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Where will Deshaun Thomas play basketball next season?



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I would love for him to return, but he has a child to care for. I won't be upset when he leaves. I just wish this years team had Sully.

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Since he has a child to tend to go finish your degree then. One  bad luck move can end your basketball career. He could walk away with a degree from Ohio State that could help his child until he/she is ready to go earn one themselves.

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He can graduate at any time. He only has a limited time to make millions playing basketball. He'll be gone. Wish him the best.

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I too wish sully had played this year. Hope thomas comes back, but if not, i do wish him well.

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I just don't see what he gains from returning another year. The rest of the team (Ross/Craft/Scott) will pick up larger numbers next year even if he stays. That will likely require his numbers to go down from this year and I can't see his stock improving much more. I wish him well and hope lands on a good team. 

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He could get his diploma!
I'm not convinced this isn't the smartest way to provide for his family in the long run. It would be different if he was a lock for the first round.

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I agree Tracy, I believe Deshaun's pro career will be short lived. Staying and getting his sheep skin would be the smart move. 

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I am sure that he will return for the sheep skin. It is becoming more common amongst pro basketball players to get a degree.

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That is very important but like many other players he could take classes during the off season and finish his degree. Many players do this and Deshaun, being a junior, is likely pretty close to enough credits to finish his degree. 

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Stock might get a little higher returning. But not a lot. Just got great exposure at the national level so should go. 

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I say he's coming back. Why? Wishful thinking for one, but I also think he can raise the level of his game by coming back for a year & increase his stock. Yes, he has a son, but a second round pick isn't guaranteeing much & he likely could be going to Europe which would not be great for a family..I really suspect he'll be back or at least weigh this all out very seriously. The thing is, should he come back next year, this team could be one of the better Buckeye teams ever & he could lead them to big things & help himself in the process. If not & he goes, I would wish him the best of luck & would tell him he's been damn fun to watch as a Buckeye!

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This is why I've been thinking he's coming back. Staying 1 more year to get your degree or going over to Europe to play ball and never being around your son? I think with 1 more year, he raises his stock, especially if he can continuously get better on the defensive end, and he gets his degree if for some reason unfortunate reason basketball just isn't working out. He's not great, but compared to when he got here, he is heads and shoulders above that. It's also wishful thinking on my part and wouldn't be upset if he left.

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Oh please, oh please, oh please say coming back.  I don't blame him if he goes.  Next years draft is supposed to be so much stronger than this year.   Still, I jealously want one more year of Deshaun Thomas in Columbus.

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I guess Turkey is included in "Not Columbus".

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I think it would be a poor choice for him to leave because he is at best a late first round pick, more then likely a second round pick. I believe he would more then likely end up in Europe and  He could develop a good bit especially on defense and his rebounding in the offseason. Also the benefit of getting his degree could only help him in the future after his basketball career is over. 
Also I really enjoyed watching him grow over the past few years. I hope he has a great future with what ever choice he makes. 

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I would prefer him to return, for his own sake. I think the team will be fine without out (Elite 8 sans Sully), but I think he has much more to gain over the long run.
His son is young and the financial needs of raising a child are still small compared to when he is older (minus daycare, but most assuredly the mother and child get some kind of assistance).
Eleven games ago this team started working as a unit. Just like Craft said last night; this team came together like no other. Imagine if this unit had an entire season. In the long run, a first round pick after an Nat'l Championship run far outweighs a second round European stint.
He is not ready for the NBA. Some argue he is as ready as he'll ever be. Well if that's the case, he better stay. Parlaying 1st round money into financial security a year or so from now is his best bet. I contend he still has some things to learn. I say this with love because I have tremendous respect for him as a father.
Staying is best for everyone. Don't go Deshaun.

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He's not coming back
Don't even get your hopes up

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This is such a poor draft it's now or never

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After seeing what happened today, Thomas go pro! 

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