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Who should now be the Big Ten's top expansion target?



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Love 'em or hate 'em, Notre Dame is still the prize here.

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totally just makes soooooo much sense monetarily, geographically, Academically, and recently quality wise.
Even though they got smashed in the championship game they would still have raised the bar of the B1G in all facets. I so hope we can get them.
Edit: for those voting UNC...think about football even though it's basketball is where the bread is buttered and money is made...we NEED Notre Dame and Delany is holding most of the cards at the moment.

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Here is one argument as to why the Golden Domes are no longer Jim Delaney's white whale... (And why UNC is a logical target.)

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I have been thinking the same thing about Notre Dame and their "market" of late. While they have a national following, they have no set market. It's hard to determine what market would be added that would add significant impact as there really isn't one.
They could still be a white whale in a sense though. We all understand that the additions of Rutgers and Maryland are more for the sake of markets for the BTN along with their academics and is not adding much in terms of competition with football or basketball. Virginia is in the same vein. All of the expansion pieces being discussed of late have been focused around UNC, GT, UVA, and, to some extent, FSU. Among the 4 of them, FSU is the only real national brand for football and UNC is the only national brand for basketball. I think in order to continue with expansion, at some point, you'll need to ensure that you have visible, national brands in both football and basketball. So with that, I think ND needs to be a component in the expansion scenario but in order to do it, the ACC needs to fall. UNC is the biggest cog in that development. Once those dominos fall in place, that pushes ND towards the B1G and gives national football brands in Ohio State, Michigan, Nebraska, and Notre Dame. You can add FSU in there as well if that actually comes to fruition and Penn St would be there too if not for the sanctions that could still cripple the program and make them irrelevant. While the BTN is regional, there still needs to be teams that make headlines nationally and the larger the conference gets, the importance on grabbing a marquee name or two becomes imperative...regardless of what market they would bring us.

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Agree with all and N Dame would be top 5 academically as well.
AAU irrelevant when undergraduate education is the focus (see, e.g., Army & Navy). 

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Any chance UNC has no desire to sever conference ties with Duke? Just an idea.
Breaking News from absolutely no source or evidence:  DUKE to the B1G!!!!!!!!

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Honestly, I don't think it'll matter. A&M severed ties with Texas. Nebraska severed ties with Oklahoma, but let's be honest there, those ties had long since been severed once the Big XII came into existence...Nebraska just put the finishing move on it. According to Coach K, Maryland did that to Duke, but that is laughable really. The point is, money is going to speak louder than said rivalry. If UNC has a chance to make a buttload of money for the athletic department, would they really let a basketball rivalry stand in their way? I'd think some decision makers at UNC would need some psychological testing if they would let it. And it's's not like they still can't play 1 game in the OOC schedule like Kentucky and Indiana do.

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ND has been the prize all along. We only keep making moves to try to force ND into our hands. We caused the super conference talks by taking new teams, making ND think about it; then we did the Pac12 agreement to get super conferences as a real possibility, but it only forced ND to think about joining another conference Big East or ACC; ND then went and made a deal with the ACC; so we plucked Rutgers and Maryland and caused the Big East and the ACC to fight it out for survival; now we are completely trying to destroy the ACC which will force ND to scramble again. Eventually ND is gonna see Jim Delany is the only chick left at the bar at the end of the night and coming running into his arms begging for acceptance.

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Only if they come begging.

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I have been fine without ND and will continue to do so. Let them beg to become part of the B1G and tell them there is no room. UNC and GTech will be great additions. There is more than money to me in this. ND had their chances and blew it.

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I agree about fine without ND. They will never join. If they do, they end up a second tier team, permanently. If they get to a championship game, they lose it bad. Maybe not like Nebraska giving up 70 to a one dimensional team, but losing bad.

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^ This. I'm no fan of the Domers. They had their chance and blew it.

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ND....located in the Mid-West....not south.  No reason not to have's up to them to get away from the ACC and join the B1G...which I don't see happening unfortunately.  

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None of the above. And send Maryland and Rutgers packing. It was a bad idea from the get-go.

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ND had their chance, screw them

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So much that. The Domer's can pound sand. 

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Boston College and Pitt then we don't have go any further south than Mary Land.GO BUCKS!

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I voted GT for very selfish reasons! Their stadium is only 30 minutes from where I live. my honest opinion would be to pick Notre Dame but I vomit in my mouth every time I think of that happening!

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LOL me too....I live down the street from GT. I could see my Bucks play and make a killing on parking at the same time. lol

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Domers....just because I want to see Urban take Kelly Beet Face to the woodshed
Actually, think they are the top target for many of the aforementioned reasons on this thread and others. Would be great to see the ND-OSU game again and start another rivalry.

