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Do you care at all about the ESPN 150 recruiting rankings?



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I love how out of 29 people no one thinks ESPN rankings are a valuable recruiting tool.  

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It's not like they're completely worthless. There is definitely some geographical bias, I don't think there's a witch hunt against us, and I don't think they purposely lower rankings of kids who consider/commit to us.
With that said, their rankings are usually pretty bad. I would say they're the worst ones out there, but honestly, I'm not too fond of Scout's rankings, either. Just because a website ranks our guys higher than the other sites do doesn't mean that it's more accurate.
To me, 247 is the clear-cut best, with a pretty distinguishable lead over Rivals. Then ESPN and Scout are probably tied.

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I am not too concerned about espn. I just do not care for their coverage or analysis. I only go on to get some quick bits on what is going on for OSU or my NFL/NBA/MLB teams, but that has gone down since Gene started his quick bits. I visit 247 much more often and value their site and work much more than ESPN when it comes to recruiting.
Again, just IMO, and it may sound like I have a whole bag of sour grapes because their 150 does not accurately represent our commits, but that is not at all the case. I, personally, just value 247 more than other sites.
1) 11W
2) 247
3) scout/rivals
4) wall street journal

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I would put the onion at number 5....slightly more creditable.  

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5. The Onion
6. Sports By Brooks
8. CNN

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To me, I don't think ESPN's rankings are worth much at all.  They might as well call it the American South ESPN 150 with a sprinkle of other regions.  But in all seriousness, these rankings really mean nothing and are subject to a lot of change over the next year or so. 
The only thing that I must admit though is that I would be lying if I said going to ESPN and seeing these inital rankings didn't bother me.  I know it doesn't mean anything but my ego is a bit hurt when I see that Michigan has all of their commits in the ESPN 150. I mean come on.  I don't like losing to Michigan in anything, and with seven commits and only being ranked 11th I just hate to see that, even if it is ESPN and meaningless rankings.  SO many people/other recruits go to ESPN because it's the cool thing to do and I hate that our class doesn't look all that great for those who check it out.  Oh well though, like I said it's not a big deal at all and 247 composite is definitely where it's at as far as most reliable rankings are concerned. 

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Boycott ESPN.

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i havent watched espn since the decision  best choice of my life

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I answered "something to talk about."  My wife is a Gator (we got married the year of the debacle in the desert, but that is a different story) from Alabama.  Her brother is ALL-BAMA, ALL-THE-TIME!  That is how he talks, loud, and all the time.  Great guy, and he shows a certain condescending respect to OSU football, but as big of a fan of CFB as he is, the only recruiting rankings he follows are those of ESPN.  Given ESPN's position in CFB, I take my brother-in-law to be the norm rather than the exception even among rabid CFB fans.  He'll say things like "this guy is the number one OT prospect in the country" and I'll say "according to whose rankings" and I'll usually be met with a kind of incredulous look suggesting that ESPN has the only rankings that matter.  The point being that when you talk to fans from other schools about recruiting, if they know about recruiting at all, they know it from the talking heads over at the world-wide leader.  Being ranked highly by ESPN saves a lot of time in conversation/arguments.

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The only thing worth watching on ESPN are the games. Everything else is a complete and total waste of time.

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I never use ESPN because their rating system is so geographically biased towards Texas and the South. I usually use an average of Scout and Rivals, and use 247 as a tiebreaker.

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I voted yes although I don't think ESPN's rankings are as reliable as other sources.  I do think collective recruiting rankings are a good indicator even if there are numerous examples of them being wrong in individual cases.  The thing is, I don't think ESPN (or any other) rankings should matter until after the senior (High School) season is over.

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Rivals and 247 are the way to go, especially since 247 added the composite ranking system. Scout is just as bad as ESPN IMO. I will say, ESPN's ranking are much better as you get towards signing day, but their initial rankings always seem to be quite different than other sites.

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I sometimes think that the rankings are all dumb you can find a 3 star who plays like a 5 star just because he didn't go to camps or anything like that.. In a way I think they are all bad I choose no because espn is worse than the rest

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They are worth looking at.  You can't get too wrapped up in the stars and all of that.  We've had some players come through that were 3 stars or less and turned out to be really good.  If I remember right I do believe that James Laurinaitis was a 3 star player out of Minnesota and he became a 3 time all american for the Bucks and is well on his way to becoming a really good to great linebacker in the NFL. 
Go Bucks!