and done. Quite happy with the conference as is with Rutgers and Maryland joining up. 

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I agree with CPlunk above.  This might put things on hold for a little while maybe even a full year or two.  But once the dust settles I am sure the talks will start back up.  But the underlying factors that caused much of the realignment have not gone away because of this.

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Yeah- it is just another step in the game. The ACC was never going to just lay there and let the B1G take what they want, nor was the B12 going to do so. Now they've both played their card and we see if that card can be trumped or makes the B1G just feel the whole thing isnt worth the trouble.

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Unless they raid the SEC for Vandy or Mizzou I don't see anything happening. Let's get MD/Rutgers in the fold. See how this new playoff works our and revisit the whole thing again when the B12 and ACC GORs near their expiration date.

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I'm still holding hope for Notre Dame.  Even though it irks me to say it, they are the best college football brand to add to the conference.  Mizzou and Kansas pose interesting options.  I'd love to see Kansas playing basketball in the B1G, and Mizzou is their competent rival.  Decent fanbases too.  I wouldn't be disappointed to welcome any of the above.

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I'm still holding hope for Notre Dame. 

Didn't they just sign an extension with NBC? I just can't see Delany allowing them to be the UT(Texas) of the BigTen. Not when you have tOSU, UM, PSU, and NU in that same conference.
I agree about Mizzou.

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