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Who will be Thad's 2nd leading scorer this season?


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I looking for Sam Thompson to break out.Gotta go, I'm flying down for the game. 

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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Lenzelle Smith is going to do it.  My boy Lenzelle has got a year experience under his belt and an offseason to work on his jump shot.  We already know he can attack the rim.  I'm not even sure that Ross is going to be a starter and Craft is a point guard at heart and a ball distributor.

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I went with Lenzelle too. He was really clutch in the Elite 8 game against Syracuse, and I think he's poised for a breakout year offensively.

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The fact that there is not a clear choice (at least in my mind) is one of my biggest concerns about this team.

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I think it's the opposite.  If you assume Craft will be good for 10+ a game, then this means that others will be in the area as well.  This team doesn't need 80+ a game to win, I'd say the magic number will be between 60-70, probably closer to 60.  So if we moderately assume 20 ffrom DT, 10 from AC, 10 from LS (my choice for 2nd leading scorer), we hit 40 already.  Then throw in 20 "bench points," mind you that we still have 2 starters included in these bench points that could include Ravenel, Williams, Thompson and Ross.  I think this years team will be deeper than last year's team because its the same bench guys with an extra year of experience.  That experience will go a long way to calm their nerves and get them back to playing ball the way they know how.

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Hope you're right.  I just think we are going to struggle scoring at times, and inconsisitency is my concern.  We'll probably get what your are suggesting on average, but its the games when a couple of guys have off nights, or heaven forbid DT gets in foul trouble, that we are going to have trouble putting the ball in the hoop.

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Those games will be problems early on, I agree.  And let's be honest DT, doesn't play enough defense to get in foul trouble.

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I said other - I'm going with Amir.

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I think that depth is not nearly as bad as people think, with that being said we are not exactly top heavy in terms of scorers.  I picked Lenzelle Smith because I think that he is going to surprise some people this year.

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And that's my point exactly.  Maybe we don't have the 3 guys that average 15+/game.  We have DT and he should be around 20-25.  Then after that, I think it's a real possibility that we have 5 guys that average around 10 (Craft, Smith, Thompson, Williams and Ravenel - you may even be able to put Ross in here, depending on minutes played between him and Thompson).  It will make the off nights easier.

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I agree, plus it is possible that some of those players that you mentioned at 10 a game could break out and give you 15 a game over the course of the season. If we get cold from the field we could lose though which is a problem.  Breakout candidates for me are Smith, Ross, Thompson, and Williams.

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I think some people are underestimating how good of a scorer Ross is, he has first round NBA potential, you don't keep that on the bench if you lack scoring threats. Or maybe I'm just overestimating how good he is....

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My problem with Ross is that everything is based on potential and he has does nothing to back up what many people are saying.  Trust me, I want to be a believer, but I am part of the group that refuses to recognize great talent until it actual manifests into something meaningful in the field of play.  Here's to hoping he has a breakout year and we make a run for a championship.

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This is a great poll in the sense that I have no idea what the right choice is. I went with Ross but I could honestly see different players at that spot.