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Which bench player most deserves a bump in minutes?



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We desperately need someone the other team has to respect from the 3. Della Valle is the only guy right now who is going to do that

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You dont have to respect Della Valle from 3 if he cant get open...which he cant. Shannon Scott is the most complete player on the team and deserves the bump. He will have a better career than AC.

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della valle had two 3's yesterday if i am not mistaken. and had another wide open one where a foul was called before he could shoot. Also if he can't get open someone must be guarding him tight, hence floor spacing

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I don't completely understand the love and admiration for Shannon Scott.
On one hand, yes, I get it.  He's improved leaps and bounds from last season.  He is great on defense, he does well passing the ball in the open court and on a fast break.  But other than that...?
He still really struggles in a half-court game, which the majority of an OSU game is going to be.  Jump shot has improved, but still subpar.  He takes a lot of risks on lobs and other passes in the half-court that just aren't there.  He also really, really, really struggles to finish at the rim.  He can get there, yes.  But once he does, he tends to just throw it up toward the hoop and 'hope' it goes in.
I think Scott is going to be very good.  But I don't see what he's going to bring for 30 minutes a game that will help this team score.  IF the emphasis on offense becomes pushing the ball in transition and beating the defense down the floor at all costs, then yes, he'd be a guy who can help this team score more easily.  But that currently is not the emphasis, and I doubt that is going to change this late in the season.

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Scott is developing an offensive game away from being a top 5 point guard nationally. He has amazing ball skills, great vision, high A/T ratio, plays lockdown defense, and gets in the lane better than anyone on the team. If he can start hitting those 15 ft jump shots fairly consistently and finishing at the rim, we could be talking about Scott they way people across the country talk about Burke

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

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I completely agree with you.  The potential and athletic ability are there.
However, the fact remains he struggles mightily actually putting the ball in the basket.  It was what kept him off the court last season (along with not being quite the defensive dynamo Thad wanted/he is today).  I'd say he's improved that already, but that's only because he was so dreadful shooting the ball last year. 
He's really going to have to work on his jumper and finishing at the rim.  Until he does that, again, I say playing him 30 minutes a game, as some have suggested, really adds nothing of significant value to the team.  They need guys who can put the ball in the basket.

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Craft isn't going to be benched, but you look at his numbers and Scott's and it's surprising how close they are, and even more so when you account for the large difference in their minutes played. Granted, the stats don't count things that never happened--the points Craft prevents--and Scott's free throw shooting is a huge liability in any close game. But the team needs a shaking up, and seeing what Scott could do playing 30 minutes might do it.

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We need to establish someone other than Thomas scoring inside IMHO. I am not anywhere near a very knowledgeable basketball guy, more casual fan than anything else. But it seems to me that we really miss the big guys down low that can finish those tough plays. Sully did fantastic at this. Ravenel is not aggressive enough. Same with Williams. Guys like Trey McDonald could really use the minutes to get in there and get some tough minutes. We've got the bodies for it... just not the attitude. I would like to think that Willaims and McDonald have the ability to do this.


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I would say Ross if he had hands or dribbling ability, I would say Scott if he could make anything in the paint (layup, floater, etc), I would say Ravenel if he were an inch or two taller, I would say Trey if he could make freethrows. So that leaves Amedeo, who, for me is as experienced/skilled as Ross is at defense, doesn't have the size, but is smart about his playing.

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All 5 except for ravenal. Craft, Thompson, Williams, a smith jr. all need their minutes cut. Especially Craft!!!!!

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Craft isn't coming out, Scott should play more than he has been, ADV should get meaningful minutes, Thompson shouldn't play as much as he does. Amir and Q REALLY need to step it up.

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Della Valle needs more time.  He has hustle and a nice looking three ball.

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We need a scorer. Della Valle deserves a shot to see what his can do...

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To all the Scott lovers, just an honest question for you...What fuels your decision to have Scott receive more minutes considering this team's biggest deficiency is scoring points?

Scott is shooting 30% from the floor in B1G games and averages .17 assists/min.

Craft is shooting 40% from the floor in B1G games and averages .11 assists/min.

Scott is shooting 59% from the line, Craft 84% and their turnovers per min are pretty equal.

Just trying to understand the viewpoint because I've honestly never seen a worse shooter from a guard spot in at least 20 years of watching every televised Ohio State game. His layups even show a complete lack of touch. It's truly brick city. He makes Craft look like Diebler.

I guess this assumes you want him in there over Craft, but maybe you want him to replace Smith Jr. (stats comparisons will be even more unfavorable) or maybe Thompson? I could at least understand prefering Scott over Thompson but if you do that, you might as well play Ross.

Again, no venom or sarcasm, honestly curious on how you'd construct the rotations if Scott is your guy and who would he would take minutes from?

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I used to be on the Scott train, but have backed off recently.  I don't know another player who has missed as many layups as he has.  He's more of an offensive liability than AC, and plays good defense but obviously not at Craft's level. 
I think people like Scott because of his quickness, ability to push the ball on the break, and his vision.  But if he can't hit anything, why is he out there?  Then again...who on this team is consistent at shooting (DT not withstanding)?

