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Who wins the Superbaugh?



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Easy. Which team has more Buckeyes? In's no coincidence SF has the most OSU players on their team and they are where they are.

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Have to go with San Fran in this one. Little brother steals the spotlight again.

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Rooting hard against the Ravens.

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Buckeyes VS. A murderous attention whore.  Give me the Buckeyes anytime.

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I have to go with San Francisco here too. Both have really good D's, but I think Kaepernick's versatility as both a passer and runner can pose issues for Baltimore's D. I think this is a great matchup, though, but I think San Fran just edges Baltimore late.

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The Ravens have had trouble stopping the run all year which will be the deciding factor in this one. The 49ers are peaking in the run game with Capernick, Gore, & LaMichael James. Their game plan between Green Bay & Atlanta was fantastic - run action from Capernick kept freezing defenders & forcing them to commit to stopping the threat of him running which opened up nice wholes off tackle for Gore & LaMichael James, especially on two of their touchdown strikes from 20-15 yards out.
If the 49ers tie up Ray Rice early & allow this 49er team to pin their ears back, it could be a comfortable win for SF.

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Ray Lewis will break Colin Kaepernick's neck the first time he decides to keep on the read-option... inevitably leading to an Alex Smith pick 6 to Ed Reed, and a Ravens victory.
I'm a bengals fan and hate the Ravens as much as the next guy. But I got nothing but love for Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, and I want to see them go out winners.

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I'd rather see them leave with broken kneecaps, but that's just my opinion. 

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A stolen team vs. a team coached by one of Michigan's alltime most annoying players. Where's the "suicide" vote button?
I picked Baltimore, just because as a Browns fan I have a sick sense for these things (the Steelers and Ravens were a combined 7-0 in Super Bowls until 2 years ago). Besides, the run-up for this game with the Ray Lewis storyline is unnervingly similar to what happened with the Steelers and Jerome Bettis in 2005. The average pro wrestling match was a paragon of fair athletic competition by comparison.
Didn't watch a second of the Super Bowl the first time the Ravens were in it; won't watch this one either.

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Just an FYI, the Steelers have lost 2 Super Bowls. They lost to Dallas in 1996 (the 1995 season) in Super Bowl XXX.

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