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The best part of March is



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I love the basketball this time of year, but I gotta be honest - I'm a football guy & I love that the spring practices are happening...This upcoming season marks the official end of tat-gate & everything that happened with that (at least to me). There is a genuine goal for the football team this year that I believe can be I'm more excited about spring football than anything else!

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Everything man, filling brackets, watching so many games, the upsets, cinderellas, football coming back. ITS A GLORIOUS TIME OF YEAR!!!!

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Other:  It's not February.

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I'm with Dubjay, I love it all!

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March Madness is the best 3 weeks of sports.  The first big weekend with games from 11am to 9pm is awesome.  I can remember sweet talking my high school teachers to put on some games during class.

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There needs to be an all of the above option, I can't pick just one!

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Football is getting closer...spring game for sure.  Sorry...if OSU wins tonight...I may want to change my vote...but seriously doubt that happens.

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All of the above spring football is great and march madness is awesome  the upsets all the games to watch its just a great time of year 

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With all due respect to those who picked spring football

We're talking 'bout PRACTICE.
I'm all about the Madness.

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Definitely.  It is cool to hear about the practice updates, but once you have that bracket filled out and non-stop basketball ensues during the first round... What's not to love?  Plus we might get to see tsun knocked out in the first round, again!

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Baseball is coming back, I watch the basketball games but for the most part the most exciting thing during March for me is spring training.  March Madness and the big ten tournament will be a thrill though.

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The results of this poll definitely suggest that 11W's readership is a football-first group ;)

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I loves me some March Madness, but if a spring practice behind-the-scenes show was up against a final four game, well I'd need for somebody to fill me in later on what happened in the final four game. 

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This. Would rather watch OSU spring practice than NCAAM championship game...

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Agreed. Unless OSU were playing in it.

"There is a force that makes us all brothers, no one goes his way alone." --Woody Hayes