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Who rushes for the most yards on Saturday?



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Hes the type of player that gives our defense spasms. We do fine against the Rex Burkhead types, and we see Taylor Martinez type running plays in practice every day.

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Ya know, I'm going to change my vote ( in the comments at least). The mor I think about Nebraska's defense, the more I think this Carlos Hyde's game to run wild.

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I gotta agree with CPlunk on this. OSU has almost always been able to stop the bruising, downhill running backs (Burkhead). Abdullah is that fast, shifty, gets to the outside, runner. He could be in for a big day. I think that this week, OSU will try to catch Nebraska off guard by getting the ball to other guys both on the ground & in the air. Braxton will run (of course) but I think he doesn't run nearly as much as he did against MSU...

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I went with Braxton because of the way our offense has been playing but I truely hope that Carlos has a huge day and just blows the defense apart. We need to take pressure off of Braxton to at least prevent him missing downs because of injury.

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This will be a more intense game due to the amount of scoring that will be done by both teams.  MSU's offense could not hit water if it fell out of a boat.


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Nebraska is last in the B1g in rushing defense...lot of wide open spaces for Miller to roam...I think 200 passing and 130 running.

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I'd really like to see Hyde get at least 15 carries he tore up Nebraska last yr

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Either Abdullah or Braxton. In the end Im going to go with Braxton.

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I like Braxton, either way.
If Hyde is doing big damage on the inside, that will open things up for Braxton to hit a few big plays of his own. Ideally, then, Braxton might have one of those 12 rushes for 125 yds type games.
On the other hand, if Nebraska contains Hyde, that means Braxton will be asked to carry it 20 times again . . . 

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I'm thinking El Guapo. He was having a good game until the king of the 13th row pass came in. Plus I think he just wants it.

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Braxton with 130 or more.  
As for this Abdullah stuff above...he's not going to hurt OSU because Bo and Neb aren't smart enough to use him against OSU in a capacity to actually hurt this defense.  He's a WR and KR/PR.  I don't see him lining up in the backfield and if he does I believe OSU's defense is good enough to key on this and stop it (they're going to key on three guys...that's not really that hard to do).  So many are worried that this Neb team is like last years (who IMHO was overrated just like this year).  OSU wins comfortably due to one dimensional T.Martinez and Burkhead won't be able to hurt OSU like last year running (OSU is going to try to get them to pass...and even though they've improved won't be enough with OSU DBs doing a pretty good job to this point).  It's not going to happen...don't expect a let down game until Purdue at home...that's personally the one I'm worried about at home.  On the road...may be PSU...or Wisky...but I'm not really worried about those either.
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I see Miller being the leading rusher of the game with Abdullah second, and Hyde third. Burkhead won't get anything on us, although Martinez could hit us for 50-75 yards. 

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I hope for a Buckeye player not named Braxton Miller,  Burkhead is a fine player for huskers.  Think Hyde has a chance if 100% healthy,  would love to see Rod Smith tear it up,  would be cool to see Dunn have a big game.  I voted other in hope of Rod Smith,  realistically that ain't gonna happen.  Bet it is between Burkhead and Braxton.


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Going with Hyde for the reason the others said: he was outstanding last year.

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Braxton is going to be the featured player for us, even though I wuld like to see the passing game develop more.  More 4 Vertical will soften up the box and open things up.

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In a surprising fashion Rod Smith makes all the fans squirt wen he runs for 200 plus yards.


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I have a hard time picking against Braxton when he is on the field, any broken play can be a quick 15 yards wiith a few ankle breakers thrown in just for good measure.
BM runs for at least 80 yards

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It's hard to out gain a guy that can go to the house any time a defense makes a mistake. Braxton leads it with another 100+ game

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Very conflicted here:  I'm picking Burkhead, hoping Hyde, but expecting Miller...

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I voted for Braxton ... but I'm REALLY hoping AGL and BuckeyeJason are on to something.

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Burkhead and Abdullah split carries the whole game so neither will rack up huge yards. Martinez is really not looking for the run this year so his yards are limited as well. Braxton is the best player and he runs more like a running back than a quarterback. I think he finds lots of running space against the Nebraska defense which hasn't looked good all year except the second half against wiscy. Braxton runs wild.