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Which of these late additions to the recruiting class will have the first real impact?



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Given the need for some additional downfield weapons for Braxton's ever-improving arm cannon, Smith could very well be an immediate playmaker given his additional juco experience. Given Clark's natural abilities, the same could be said for him, as well, but I think we're looking at a case where age and experience make the difference.

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You know you have had a great recruiting class when you have a list of four players to pick from for the the most immediate impact and it is very difficult to pick between them. Only to then find yourself thinking of many others not on the list that will do the same. What a problem to have. Went with Wilson as he will be on the field very quickly I think. 

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I say Corey Smith because he's a polished route runner. He only has two years, so I cant imagine Urban would have signed him if he wasn't ready to play right away.

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I had to go with Smith, but it was a very very hard choice to make as all four will be future playmakers. Smith has several things going for him; a lack of proven WRs (outside of Devin and Corey), he's older and has some grown man strength in addition to whatever his S&C coach has added, and he has experience playing at the college level.
I think Wilson's early impact will be limited as Jordan Hall will get the first look. Meyer has made a name for himself playing talent over simple experience. But Meyer was pretty high on Hall last season and we all know that Meyer calls it like he sees it. True Hall lacks top end speed, but he knows the system and could be deadly in Meyer's system. Wilson's playing time will probably increase as the season goes on and he learns the offense. But Smith could start from day one.

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Edited as I was thinking Smith and typed Clark.

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I had to go with Bell. We gave up so many unnecessary yards on big plays that we shouldn't have that having a physical safety like Bell will be a huge boost.

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So is he going to start over Barnett or Bryant?  2 seniors.  Would be tough.  Plus he won't be at spring ball when 95-99% of the depth chart is set.

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I think they all make a big impact, but I think Smith is the first one to get a shot. He has more experience, and I can see him getting in the WR rotation right away and making some big plays downfield.

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I went with Corey Smith because I fully expect him to start.  But Vonn Bell could very well be the starting Star.

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I have a good feeling about James Clark, besides it's easier to get playing at receiver than at Safety.

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It's hard to beat experience in a higher level than high school...Corey Smith.

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They all will see the field early and often.  Wilson and Clark could be the best returners on the team day one.

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corey smith has experience and i think he will have the most impact.

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Just seeing those 4 names gets me excited for next year. I think they will all have an early impact

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What about Jalin Marshall or one of the LBs, Mitchell or Johnson!? 

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 late additions

Jalin wasn't a late addition.

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Corey Smith. He's got the experience, the size, and skillset to immediately come in and be an explosive flanker for Devin Smith. When he's not in I see Michael Thomas coming in for certain situations. I almost picked Wilson but he might play second fiddle to Jalin Marshall for the slot/hybrid/h-back/Harvin role. Plus Philly Brown and J. Hall might get in the way of both of them. We have a lot of returning starters for those couple positions and a slew of incoming freshmen so I'm still confused on how to place any of them to a positon or role.
I don't see Vonn Bell supplanting one of the starters @ safety epecially not being an eraly enrollee.
James Clark needs to get his size up and I see him getting buried on the depth chart at receiver or the slot position.
The good news is out of all these returning players and freshmen, its a guarantee Urban will finally have the 'playmakers' he's been searching for.

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