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Who wins the Big Ten Tournament?



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IMO, OSU doesn't have the bench depth to win 3 Big10 games in less than 72 hours.  I'm more confident in OSU's ability to navigate the NCAA tournament( I think OSU has an excellent chance to make the Elite 8), when days of and rest are built in. 

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IU...not OSU.  I realize they're playing well in the last few games but I tend to agree with this above.  

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I decided to go non-homer on this and choose MSU. They are pretty good but it seems like nobody is talking much about them. I would love to see us win, but I feel like the B1G is too strong and it will be an uphill battle.

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Picking OSU to win the B1G tourney is not homer at this point. They are on a 5 game winning streak and playing great D lately. 
Picking Penn State as a Penn State that would be homerish.

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Looks like you are both in the minority. And there are absolutely no homers on this site, that is everyone's true opinion without a shred of bias.

Roll with it.

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Well put. No homers here.

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I realize the bracket pundits won't have us  as winning big10 tourney, but why not?   We are getting hot, the others aren't.   The sputtering by TTUN will help Indiana  but we're  ready to play .  We have flaws, but everybody, everybody has flaws.

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I voted other, because I have no clue who will win. Indiana can win it, but they're soft, and if they're matched up against us or MSU, Zeller won't be effective, hence hurting their team. Michigan is a finesse offensive team, but lack respectable D. We have excellent D when we want, but almost no consistent 2nd scorer. MSU has problems I'm not aware of, but Izzo is their coach. Short of Nebrasketball or Northwestern winning, I wouldn't be horrible surprised by who wins.

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Penn State would leave me gobsmacked if they go on a four game tear....

But I'd settle for a 12 over 5 and another upset of scUM.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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if you did not vote for tOSU your Buckeye card has been revoked

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I feel so weak doing this, but I'm trying not to jinx us lol.

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Voted tOSU after Indiana was gifted the regular season crown.

Like the Buckeyes draw, possibly facing Sparty in the semis.....I think (hope) the winner of that game wins out.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Having criticized this team all year, I honestly think the Bucks can pull this one off. They've probably got the most favorable draw of any team in the tournament, with only MSU in the way of the final game, really.

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I went Other cuz I'm pulling for an Illinois run to get them in for sure and for like Iowa to win the whole thing and steal a bid from the Big East or knock Kentucky out.

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Hoping UK loses first round of the SEC tourney, I believe that would take them out of the NCAA picture.  Living in Cincy and dealing with their fans is almost as unbearable as dealing with IU fans.

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I'm also a Cincy guy and I hate the UK fans. They need to go back to their state. Lol.

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I love it when drinking the Kool-Aid makes sense.

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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Two weeks ago, I would have never picked the Buckeyes, but now, I think we have a legit shot. The only team that I think is legitimately better than us is IU.


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3 weeks ago i would say that OSU chances were slim.  Now that they are playing inspired team ball they have a good chance as long as the defensive effort continues.

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We're trending upward again.  The same thing happened last year and resulted in a Final Four appearance.  I think the ceiling is a bit lower for this team (Elite Eight maybe), but I think we should be in the B1G Championship game of the tournament.

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Our defense is really playing great right now so I went with OSU I think our chances are really good we've won five in a row our win against Indiana on the road was a huge win  the Big is a tough conference but I think we are hot right now.