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Who is Ohio State's MVP of the B1G TEN Tournament?



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looks like we all agree

stark county football

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It's not 100%, so i'm guessing no.

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He only won this poll because he's white. (<---This is sarcasm)

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His second-half heroics yesterday were enough to seal the deal for me.

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Newcomerstown Trojans between Woody and Beaver.

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If Craft has a game like he did yesterday ... anyone other than him would be a travesty to the idea of an MVP.


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No-brainer in my mind.

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It's got to be Craft.  Does he remind anyone else of Chris Jent when he used to play they way he puts forth effort?

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I completely agree with Craft being the MVP but I also think that Sam Thompson needs at least a small honorable mention. He was extremely consistent with his shots and made some extremely clutch one's during rough patches of the Michigan State and Wisconsin games. Also, I think he only missed like one 3-pointer all tournament long.

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All that is true BUT he's apparently impossible to foul... He'll be a hindrance if opposing players can continue to maul him without the risk of free throws, let alone flagrant fouls / possible ejection.

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If you voted DT, you didnt watch

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LQ essentially exceeded my expectations and had huge buckets that spurred spurts by the Buckeyes in the last two games. If he didn't make those, we'd be crying about a 4 seed and Bo Ryan telling us to deal with it right now.

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Craft's defense and passing got Q his looks. This team is charged by Rosey Cheeks. My opinion matters not. Ask Matta what makes this team go. I'm willing to bet we all know his answer. Craft is fhe best point in the country and the only way we make final 4 is with him doing what he does.