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Which Buckeye will have the better NFL career (we know, it's like asking you which one of your kids you like best)?



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While I do have a huge man-crush on Simon and wish him the best, Hankins has the physical attributes (mainly size) that will help him succeed in the NFL.

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Due to his hybrid size, Simon will need that perfect situation(i.e. The Patriots or Packers) to have longevity in the NFL. I see him playing somewhere, most likely special teams/backup and then getting out still healthy to start  his own fitness company and/or come back to TOSU as the strength & conditioning coach. I wish him much success in whatever endeavor he chooses. He is a true warrior !




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That's about what I think. I voted for Hankins because it's simply easier to project where he fits in your basic NFL defense. There's also the issue of health--Simon already has a few nicks. Simon will have a role somewhere, though.

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Exactly. I voted Hankins, but would have taken a "depends on who drafts them" option had it been there. 

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Doesn't sound like a bad life...

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Went with Hank but wouldn't rule out Simon because of his work ethic.

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Love em both. Voted Simon though. I think Simon could potentially have a great career due to sheer drive coupled with being the hardest working man in the world....Then again, Hankins is just plain good & gifted. Tough call. In the end, I hope they both have brilliant careers. 

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I voted Simon because I envision he could attain success the same way J.J. Watt did... Big Ten toughness and people overlooking his work ethic. 

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They are doing the same for Hankins though. I know Simon's work ethic was the stuff of legend but Hankins shed a ton of weight and got better each and every season since he set foot on campus.
JJ Watt is also a freak of nature that John Simon simply isn't. I'm not going to set off a Simon debate here as that horse has been beaten mercilessly but Watt was a high round pick because of a freakish, seldom seen combination of size and speed Simon frankly lacks.
I think Hankins has a solid, if not spectacular career as a three down defensive lineman and I think Simon lands somewhere and earns NFL money for the better part of 7 or 8 seasons. Simon will be an NFL football player and someone can certainly get a TON of value on him later on in the draft. Both should have nice careers in relation to their physical skills.

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Yeah tough decision but I'm confident Simon will kick ass in the NFL

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I voted with my head (Hank), but my heart says Simon.

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I think Fragel will give Hankins a run for his money on the most successful pro career.

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This looks like a future poll question.

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Watching Green Bay yesterday and seeing Ryan Pickett, reminds me of Big Hank. He will last in the NFL. Simon, love his motor , love his desire,LOVE him as a Buckeye, but undesized for a lineman, not fast enough for a linebacker in the NFL.