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Which B1G team has the best shot to win its bowl game?



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Northwestern. MSU is next.

Wisconsin is probably the only game left that will be close. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Purdue, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Meatchicken got torched by 21 or more points.

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Agreed.  Northwestern and Miss. St. are probably the most evenly matched, but Northwestern only has a chance if its a shootout.   MSU vs. TCU has the feeling of "first team to 10 wins."   

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Could this be a year where the B1G goes O-fer?



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Mose certainly 

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Mose agrees.
Cousin Mose agrees.

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This was the first time I've seen the B1G matchups all laid out like that.. I bet 0-fer would have higher odds of happening than any individual game.

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Sadly, no "None of the Above" wasn't an option...looks bleak if you ask me.

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Pretty sad when you think the BIG's best shot to win a bowl game is the team that has not won a bowl since 1949.

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It would be nice if the B1G teams all won, thereby reversing the damage done by a weak conference this season & making OSU the AP champs as well as setting things up for a good run next year. It could happen you know.....Man this LSD I'm on is GREAT!!!

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I wasn't too down on these bowls last night, but after sleeping on it and looking at them again this morning, the B1G will have a tough time.
If they win them all, the Mayans will have only been off on their estimate by a couple of weeks. #signsoftheapocalypse

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I had to go Nerdwestern on this one. But after that, I'm hoping for Wisky, just for the simple reason that maybe that will help the overall perception of the B1G as a 5 loss team beating a team that was ranked in the top 10. But that probably won't happen because Wisky hasn't shown up on the big stage under Bert.

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It's tough to win bowl games when the top 2 teams are ineligible.  Some of these teams have no business being in the bowl games they're in.

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I hate to say this but Nerdwestern has the best chance of winning.  It's a really bad year for tB1G when they have the best chance of winning a bowl game.  I can see the entire B1G losing every game if they don't win.  

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Lots of bad matchups for the B1G. Not looking good, but I'm an tOSU fan, not a B1G fan.


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Curious to see how Nebraska and Georgia turns out.... pretty sure we all know how its going to.

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I think Northwestern can easily beat Mississippi State, they have been blown out by every ranked team they played and lost to Ole Miss some how.

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Nerds have the best chance.  Then Bert's Fighting Cheese Curds.  Unfortunately I think it will be an 0'fer for the B1G.

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The tradtion of the B10 shitting the bed is due to continue this year. I'm looking at this lineup, and I really think this could be the year we get completely shut out. I can't imagine we're going to be favored in any of these. I hope I'm wrong, I really do.
I wonder how many more years of bowl beatings the B10 can take before the discussion about whether we deserve automatic bids starts coming into play. I can see a 4 team playoff without the B10 involved, I really can. That scares me.

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I voted for Michigan, because South Carolina is the fifth-best team in the SEC and struggled to put away Wofford.
I watched a lot of TCU football this year, and they're really not that great. It looks like another 3-point loss for Sparty, but maybe they will get lucky and win by 3 instead.

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This is why we play the game.  Who thought that Wisconsin would beat Nebraska, let alone, put 70 on 'em?  Who thought that GaTech would be within 30 of FSU?  Who thought Stanford would beat Oregon, ND win @ Oklahoma, and A&M beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa?

Sure the B1G could go 0 for 7, but I'm going to go with 4-3

NW, MSU, UofM, Wisconsin coming out on top

Purdue, Minnesota, and Nebraska coming up short

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0 fer certainly looks WAY more plausible when you lay out all the matchups like that. UGH. Nerdwestern is our best hope for sure, but beyond that it looks pretty ugly. 
Sparty has a 50/50 shot I'd say, if they don't Spart. But how likely is that. 
OH F*CK IT who are we kidding Everybody else will get the crap blown out of them. It's undeniable. 

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Is it surprising to anybody else that the B1G team only has the better record in one of these matchups?

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Boy i feel bad for the B1G this year.  They are probably the dogs in every bowl game. I think Northwestern will pull their game out.

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Unless Sparty pulls out a 3-2 W in extra innings against that TCU defense it feels like an O'fer to me.
Kind of though Northwestern might have the best chance but that 'last bowl win in 1949' makes me think it's just not likely vs Miss St.
Actually rooting for Wisconsin and Michigan blowouts.

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Will Purdue be wearing "Danny" headbands?  Or better yet, sporting mustaches in honor of their fired coach?  That could change everything.

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It is truly a sad day when Northwestern is the most winnable of the B1G bowl games. At least IU isn't bowling.

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Maybe Penn State can save the confe.....errrr.......nevermind

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Looks like Nebraska will give up 70 plus points two games in a row.

It's good to be home.

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Why can't I vote for rutgers? I think they have the best shot to win.

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cue the talking heads to bang on the Big 10, about how horrid these scores are.

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I hope Fitz gets it done finally. If so I will be so happ for Northwestern. The next team I think may win is Gophersota...

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I have this feeling that Georgia is going to be very po'ed and take it out those husks of corn...the only team I feel has a good chance is Northwestern....maybe MSU but Michigan is going to lose and Wisky...hmm...i think Stanford is going to bury them.

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B1G will not win one single bowl.  Comical.

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It's pretty rare for a conference to go winless.  But, damn.  Not looking good.