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I don't see ND Coming unless it is there last option. I think the biggest prize would be Texas, they match up well academically and would be a huge TV market. I think they are realizing the Long Horn network is not going to work and when B1G backs up the Brinks truck they will say good bye to OK. I know its a long shot but with the super conferences coming B1G, SEC, PAC 12 will be around for sure ACC and Big 12 are up in the air right now.

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I voted UNC. Carolina has great basketball, period. It is Kentucky without cheating. The football is a lump of coal that could turn into the diamond. The facilities are great. Fedora is a great football coach and with the facilities and the campus it is the best school to recruit to in the ACC (better than Miami) because of the campus and the fact that you don't have a war zone in the surrounding communities. Carolina fits academically and athletically. Maryland makes sense economically but not athletically. Carolina makes sense  in every way.
I wish Notre Dame would join the Big 10. It makes the most sense but they won't come.  They have had a dozen opportunities and they have turned the B1G down every time. It is time to move on. We almost get sadistic, pining over Notre Dame. Woody didn't want anything to do with Notre Dame why are we wasting our time.

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Notre Dame offers the Big very little in TV market addition. They already have the Chicago and Indianapolis markets covered with our current teams and The Bucks cover the NATION very well.
Who needs them,  F _ _ _  ND !!!!

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Other: I'm ready for the Bama to B1G rumors to start flying! I heard they just started selling TV's down there, so the market is gonna explode....granted they aren't into color sets yet, but the future is bright.
I heard that Delaney is worried because Bama asked for their BTN payout in squirrel meat instead of cash. May be a deal breaker. I'll keep you guys posted what I hear from my sources.

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Lets face it guys, we're a basketball conference. And UNC has unbelievable basketball tradition. 

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You are right.  And I hate you for saying it.

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As soon as the B1G reaches 19 teams, Notre Dame will be begging to join. They're just too arrogant to do so any sooner.

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I don't know. Not about the arrogance but on the 19 teams. If the B1G expands as we all think it will at this point, and we end up taking 3 teams from the ACC, doesn't that essentially blow up the ACC the way the ACC did it to the Big East years ago? With the ACC falling apart at that point, doesn't that force ND's hand again? It may still happen at 19, but it may happen at 17 if we take 3 more ACC schools right now.

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Agreed: IF the Domes are to be members of Delaney, Inc., their window to do so is the implosion of the ACC, which begins in earnest when Big Jim welcomes at least three, if not four, of the conference's marquee programs. 

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If FSU really is applying for AAU membership, i'd say them, and Missouri.

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I really, really want to say UNC, because I don't despise their football team. Unfortunately, Notre Dame is the real target, sad as it is.

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It has to be Texas -

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NC is off limits more than likely because it would be a package deal for NC and Duke. Great TV market that would add $$$ to the Big10,  but I doubt they can get them both. I like Louisville ( pretty good in both major sports ) and or Missouri which would geographically and TV audience meet Delaney's criteria. Georgia Tech would also fit the bill as it would help the Atlanta market.
P.S.      F_ _ _   ND,  that ship has sailed and it cost their school millions. ;o)

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We need to add some major players to our conference. Nebraska was a great add. Lets be honest Maryland and Rutgers were solely for their academic reputation and TV market. My wish list would be: ND, Texas+ Oklahoma, FSU, Clemson. I understand some of these schools aren't AAU members but my thought would be let them join the conference and give them step by step goals they need to follow to be AAU future members. Until they are AAU members pay them less of a cut from the BIG network. I think UNC is a decent add but not on my wishlist and with UNC comes Duke

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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Just for the record, UNC does not come with Duke. Money can, and will, split up any couple.
Assuming targets that have to have some degree of possibility, my order is: Texas, UNC, Florida State, Notre Dame, UVA, Georgia Tech, Kansas.

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Texas (but only because I live in Austin)

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I don't want the Dookies, it is a snob-a-torium Notre Don't. The only North Carolina folks that get in there are the janitors and cafeteria staff.
Duke is the only basketball program in the nation that can be #1 in the country and still be second place in their home state. Carolina football is way ahead of Duke. Duke football hasn't been any good since the Roosevelt administration. Teddy freaking Roosevelt.
Carolina and Duke can still play football and they can still play a home and home in basketball. The money would have to be right but it could be done.

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UVA is essentially Michigan without the nationally recognized football team. Have any of you ever been to Charlottesville? It's like Ann Arbor, but without the smell of old hot dog water. Preppy d-bag students and strict academic standards, unusually low acceptance rates for in-state despite being the state's flagship university. They're like the same school!!!!

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