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Who is your favorite announcing duo?



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Just give me Kieth Jackson

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I think you meant Gus Johnson.

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Amen and hallelujah!

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Some people reminisce about their childhood and Mr. Rogers, I reminisce about listening to games called by Keith Jackson.  

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I really like Blackledge. He dissects the game a little more. Never heard him play favorites which is nice. Brent Musburger is too much anymore. Retirement should be coming into play with him. He and Herbie go off on too many topics and forget the game at times. Get someone else with Herbie and it could be very good.

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agree 100% I used to love Herbie and Musburger but listening to Blackledge and Nessler they just seem to be way more nuetral and less biased than everyone else. Plus Blackledge really really know's his football I love listening to him call every play lol he's right about 75-80% of the time.

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If only they'd give Tessitore an analyst that didn't suck.

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If I'm being objective about it, Lundquist and Danielson are the best. And they're not even as gratuitous about the "SEC speeeeeed" stuff as the eSECpn broadcasts.   

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We need to add Gus Johnson to this list. It's not his fault Fox can't get a good game yet.

"Because we couldn't go for three"

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Gus Johnson could make paint drying exciting.

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I like Mayock on NFLN, but Blackledge and Nessler for CFB

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

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I was going to say the same thing.  Mike Mayock and Brad Nessler are the best combo for the NFL (second is Michaels and Collinsworth). 
Nessler has a good voice for play by play.  Both Mayock and Blackledge know the game so well.  Mayock made the NFL Draft worth watching.

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How on earth did Danielson and Lundquist get votes?! I used to dread watching SEC games just because I had to listen to those two buffoons talk about Time Tebow non-stop. CBS was the nut worst.

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Lundquist always annoyed me with his random HA comment. They always seem to screw up players names as well. I went with Blackledge and Nessler. I like Herbie commentary, but Musburger does that long dramatic drawn out tone as his sentences get longer. Chris Berman does the same thing and it drives my wife nuts. I never really noticed it until she pointed it out, now I can barely bring myself to listen to Berman. But then Chris brought me back with this:

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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I also like Gus Johnson but he needs to tone down the excitement over routine plays. He makes every third down conversion sound like he just saw a girl naked for the first time.

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"He makes every third down conversion sound like he just saw a girl naked for the first time"
Dude I choked on my Coffee thank you for that! LOL

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Not really feeling any of those duo's. I like Herbie and Nessler, but I cant stand Musburger or Danielson.
I wish Marty and the Cowboy would call College Football games. Thom Brennamen does/did (don't know if he still does them) a good job when he does play by play for FOX Football games.


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That would be interesting to hear Marty call football.  Too bad the Reds are sucking it up right now.

Columbus to Pasadena: 35 hours.  We're on a road trip through the desert looking for strippers and cocaine... and Rose Bowl wins!

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My fantasy duo would be Harry Caray and Bill Walton. Add in John Madden for big games.
Imagine the hysteria.

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I just dislike Musburger ... too many side stories that I don't give a shit about when it is 3rd and 2.  I like Herbie and most of the others mentioned but can totally do without Musburger.

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Ian Darke or Martin Tyler plz.

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Ian Darke calling a long Buckeye TD would be a dream come true.  He always adds to the drama and comes up with pure gold on the spur of the moment.

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Ian Darke's "Go go USA" was one of the best calls I've ever heard. 

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No doubt.  Watching that game was incredibly tense the entire time, and Darke's call was announcing perfection.  Makes me wish he'd been calling some of the close Buckeye wins over Michigan during Tressel's years.  Smith's pass to Gonzalez in the final minute springs to mind as a perfect opportunity.  Well, Darke or Gus Johnson.  Darke for the wordsmithing, Johnson for the excitement. 

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Can't stand Musberger.  Maybe it started with the whole "Jimmy" Tressel crap.  Maybe it is the endless references to Vlade's deli.  (The entire country must think that Columbus eats subs 24-7)
It really came to a head at the MSU game this year when the game was delayed for a few moments while Gholtston was catching his breath.  He and Herbie spent the time filling up the space with unrelated garbage.  And neither even remotely questioned the official MSU version despite the narrative that had played out on the screen in front of the entire country. 

