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How many yards will Wisconsin rush for vs. Ohio State?



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I see we either have 2 Wisconsin fans so far, or 2 people who misread the question and thought OSU would rush for over 250 yards!  I think we can contain Ball fairly well, around 100 yards.  But I think James White could do more damage if he can get around the ends.  I'm guessing around 175 total, only because they're at home.

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We gave up 34 yards to Michigan State and 32 yards to Penn State...the 2 pro-style teams in the B1G.  Although we gave up 224 to Cal - also pro-style.  Wisconsin has been all over the radar this season... this is a really hard one to predict.

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I think a completely different D now as compared to the Cal game though.

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It really dependent on how much pressure our offense puts on them.  If we can move the ball at will and score quickly (like we're capable) and sell out to stop the run on D I doubt they break 50 yards for the game.  I honestly think that will happen, but just to be conservative I went with 100.

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I think our defense will smother their rushing ability, leading to ill-advised passes from their quarterback, resulting in interceptions by our corners, safetys, and LBs.
Under 100

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I think they will attack the Buckeyes with a short passing game  to open up the run game but I guess less than 150 on the ground

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I'm gonna say 100-150. We're pretty damn good at stopping the run & they have trouble against decent defensive teams. Say what you will about our defense but pro-style run based teams have had trouble against us so far & the defense is only getting better as the season moves on. 

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Under 150.  I think Montay will break one long run, but other than that will be shut down.  I'm sure Urbz has the D chomping at the bit right about now.

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I said 100-150. If we keep them in that range we will win the game unless we loose the turn over margin by -2 tournovers.

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I voted for 100 of less. but in all actuality i think as logn as OSU holds them under 150 combined we'll be ok. Make whoever they have at QB this week drop back more and OSU wins.

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I'd normally say under 100 with any other OSU defense besides last years.  It will be over 100 because Wisky has no other offensive threat (unless Ball gets hurt and I don't mean that as encouraging it to happen.  White isn't nearly as good as Ball...that's only reason I said that about the injury).  I also can't see this QB hurting OSU...

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Under 100...I'm guessing somewhere in the 70-90 range.

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Carlos abnd Braxton will combine for over 100. Braxton is due to break a 30+ play and we're 1/3 of the way to the century mark. However, Wisky is solid on run D and Camp Randall will be rocking, giving the badger d that little extra motivation a home field crowd can bring. It'll be a grind, but I think we will move the ball and our d line gets enough pressure to keep this just our of reach for the badgers.  We owe them one from 2010...even though that game really didn't happen. The only thing I like more than hitting the mute button on the Big Hole, is giving Madison and Bielema a big glass of shut up juice! Go get em bucks!