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How many sacks will Noah Spence notch this year?



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I think he'll get a couple sacks very early in the year, but it won't take long for teams to realize they may need to double him.  

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I think even if he's doubled, his speed will win. I'm going with 12...

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This will also open up opportunities for other pass rushers. Can't double everyone.... 

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I picked 9-12 as well but I really thought 13+ after watching him today.  This kid is one of the most dominating players I have seen....I know I know it's only the spring game but man is he looking good.  

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I 100% believe that barring injuries, Noah and Adolphus will combine for more than 20 sacks this year. Just imagine what this Dline is going to look like after this year. Guys like Spence, Washington, Schutt, and Marcus will be very experienced Jr's. Then you'll have Bosa likely coming into his own like Spence is doing currently. That's not even considering the potential of guys like Tyquan Lewis, Tracy Sprinkle, Michael Hill, Donovan Munger, Billy Price. Holy Cow!!! 

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Don't forget Joel Hale. He really impressed me yesterday as well.

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I think he is going to get the same amount as his number.

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Did he change his number to 99?

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I think teams are going to have a hard time deciding who to double team this year. There is too much speed and athleticism on our DLine to be contained. So excited for this season to start!

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Spence and Washiington are going to be fun to watch this year.

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Correct answer: As many as he wants.

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Are these for the whole year or just against Buffalo? 

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I think the better question is how many times will he be held this year. There is no way any tackle can shuffle quick enough to keep up with him

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9-12?!  Isn't 11.5 the all-time record?

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24 sacks by Terrell Suggs at Arizona State in 2002 is the record. 
It's only current up to 2010 but I found that record, along with all of the other records here.

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I believe he was talking about the Ohio State record! 
It is 13 held by Vrabel! How much you want to bet these kids are going to try and challenge the record, especially with him as their position coach! It will be quite the goal.

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The school record is 14 and 1/2, set by Gholston in 2007. The career mark is 36, set by Vrabel.

I have Spence pegged at ten this year, think teams will scheme away/around him. Doubt he does, but if he stays three years he breaks both season and career marks.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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4 is probably correct. That's be a good sophomore year. Anything more would e spectacular.

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I hope it will be more than 4. If he gets that, then I expect we will see some struggles with this team. I do understand you think he will see a lot of double teams and/or others will steal sacks, but I just don't think he will get stopped much before conference play when they figure out how to contain him. Next year though, I can see how teams will hone in on him like teams will do Clowney this year. 
It will be interesting to see how he handles the extra attention when it does happen and if others will step up to keep him from getting keyed in on. I really think Washington will keep teams honest and not be able to concentrate on spence as much. Of course, Bennet, Schutt, Hale, etc. will help a lot too!

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I would not be surprised if one of our DT's lead the team in sacks.  Spence and Washington are going to push scared QB's up in the pocket.  Like herding pigs to the slaughter house.

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I think he's got a shot at breaking the Ohio State record!  Mike Vrabel had 13 back in 1995.  Spence will have Vrabel coaching him and he's got a ton of talent.  I think he gets it with a dominating performance against the team up North!  They can tripple team him and he will still find a way to bust through for at least 3 sacks against the skunkbears!  Will be a fun year to watch the Bucks D-Line dominate in true Buckeye fashion!!!
Go Bucks!!!