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Ohio State's next three games: at Purdue, vs. UM, at MSU. How do they do?



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3-0. I'm unrealistically optimistic.

The game is @MSU? I'd like to change my vote please. ;_;

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1-2   ... and I am being hopeful for the Purdue game. No way we beat UM or MSU the way we have been playing. That said, they certainly have the ability to win those games. I just do not think they are there as a team. Definitely some growing pains as these younger players realize what it takes. Matta will get them there, just not sure when.


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I'll bet they win at Purdue, especially playing pissed off that loss.
I hate to even think about the UofM game.
I'll be at the MSU game and MSU's big guys give me great cause for concern.

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I went 1-2 as well....we can take Purdue (we better, otherwise I think we are looking at a 4 game losing streak)...UM and MSU are tough asks for a team playing like OSU is now....good news is we have lots of talent and 2 months to right the ship....but we need to start seeing some of that improvement ASAP....

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Team needs to remesh.  Play is disjointed and fluidiity is lacking.  Only time they actually look good is on fast breaks.   Build off of that and tell Ross he's going to be in for 7 mins.  See if he can get in a groove.

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picked 3-0 Sorry thought this was a football question. :) 1-2 for Bball.

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I'd go with 1-2 as well.  There is a chance we can upset scUM, especially with it being at home, but I don't see us coming close to MSU at their place.  I would be very pleased if we somehow managed 2-1.

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1-2.  We need to beat Purdont, but AACC and MSU are losses.  I don't see us beating either of those two teams.

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Voted 1-2
Purdue: Yes
Michigan: Absolutely not
Michigan State: If they have one of their crappy games

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I voted 1-2, because that's a realistic expectations for this team right now. However, I also voted for the football team to go 9-3 this year. So, take that for what it's worth. I hope the basketball team surprises us in a fantastic way.

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I voted 2-1 before the Purdon't game.
Now that that is in the books as a 'W,' I stick with my original prediction, especially given that #4 scored 15 points in West Lafayette.  Also note that Lenzelle Smith, Jr. had 10 rebounds.  If Aaron does like that against Michigan and/or Michigan State, and someone else steps up offensively like Ravenel did Tuesday night, going 2-1 or 3-0 is very possible. 
The heartbreaking thing about this team's crappy performance so far is that there is so much talent and there have been flashes of brilliance.  The good thing is that probably means the problem is mostly mental and/or as a product of finding a way to play without the post player that provided 20 guaranteed points and 10 rebounds last year and that is averaging 7.5 points and 6.67 rebounds per game in the NBA this season.
I'm not discouraged yet.  Go bucks.