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What excites you the most about this Ohio State team?



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I'd say more like Aaron Craft leading the offense.

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Aaron Craft is my favorite player for his leadership, his class, and his work ethic.
However, I voted for Ross on this one because when that young man learns to perfect his game this team will be very very dangerous come next season. And yeah, they're playing pretty damn well right now too...Go Bucks!

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What excites me the most is they are in the Sweet 16 for the 4th year in a row!

FitzBuck is clearly the winner.  Not even close.

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We really need to institute the "All of the above" option on things like this. All of those things are fantastic.

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Ross growing up means that even if DeShaun leaves, we aren't totally screwed next year.

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This is the strongest "all of the above" option I have seen. Scott, Thompson, Ross, Craft, and Thomas are *all* starting to live up to the hype and showing some life on offense. Defense was weak yesterday, but we still came through. Never would have happened earlier in this season.

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I just wish WILLIAMS would step up

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Imagine if Amir was just a competent center that could catch the ball and alter a few shots on defense. He should have had at least 3 dunks yesterday if he could snatch the ball and go up strong. Q and Thompson block more shots than this guy.


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If this were the case, I wouldn't even be slightly worried that we wouldn't win the title. With the emergence of Craft's offensive game, Ross becoming a dangerous weapon, and Thompson developing a silky J that needs respecting, should Amir finally get it to click we would be borderline unbeatable

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

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They are starting to play well together!

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Other - All of the above. All 4 choices are key to another Final 4 run.
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This team is undoubtedly led by Craft and DT, and rightfully so. But I voted for Q, I liken the rise in his play as near parallel to how the team has risen itself over the past few weeks.

Craft was the deserved hero yesterday, and DT's groove looks to be back, but Ross has been huge in his support role.....and really got things done against ISU.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Agree with all of this. DT, Craft, and Slam are important to the team's success, but Q's improvement has been the X-factor late in the season. We needed another consistent scoring option - sorry, Aaron - and so far Q has demonstrated his ability to be that guy. That's gonna be huge in the tail end of the tourney when we play better defensive teams that can bottle up Deshaun more effectively.

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Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes.
I love the way the offense is coming together, and the defense has been a constant with this team.  But please remember guys, as Pat Riley once said., " No rebounds, no rings."

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All are very good options to choose from. And all are big reasons why this team is rounding into a serious contender to win this damn thing. But I tell you what, nothing is more fun than watching Slam I chose that one just for the pure excitement and entertainment value. He's also becomeing a pretty solid complimentary piece offensively.

Honestly, I think Thomas' shooting slump was the best thing that could have happened to this team. He drug them through the regular season offensively, then he went cold. And then a switch flipped, and the rest of the team picked it up. Made this team multi-dimensonal offensively. Teams actually have to guard and respect more than just deshaun. This team has been great defensively all year. Nie to see the offense start to catch up. Makes them a very dangerous team going forward.

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I know we're doing good right now, but I am really excited for next year too. I'm assuming that Thomas will leave. If he doesn't then that's even better. Ross has stepped up and I think he will be a top scorer in the Big Ten next year. Sam Thompson has become a very consistent shooter as well. I think we need to give him more shots now. Aaron Craft and Shannon Scott will terrorize the rest of the Big Ten with their defense. The only question mark I see is the post play. Hopefully we can get better production out of Williams or Macdonald next  year. We could also go with a smaller lineup using the four I mentioned above along with Lenzelle. Plus we can have Amedeo coming off the bench as our three point specialist. 

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I voted for Ross stepping up,mainly because he provides great scoring off of the bench, and much like Thomas is a forward that can drive the line, finish with contact and hit outside shots. Although Craft's development as an offensive player has been great as well. I'll put it this way, if Thomas is scoring 22, Craft is scoring 18 and Ross is dropping 17 points per game, this team isn't losing to anyone. 

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They sure tested that in the Iowa State game.  Sorely out-rebounded ... it was scary.  Poor Amir not progressing like I would have thought.  Not bashing him at all I love all the Bucks! 

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I voted other, because what I'm most excited about is this team's ability to win close games now. Earlier in the year they'd crumble under the pressure,  but now they have the intestinal fortitude to get it done!! 

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I chose option B. I've felt for the last 3 years that if Aaron ever develops an outside jumper/consistent 3 point shot (beyond his ability to drive the lane and shoot FT's -- which he's always been fantastic at), OSU would be a championship team. I'm hoping the hero 3PTer last game was a step in that direction. When you look across the NCAA field, typically the elite teams have something in common -- they have PGs who are legitimate scoring threats, usually outside scoring threats.

Craft is the best PG in the game, the best facilitator in the game, without question best defender in the game -- and not a bad scorer -- I've just felt like his outside shooting is the one piece he's been missing. Not because Craft can't shoot a 3, but because he's your classic PG who tends to facilitate more than shoot it himself. But I hope yesterday was a sign of his willingness to take the 3 when he's open.

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This is a tough choice, I went with Q because the upside seems so up there.
Sam Thompson's non-dunking play is a close second, and soooo much needed.

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I love that this team simply is refusing to lose games right now!

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This is the best teamwork I have seen in the past 10 years.  It may be due to not having a "superstar." Thomas is a NBA player, but not in the order of Sully, Turner, Oden, etc.  In the past I could easily predict their offense, now I cannot.  IMO the lack of a superstar has helped them be a better team, and it seems to have opened up the playbook.

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I voted for Ross but I would also like to call out Sam Thompson for improving his offense, particularly his shooting.  I noted that Craft's offense started picking up right around the same time that some of the other guys started picking up their games.  I am not sure if it is Craft making everyone better, Ross/Thompson's improvement opening things up for Craft, or some combination of both.  All I know is we are rapidly becoming a much harder team to defend. 

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I think the best part is that everyone is finding their roles in the scheme. Thompson is becoming a secondary scoring threat and using his athleticism to get dunks and open jumpers. Thomas is being Thomas. Craft is controlling the offense and penetrating to get easy layups. Ross is a great scoring threat coming off the bench. Shannon Scott brings defensive pressure with Craft to create turnovers and easy buckets. Rav comes in to bang the big guys and pick up some buckets. I'm just waiting for LSJ and Amir to step into their roles but to me this is the best thing:
Ohio State is playing their best basketball in March. 

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It was a toss-up between LQR and Craft for me. In the end I chose Ross but really I'm just excited we have a lot of scoring options in addition to Deshaun now.

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