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Which team in the West Region scares you the most?



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Wow, I usually like to see the poll results after I voted to see what the pulse of the restof Buckeye nation was. Not so much this time, mine was the one and only vote. But I went with UNM because there's a greater chance we'll actually face them than Gonzaga. But it's March Madness baby, so you can't sleep on any team!

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How can you NOT pick Wisky?? EVERY game with them is an absolute grudge match that comes down to the final few possessions; except for that one time they blew us out.

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I didn't pick Wisky because I don't think they'll be around to play in the elite 8, they almost never do that well in the tournament. Like we saw yesterday, when they can't make a 3 they can't score.

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To be honest it's probably (unlisted) Iowa State for me. They played two epic games against Kansas in the regular season before losing by 15 to them on Friday and in the last twelve days they've beaten both Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. They're very, very skilled but one night they look like world beaters and the next night they look like the team that lost games against Texas Tech AND Texas this season.
If they get past Notre Dame, heads up.

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I would say the same. Neither ND or Iowa State seem like a lot of fun for a 2nd game.

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Former Spartans, Korie Locious on Iowa State and Garret Sherman on Notre Dame, could play us in the next round.
But New Mexico scares me. They score and they have a big dude downlow. We might be able to slow them down with our D, but not so much at the post. Witchita St would scare me if I thought we actually had a chance to play them, but we won't. They have a starting line-up of all guys over 6'8"

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New Mexico is a weaker shooting team than the Buckeyes, and it's not like we're anything special in that department. I'm worried about them in the sense that they're a legitimate third seed and thus a very good team, but I don't accord them any sort of supernatural respect.
I'd love to be "different," but the team that scares me the most is the top seed. Sure, there's reason to question how many losses Gonzaga would have if they didn't play a WCC schedule, but we weren't that much better than them a year ago, and they've clearly improved.

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A big guy down low really isn't much of a problem when your on offense. You just make he come up off the post to guard you if they are playing man to man or you can set screens on him that would slow him down.
On defense you can just double down low. It's not as big of a deal as you think. It just depends on if Matta is willing to lose a guy on the post to defend him. Now if Ohio State plays a zone defense on them, they are screwed!

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Definitely New Mexico, they are very good defensively and have a big guy in the middle that could give us problems.  The whole team is extremely athletic, I do think that we could very well beat any of these teams though.

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I don't think people are taking Arizona seriously. I think they can beat anyone in this region

Muck Fichigan

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Wisconsin just because it is hard to beat a team 3 times

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You took the words right out of my mouth. Very tough to do with a ranked B1G opponent.

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I'm going to go with "whoever we play in the second round," just because I'm worried that everyone is overlooking them.

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I'm not going to get nervous about any non-BYU Mountain West team until they show they can actually make a Sweet 16 for once.

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Thats a tough one cause to me, I don't think there is a team in our region that we can't beat! Gonzaga really hasn't played anyone and we've beaten Wisky twice now. I picked Gonzaga but honestly, I think Ohio State can win out to this region. I guess it all just depends on how well we play! If we play with some cohesiveness, I think we'll do fine. But with they try to play as indiviuals like they did when they lost games, we don't have a chance.