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This is EXACTLY what I've been asking over the last few weeks.
For some reason, people want to bash Craft and insert Scott in his place in the lineup.  The problem is they are redundant.  Each is unable to score consistently.  Each struggles shooting the ball.  Neither thrives as a playmaker in the half-court game. 
Well then, what are the differences?  Craft has shown he can beat his man AND finish at the rim.  Maybe not spectacularly, but at least he can finish the play with the ball going in the hole.  Scott, ahem, has trouble with that.  The other difference - and the gap between the two has closed significantly - is on the defensive side of the ball.  We all know about Craft, but Scott has been very good as well getting steals this year.  The difference, though, is that Craft really makes it difficult on the ballhandler to do much of anything.  Scott many times gets his steals by leaving his man, digging down, and getting steals as a help defender.  The uncanny thing about Craft is he steals the ball from the man initiating the offense.
I'm not bashing Scott - just find it humorous that people want to dump on Craft and Smith, but replace them with Scott, who does nothing to improve what is lacking on this team - scoring buckets!!

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...Just trying to understand the viewpoint because I've honestly never seen a worse shooter from a guard spot in at least 20 years of watching every televised Ohio State game.

Here's an old school name for you: Eli Brewster. Yikes.

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I remember Brewster back to watching him in high school at Wehrle. Chuck Kemper had some amazing teams back then with Brewster, Funderburke and Jerry Francis. 

Brewster wasn't much of a shooter but I remember most about him was that even though he was kinda almost-portly for a guard, dude was able to drive the lane pretty effectively. 

I bet he'd smoke Scott in a game of HORSE right now. Haha. 

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Disagree. Scott looks like he can blow by anyone right now. It's the other four players on the court he looks like he's surprised when they are there to help out...

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Chris,  I'll give it a go.  I'm not dead set in this opinion, just would like to try it out.
I'll concede that, recently, Craft is shooting better than Scott.  But the season numbers are in Scott's favor: 40% to 39% (FG%) and 40% to 30% (3PT%).  So if Scott is the worst shooter you've seen in 20 years... what does that make Craft?!
The rest of this I don't have statistics to back up, just observations from watching pretty much every minute of every game this season.
When Craft drives, he is driving to score.  When Scott drives, he is driving to dish.  In a halfcourt offense that is as stagnant as ours, I want the guy who is looking to get a wide open look for someone else.  I wish that I knew where to find the statistic of percentage of time when certain players are on the court together.  Just from watching, I feel like Scott never gets his own show.  It seems like he's always on the floor WITH Craft.  If Scott's main strength is dishing the basketball, having Craft out there with him is hurting his ability to do that.  I would rather Scott get the opportunity to start a game or two and play with the starters.  
A lineup of Big-Man-of-your-choice, Deshaun, Thompson, Smith Jr, and Scott is what I would like to try.  Key work: try.  Not set in stone for the remainder of the season.
The other upside this brings?  Craft is an emotional game changer and momentum shifter with his defense and hustle.  I would like to utilize this ENERGY coming off the bench when our team needs a jolt.  Could be similar to his freshman year, where he was first guy off the bench and played long minutes.

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My vote came down to Trey and Amedeo. We are seeing a serious lack of production from our big men and scorers (outside of Thomas) so I see no reason why either of those two don't deserve at least a few more minutes. Trey actually has been seeing the court a little bit more lately. He is a freak athlete that just needs to fine tune his game a little bit, and I hope he sees some game time between now and March so he can be a viable option in the NCAA tourney.
ADV I think needs to see 7-8 minutes per game, because in just about every game we have multiple 4-5 minute scoring droughts where we just can't put the ball in the hoop. I don't think his defense is such a liability to the point that two 3-4 minute stretches of time would significantly hurt the team. And is ability to shoot the three ball well could provide a nice spark during our offensive lulls, as well as spread the court a little bit leaving more room for our guards to get in the lane and Thomas to get some easier buckets

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

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Right on - Given the meltdown we've seen in Amir Williams, it's time to let McDonald stretch his legs a bit... At this point Matta has very little to lose by shaking things up on the inside.

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As long as he shoots some free throws first... Never heard the iron as loud as when he shot his on Sunday.

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We need scorers. Della Valle it is. Shoot boy shoot.
Trey deserves time too. Other two are just not getting it done.

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In my opinion, this Buckeye team lacks an identity.  They aren't doing anything real-well though are not bad defensively.  The offense 'is what it is' and is not likely to change much down the stretch, regardless of who is on the floor. 
This group could be very good on defense with Shannon Scott on the floor.  Scott is tough, athletic, and gives the Bucks 2 excellent on-ball defenders when paired with Craft.   
If you are going to lose, lose playing your tail off on the defensive end.  Go Bucks!   

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Yep. They have descent roll players in Thompson, Smith, and Scott. But they all are the same type of player IMO. When pressed into scoring, they fall outside of what they are best capable of doing. This team really needs Ross or someone who can fill the basket and is aggressive at taking the ball to the hole in addition to Thomas, then these guys can flourish.. Or some sort of inside physical presence..