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What do you think of Wisconsin's new hire, Gary Andersen?



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Perfect, It shows that The B1G is not going to try and keep up with TOSU.They have decided to put their eggs in the let the outsides go after The Bucks basket.We'll just wait until the media brings them down for us.Good business move and very probably will happen.We haven't heard the last of this last can of worms just yet.So get ready for the hammer to come in before much longer.The Hounds have been loosed in C-BUS.

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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The guy wins games and certainly turned around USU. But he's never coached anywhere near the midwest, which could make recruiting difficult (not unlike a certain pig who just moved to Fayetteville). Also, I read he runs the spread (not a power pro-style) offense, which if true could mean some growing pains in Madison. We need Wiscy to be good, just not as good as the Buckeyes.

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For the sake of the B1G, I hope he is a very good coach. If not, we just lost another step.

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Yawn.  More of the b1g being the b1g.  I'm sure Uncle Urban isn't sweating it.

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The more I read the more I think this might have been a pretty good hire. He turned around a piss-poor football program at Utah State, not instantly but within 4 years, and he's worked with Urban Meyer (2004-2008 - Utah: Defensive Coordinator/Assistant head coach). Seems to find "diamonds in the rough" that aren't highly recruited but can ball, which will really help when recruiting the Midwest. Sounds a bit like Hoke in that his overall record isn't great but the bigger picture tells me that he's a good coach.

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It's not an "OMG" hire, but I think it's a pretty good one.

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Andersen is a better coach and a better recruiter than that ham sandwich that just walked away from the best coaching gig he'll ever have.  If BB can have success at Wiscy, you'd better bet that Andersen will as well.

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Without the benefit of sitting in on the interview, I have to assume Andersen:

  1. Is committed to the style of play with which Wisconsin identifies itself
  2. Has a plan to hire coordinators able to execute said style of play
  3. Can bring in recruiters able to leverage what's available in the region

If that's what they got, it was a good hire.  If Wisconsin is running the spread next year, then God have mercy on them 'cause nobody else will...

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Just more of B1G teams finding guys who fit their pay scale.  The results are going to basically reflect that.
I'm going to start calling it the Mike Brown Path to Championships.

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Right now it seems pretty average, but who knows. Tressel wasnt a big name when we got him but he turned out to be pretty good.