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Which perennially underachieving March Madness coach would you say is the most overrated coach?




Bo Ryan's an idiot but he doesnt have nearly the athletes that G-town has.. JT III has had G-town go out with a wimper the last 3+ years depite having above average talent and going through and succeding in a pretty tough albeit former conference.


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Still don't get Ryan winning coach of the year, and I had 'sconsin getting bumped yesterday. Living outside D.C., have some pretty miserable Hoya followers here. That 07 Final Four seems forever ago. Not too mention Mark May and his kiss of death (look over at the Buckshots to your right).

Never, ever have I bought into Pitt on the court. Morris has had his moments, but not in the postseason. And then Mark May went to Pitt, he's a doofus.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Jim Boeheim, Syracuse.  Tons of talent and took 27 years to win his first nc.

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...actually, that's not all that bad. It took the greatest coach in the history of the game, John Wooden, 16 years to win a title at UCLA, and then he went on to win like 100 of them. Dean Smith took 21 years at UNC to get his first title. In fact, Col. Rupp didn't win his first tournament at Kentucky until his 18th season at the helm.

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Rupp is a special case: the NCAA Tournament didn't exist when he became Kentucky coach, and it didn't become clearly more prestigious than the NIT until sometime in the '50s (Kentucky won the NIT before it ever won the NCAAs).
I voted for Bob Huggins, just out of habit.

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You're absolutely right about Col. Rupp, and I should have said so in my note... I actually talked about the differences in the tournament prior to the mid-1970s in my post earlier in the season comparing Thad Matta to such legendary coaches as Wooden, Smith and Bobby Knight, which is why I had the data at my fingertips. The achievements of some of those guys "back in the day" are all the more impressive now because of how much tougher it was to get into the tournament (see the years Indiana could have won but wasn't invited, for example).

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I apologize for the down vote on my iPad. I meant to hit up 

"Making the Great State of Ohio Proud!" UFM

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no problem, firedup

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I voted Dixon. He was brought into UCLA when they were back on an uptick and they've been floundering ever since. Even with this last recruiting class, he still couldn't manage to get them going. I'm pretty sure he's going to be fired (if they haven't done so already while I'm typing this).

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Had to go with reigning Kirk Ferentz Award (Basketball version) winner Bo Ryan.

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It has to to Thompson no matter how much you hate Ryan. He has lost in the first round 3 out of the last 4 years to double digit seeds by double digit points.

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I hate Bo Ryan, but he is not a bad coach. Considering the level of talent that Wisconsin can get in their program, it is impressive how consistently good they are in the toughest conference in the country. The first round loss was a disappointment, but I don't really think it was his fault. You can be the greatest coach in the world, but your players need to put the ball in the basket to win.

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Actually Wisconsin doesnt always have to put the ball in the basket to win. That's the beauty(if that word can used in association with wisky) of his system.
 Mr. Miserable is a good coach

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Gotta be JT3. Ton of regular season success, but not much to show for it in March. Sure, he took Georgetown to the Final Four during his first season (lost to the Buckeyes), but since then, the Hoyas have been knocked out of the tournament by a double digit seed in every single appearance.

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I had to vote for Dixon. Pitt always sounds like a team ready to make a run then just dies off the first weekend. While Bo Ryan is overrated (espeically in the B1G) I never expect Wisconsin to get past the Sweet 16 and if they shoot poorly (like this year) then they lose early. 

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Maybe if John Thompson III had Patrick Ewing III on his team he'd be a better coach. Maybe not.

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Well, they did make the Final Four when Patrick Ewing, Jr. was on his team. In fact, I don't think they've advanced past the first round since he left.

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It's Boeheim. Only 3 Final 4's in all those years is pretty sad.

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Yeah, pretty sad... So sad, in fact, that only 18 coaches in the 75-year history of the tournament have more appearances.

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Considering only 1 coach has more wins than him, and 18 surpassed him in terms of final 4's, I'd call that rather disappointing

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Of course that also fails to note that 100% of the time Boeheim made the Final Four, he also made it to the national championship game, winning one of those three efforts, something analogous to Jim Tressel's experience at Ohio State: did the fact that he didn't win two national title games make it any less impressive?
I'm not a Boeheim apologist by any stretch, but we've spent an entire season here debating the fact that Thad Matta is still a helluva coach despite not winning a national title - in other words, tournament performance isn't the only indicator of success.

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If Thompson's failures had been limited to just losing to FGCU, then maybe you could vote for someone else. But this sort of tourney flameout has become kind of a thing for Georgetown. That being said I really despise Ryan making it hard not to cast aspersions at him whenever the opportunity arises. 

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Agreed.  Tompson's lackluster performance in the tourney the past few years has been pretty bad.  He's got my vote.

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Roy Williams, because Mcdonalds All Americans win his games, not his coaching. He often looks confused and seems like he has taken his style advice from Craig Sager.

~Because we couldn't go for three~

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And Dixon just re-signed with Pitt.

Another 10 years through the 2022-23 season.

Man, I'm glad I ain't a Panther fan.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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This was easy for me. JTIII.  He and Pat Knight would work well together.  (no disrespect to the General, Bob)

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Roy Williams is severely overrated IMO

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The UCLA brass vote for Ben Howland here.