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Did you attend any of the non-conference football games last year?



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I took my youngest son to opening day.  His first regular season game ever (been to spring games before).  We 'tailgated', walked through all the RV's and showed him their setups, got a hotdog and watched the Coach Meyer era begin.

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UCF, UAB, Nebraska, Purdue, Illinois, Michigan. It was a good year.

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I went to Nebraska and Michigan last year.  Both were amazing.
I did go to Colorado the year before; however, that one was a bit less exciting, obviously.

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I had to vote none of them but not because of the competition, I moved to Iowa in July and was only able to make it back for the Illinois game when my friend Dotted the I. Before this year I never missed a game.

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I usually get to go to one game a year. If I end up having to pay stubhub money for tickets then I'm going to try to see the best game possible (a night game and/or B1G game) Not a MAC game. If I can get tickets at face value, I'll go to any game.

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Season tickets so every home game for the past 12 years......except Marshall bc I was in the hospital, ironically looking out my window at OSU hospital on the stadium

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question, would you happen to know how long of a wait or how hard it is right now to get season tickets? Not like I am going to be buying them now, but just so I can gauge for the future.

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Stub hub has season ticket packages.  From a quick look it was like $1k to $2k depending on where you want to sit at.  I'm not sure if you can sign up for a season ticket waiting list any more.  I'm sure you have to donate some huge sum of money and then you get the option to purchase season tickets.  If there is a list I can't imagine that it is moving to quickly haha.

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The two surest ways to get season tickets are by contributing to either the Buckeye Club (athletic department donation) or the President's Club (university academic department or related donation). Buckeye Club's entry level for ticket access is $1,500 per year, while PC minimum giving is $2,500 per year. And of course that just gives you the right to buy, you still have to pay for tickets.

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Had tickets to the Cal and Purdue games last season... Really glad I was in the stands for Kenny G's miraculous close of that one.

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I think scheduling teams like Cal and UCF is okay. Cal is a "big" name program and was scheduled years ago. Besides, they gave the Buckeyes quite a challenge and almost pulled off the upset. I also like teams like UCF that aren't historically big names, but are up and coming programs that could provide a challenge. In essence, these are games that we should win, but provide much better name recognition and talent on the field than your UAB's or FAMU's. So I'm okay with those provided we play a big time non-conference foe that year.

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I voted none, but I wish it didn't have the caveat of "please schedule better opponents!"
While living in NC makes it a little tougher to go to games, I still hate TTUN on a daily basis. 

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I voted wrong.  I went with one but that's incorrect, it was multiple.  I was at the Miami game and the Cal game (and Nebraska, Michigan State and Purdue).

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I only went to the Cal game. I felt like that would be a good non conference game to go to, and it did not disappoint. 

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

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Same here.
It's a trip from DC for me to go, so I have to choose carefully. In 2007, the one game I picked to take the long drive for was versus Juice Williams and Illinois. Worst game ever. All that drive for that awful defeat.
Cal turned out to be a fantastic game. Dad, sis, brother in law and I had a great time. 

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Miami - had to be at the beginning of the Urban renewal
Cal - wanted to see some surfer boys get their (what I thought would be) whoopin' in sunny Ohio!

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I went to Miami OH only bc the tickets were's nice to have an aunt and uncle that are Dentists (actually one of them is a maxillofacial surgeon;-)

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Any chance they are looking to adopt a 31 year old, his wife, and 2 kids? I need a free ticket hookup!

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I would have liked to have gone to some, but I live in Florida so it's not easy to get up there for games (on my salary, anyway). I probably would have gone to the opener and the Cal game if I still lived in C-Bus.

I did make it up for E2B and the Nebraska game though. Good times.

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I went to Miami because it was Meyer's first game.  I had free tickets to every other non-conference game as well as free Nebraska tickets and I couldn't attend any of these games.  Nebraska would have been a blast from what those who went tell me.

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I did not attend a single game last year (not necessarily due to the competition).  I was in Columbus with friends for the Michigan game though.  I love the experience of being in the Shoe on game day, but now that I'm not a student anymore it's a lot more expensive to go.  I'll try to make a game per year from now on though.

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No I did not attend a game this year, but that had more to do with life than with the quality of our opponent, as the poll qualifies. Dang... now I am sad.


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Michigan State
Penn State in Columbus
North Carolina in Columbus
UCLA in Los Angeles

(P.S.  Went undefeated that year, lost to UCLA in a rematch in the Rose Bowl after clocking them  41-20 IN LOS ANGELES earlier in the year.  WTF, Archie?!)
Just an example.  But looking back on schedules, we'd play UNC all the time, we'd play Southern Methodist and TCU a bunch (they were decent in those days), Colorado, Washington and other Pac-12 schools.  They'd never play schools from the MAC.  Ohio State didn't start playing low-level opponents until around 1992, scheduling Bowling Green and Louisville.  Then Rice the next year.  Fresno St. the year after that.  Rice in 96, Bowling Green and Wyoming in 97, Toledo in 98...and it basically starts going downhill thereafter with the addition of the 12th game.
I definitely do not make the 2000 mile journey to see Ohio State clobber/struggle against Miami(OH) or any other midmajor.  I would rather get something of value for my $75 alumni ticket in addition to the trip costs, not what's supposed to be a glorified scrimmage.  I like that the B1G is putting an end to FCS scheduling, but this has never been a staple at Ohio State.  What needs to go are the games against teams that aren't in major conferences.  I would gladly pay $110 a ticket to see Ohio State play UNC or West Virginia instead of $75 to see Akron.