What worries you most about Wisconsin?

Wisconsin's running game
18% (261 votes)
Wisconsin's defense
2% (33 votes)
The tough road environment that is Madison
50% (748 votes)
Ohio State playing down to competition
20% (303 votes)
What, me worry?
10% (142 votes)
Total Votes: 1487


cbusbuckeye's picture

I'm firmly in the not worried camp. If OSU brings the same intensity to Madison that they displayed against Penn State and Nebraska we will win easily. 

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Penn State is much louder than camp randall and I've been there before so the environment is not as important. Wisconsin run game is more of a threat since they run lots of shift plays when running. 

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lcrumley89's picture

I am torn between the environment at Camp Randall since we haven't had the best of luck there and the team playing down to competition. Seeing how the team has played on the road this year I think I am more worried about them playing down, I am afraid if we don't get off to a quick start that Wisky might build a lead we cant dig out from.

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Triv's picture

Unlike years past, we have an offense this year that actually can dig out from a pretty deep hole. Hopefully we can jump out to an early lead though and never look back

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

Doc's picture

I'm always worried about Wisky's run game.  I still have nightmares of Dayne running threw us like grain threw a goose. They will be just as pumped as we are. This game is going to be a 60 minute fight. The longer they hang around the more the crowd will stay in it.  Hopefully we can step on their neck early, with no special teams break downs(I'm looking at you punt team).

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I would have picked something different to say than using a neck reference when it comes to playing Wisky ; )

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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I can't forget the 2010 game, either. Wisconsin just picked us apart. Clay and White had any gap to run in they wanted, Tolzien was efficient and effective. Brutal to watch.

Ahh Saturday's picture

There is nothing about Wisconsin that worries me, but I am worried about the game. I am worried about special teams blunders, stupid personal fouls, and Braxton's 1st quarter knuckle balls. There is nothing the Badgers do that worries me, but they are good enough to punish the Buckeyes for making mistakes.

Poison nuts's picture

Plain & simple - Madison has been tough in recent years. That's my concern. That said - I feel good about this game...I guess these guys have proved they can handle anything that comes their way. So while I think it's a close one, I think we'll come away with the win.

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rdubs's picture

I am always worried (we lose to Illinois or Purdue every other season).  Winning on the road is never easy.  Do I think we are the better team?  Yes.  But we have proved multiple times this year that just being the better team hasn't gotten us too far.

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Being the better team has gotten us to 10-0, no?

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I agree...10-0 says we must have been better 10 times.

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For the first time in God knows how many years, I don't feel worried in the least about going up there and having a good performance. I think we win by two touchdowns. It may be a little slow going at first, but I think this team is on a mission and UFM won't let them lose focus.

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I voted for Wisky's running game because we'll be in for a long night if we can't stop it.  Playing away games in loud stadiums will always provide some challenges, but we were successful at Beaver Stadium, so I'm not terribly concerned about this.

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I think that our defense plays much better against pro-style and running game-reliant teams that aren't spread, but Wisconsin always makes me a little nervous.  It seems like the Badgers have our number and give the Buckeyes a fight every single year, with the 31-18 game being the most angry I've ever been at a Tressel-coached team.  Just feels like Wisconsin stays around way too long and plays the Buckeyes too close for comfort.  Obviously this is a new era and with an unproven QB, the odds are a lot better that Ohio State gets the W, but Wisconsin will always be the second-most hated team in my heart.

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A game on the road at Wisconsin is allways a tough game and it seems the fans have a little extra for the Buckeyes when they're in town. Its not a game to be worried about but a game to be ready for.

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Phil Steele thinks Bucky wins 37-27... wow

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Can I take my vote back? I voted for game environemnt at UW, but, hey, silly me, I forgot that we came, we saw, we crushed at Penn State, where they were going to intimidate us with their 107,000 white-wearing, urine-bag-throwing, jeering, hollering fans, we know how well that worked for the home team...

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you forgot rattling your QB with organized clapping.

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Not worried. QB advantage Coaching advantage O-Line advantage. Our D is also uniquely suited to their game plan. We should be fine.

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I just don't see how the Badger defense stops our offense.  I don't see it.  Unless they come out and extend the 1st quarter slump for 4 quarters, it's not likely that they can stop it.
Wiscy's running game is always intimidating.  But, it's not a surprise.  The Buckeye D is going to sell out on the run and make their QB throw it on our emerging secondary.
Wiscy is going to hope their defense can force a low-scoring affair, but it could easily get out of hand fast.  Ohio State brings a quick strike offense that lulls you into a pattern that they can exploit.  Once they get going, you blink and you're down 3 TDs.
Wiscy has neither the talent, nor the consistency to hang with these Buckeyes.  Buckeyes win comfortably.  @Southbay, Phil Steele might be wrong less than all other analysts, but he is still wrong a lot.

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Not worried. Urban's record with 2 weeks or more to prepare is impeccable.

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My biggest worry is a repeat of 2 years ago:  coming out flat in the first quarter and then having to play catch-up all game long.  In other games this season, we played flat in the first quarter, but it didn't come back to bite us.  I don't think we can afford spotting the Badgers a quarter at Camp Randall...

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The thing that makes me feel like we won't see a repeat of that game is that the Wisky o-line is not on the same level as that team and I believe Tolzien was a senior that year. This years Wisky team doesn't match up to that one. 

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The Wisconsin defense is much better then that team though, still you are right the offense isn't even close.  If they run on us they will win, if we stop Ball we win pretty simple.

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Wisky normally gives tOSU a fight, but I see this going one of two ways. 
1. tOSU coming out scoring at will and overwhelming Wisky.
2. Wisky will stay with tOSU through most of the game and then near the end of the fourth quarter Braxton will have another Heisman moment.
Thus crushing Bucky's hopes of handing us our first loss of the season.