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Which team is Ohio State's main basketball rival?



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Wisconsin came damn close, and Chris made one hell of a case for Indiana with his story earlier- but Michigan is Michigan. The added fact that their team is so good this year really gave them the nod.

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This is a disgusting poll question.  TSUN is the number one rival in every sport!  GO BUCKS!

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It's always been Indiana. Wisconsin is a more recently heated rivalry and while Michigan is the school's overall rival, they are not #1 in basketball.

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I agree - going back to the Bob Knight years at least.  Always a plus to smack down ttun, but Indiana is the top BB rival, with MSU a close second (at least that's my take)

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Personally, scUM is our one and only rival, regardless of sport. I don't care if it's basketball, football, water polo, or shuffleboard, losing to them hurts more than losing to any other team and beating them feels better than beating any other team.

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basketball??? who cares bout basketball...

What we can't do in the air we'll do on the ground.

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Michigan is #1 in everything in terms of rivalry, it would easily be Msu for #2 for me though.  Izzo and Matta have had some great duels over the years.

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Ohio State has no other rival.  In anything.  Ever.  Okay, maybe Florida.

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Pshh, I wouldn't Florida a rival.

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Not a traditional rival, but once they beat us in the NCGs for basketball and football within the same year, I considered UF a rival. 

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TSUN scUM TTUN we have one rival. It's 1:51 and michagan still sucks.

Newcomerstown Trojans between Woody and Beaver.