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Where would you like to see the B1G Championship Game?



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Chicago    outside in the weather where Big Ten football should be played!!! 

  • shortbus20
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Cleveland - probably the only time a championship game will be held there for the foreseeable future (sob)
signed a frustrated Browns fan

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My proximity to Indy makes me always want it there...but I love visiting Chicago and so does my wife so I would be good with the alternating schedule.

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I would love to see them play in Chicago but Soldiers Field's field is a total dump by the time December rolls around. Plus, the B1G would have to deal with the idiots at the Chicago Park District and not the Bears, since they own the stadium.
Field conditions at SF are probably the worst in the NFL by week 4 of the season, once the Bears have a chance to rip it up further, Ohio State and whoever (see what I did there) would be playing in muck, mire, and mud-but in a cool stadium in a great city....

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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Why not have a home field championship game?  If I'm not mistaken, isn't that what the Pac 12 is doing?  Don't think you'd ever have an empty stadium that way.  It also rewards you that much more for the regular season.  Just a thought....

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Home field for the best record.But best of all would be to do away with this pile of Delany dung and add another conference game so everyone could share in the revenue and party on into December.GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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Yes, home field please. 
It is ridiculous that the conference championships and (soon) first round of the playoffs aren't at home field sites. 

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I would love to see a rotation of different B1G stadiums. Show off our campuses a little bit. It leaves that chance that someone will get a home game, but the odds of that are pretty small

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Well, only once every 14 years...

3M hoards the KoolAid like Elaine hoards sponges.

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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Any outdoor venue. Where football is supposed to be played.

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Chicago would be an unfair advantage if Northwestern or Illinois ever got into the championiship game.......being in Indy we don't have to worry about Indiana or Purdue ever winning their respective division, i just dont every see it happening.....

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NW doesn't have home field advantage when they play in Evanston.

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I got one for you.  Lambeau Field. 
Or rotate around various sites in B1G country.  You could do Indy, Chicago, Lambeau, Metrodome/new Vikings stadium when it comes, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Philly, Washington DC, St. Louis, even Metlife Stadium. 
Or Indy/Chicago are fine too.  But I voted other because it'd be cool to see the conference championship rotate around a number of different sites. 

Class of 2010.

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I like the idea of rotating to different stadiums. That will make it more special when it comes to a particular city, since it will only be there once every 5 years or so. Having it in the same place each year will eventually get old, which we're already seeing with the low attendance.
If we want this to be a Super Bowl-like event with excitement and sold-out stadiums, then why not replicate the Super Bowl as much as possible?

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Was just browsing through to see if anyone had this comment.  Thank you.  Totally agree.  NYC should be in the cards, hell, even Yankee Stadium.  Yes, also Philly, DC, Lambeau, love them all.

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why NFL stadiums, i say home field to the best  record, if a tie , flip a coin,or if the same teams as previous year, rotate. the same with basketball , theres alot of money going to indianapolis that dosn't even have a B1G school, at least chi town has northwestren, i say rotate between B1G cities that have B1G schools


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I went with Indy but I also live 10 minutes away so I'm a bit biased.  Indy is a nice, affordable city with tons of experience hosting big sporting events.  Everything downtown is easy to get to and while we may not have the number of quality restaurants as Chicago, St. Elmo's is as good a steakhouse as you'll find anywhere.  And you can get the worlds greatest burrito for about $4.   For those saying the game should be played in the elements, the roof at Lucas can be opened, which I'd be in favor of. 

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

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St. Elmo's.. yum.  Add that one into the food porn list.  Now I want steak for dinner.

We should strive to keep thy name, of fair repute and spotless fame...

(Also, I'm not a dude)

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good martini's too

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It doesn't matter where you have it.  Unless you have Ohio State, Michigan or Penn State there you can forget about discussing a sell-out.  Right now, the B1G championship game is a failing experiment.  It just doesn't have any intrigue, especially with casual fans in B1G country. A lot of idealistic posters here are saying the game is meant to be played in the elements.  I argue the game is supposed to be a sellout, and even when it is played indoors it is not a sellout.
The B1G has so much to fix with its football product that the location of the championship game is pretty much the last thing that matters.

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I think the problem with the sellout not happening is for the past 2 seasons the conferences 2 big heavyweights with the most tradition and largest traveling fan bases have not been to the game..I think that will change starting this year...When Ohio State makes it to Indy..I could almost guarantee a sellout

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I agree - Wisconsin and Nebraska both should have fielded sizable contingents for the title game this year, and I think if they had earned the way there legitimately - i.e. had Ohio State and Penn State not been ineligible - the fans bases may have turned out more faithfully. Perhaps I'm projecting, but if you were either team, how could you really, really feel good about being in the title match given the situation?

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thats why it needs to be at best record home field


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I know it probably seems unrealistic, but what if there are 2 or 3 teams tied all the way through the rankings? I'm guessing that eventually you would have to get to rankings to decide who would host the conference championship game.  I would personally rather see a neutral site just so we can avoid ever seeing anything like that.  OR, for example, say Nebraska and OSU go undefeated in the year 12-0 each (assuming they don't play eachother).  Who gets home field advantage? Do you really want home field for a National Championship shot based on who is ranked higher in the polls?

"Who cares? Go Bucks." - Aaron Untch

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Its not going to be at the home field. The logistics alone are too much of a problem for that to happen. I don't mind Chicago but the fact that they have real grass is going to be a problem for many schools. Trying to play on a grass field later in the season can lead to injury which nobody would want to see. Just look at what happened with RGIII last year on that dismal field in Washington. I feel like it is going to have to be at an indoor stadium which leaves Detroit, Indianapolis or maybe Minneapolis. Personally, I think it should just stay in Indy. 

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Indy because it is closer to Louisville. Chicago would be a better venue but I just don't want to drive all the way to Chicago to see when the buckeyes play.

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I love all you guys suggesting "home field for the best record..."  Fuck the B1G and NFL stadiums.
I'm not sure that anybody will bite on my idea for "whichever B1G stadium has the largest seating capacity..."

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If the Big Ten wants to be an alpha conference, it should try its big game in an alpha city.

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The problem in Chicago is Soldier Field. Who plays there? You know it. It is home to the da Bears. Lucas Oil Stadium? The Colts play there, but you don't think of it when you think of the Colts. And outdoors in December in Chicago? No thanks.

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Home stadium of best record. 

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Keep it in Indy until expansion shakes out. 
Then, Giants Stadium.

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