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I like any duo with Spielman scariest dude in the booth

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I remember when he had to call games with Pam "manvoice" Ward. He always seemed irritated. I like when he would go off on poor tackling. 

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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I can totally understand not liking Danielson, who does say a lot of stupid things. But no one here likes Lundquist as play-by-play announcer? Nessler is good, too.
Personally, I'm more hyper-critical of the analysts. IMO, Rod Gilmore is underrated. Maybe I feel that way, though, because Gilmore is relegated to Friday games. He's never analyzing a team that I like; therefore, he's never pissed me off.

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I cannot stand Rod Gilmore. He's probably my least favor announcer. To me it sounds like he's talking out of his ass half of the time. 

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I wish they would put Herbstreit with Nessler... Musburger is declining... I can't even believe Lundquist and Danielson were put on this list.  I'm pretty sure Lundquist dreams of the honeybadger at night.

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Agreed.  A Herbstreit-Nessler combo would be the best possible team that ESPN/ABC could put together.  I think Nessler is the easiest on the ears in CFB.

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Uhh, McDonough and Millen? Not even a contest.
/end sarcasm

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they were bad, but they don't do games together anymore. spielman is now with mcdonough and milled is still doing games, but i don't remember who he's with now.

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Millen is the albatross around the neck of the outstanding Joe Tessitore.

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C'mon didnt like the "Millen Around" segment?
/sarcasm font

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Musburger & Herbstreit by default. I miss hearing Keith Jackson do the play-by-play. Also, I thought Ron Franklin was very underrated.
Lundquist may or may not get hard while talking about how great the SEC is.

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Ron Franklin was very good.

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p.s. NFL Network's Mike Mayock is really good, too

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For some reason when it is Nessler and Blackledge it just screams big ten football, especially Blackledge seems like a cool dude.

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side note: I feel like I'm probably the only one who would notice something like this, and I know it may seem like something knit-picky/trivial. But, because nobody's put more players into the NFL over the past 10, 15 years - which can't hurt recruiting --- I'm a little disappointed that Monday Night Football doesn't note the player's college attended when doing the starting line-ups. I know NBC Sunday Night Football still does --- the players announce their school, but NBC doesn't put the school name on the screen. The past few years ESPN Monday Football Night had the player's school up on the screen, without the player announcing his school. Now they don't even put the college name up on the screen. I know a lot of the major NFL guys OSU has sent into the league, (Holmes, Laurinaitus, Hawk, etc.), people can easily identify them with OSU. But, if you're a recruit in Florida & not real familiar with OSU's recent history, you may not be familiar that a more unheralded guy, like a Rob Sims, for example, starts on the O-Line for the Detroit Lions. Just something minor....but I feel like every little bit helps in recruiting.

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It should be law that Keith Jackson and Brent Musberger do The Game every year.
I know people hate him because he's part of the cabal of media types who secretly plot against Ohio State to ensure that they are only covered in a negative light but I love me some BM.

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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I love me some BM.

That line reminds me of a joke:
"Have you ever met Jimmy? He's the leading laxative salesman in the country, but really, he's just a regular guy."

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Call me crazy, but I have a soft spot for Musburger, probably because I know he really does appreciate Big Ten culture. With other announcing legends like Keith Jackson, I can never shake the feeling they would rather be someplace where they play "real football" like Baton Rouge or Knoxville.
I thought Danielson was OK before he got assimilated by the SEC Borg. Chris Spielman is underrated.
Gus Johnson on football is growing on me. I think I resisted him at first because whenever Fox starts doing a new sport, it always takes time for me to become accustomed to the distinct feel of their telecasts.

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Possibly because Fox's BCS coverage for the first 2 years involved zero people who had been following CFB for the entire season, so they sounded (and were) completely clueless about what was happening?
Musburger used to be great and has slowly fallen off as he's gotten older. It's routine for Herbie to have to correct things he says like 5-6 times a game now ("Yeah, i saw that too but that was actually holding on the offense, not on the defense"). I think that is part of the reason they pair them together; Herbie is pretty delicate when he does the correction, and they genuinely seem to like each other. At this point the only thing I like about Musburger is that same thing i used to love about Jackson: their voices just remind me of CFB time when I was younger. Those are fond memories. But I'm not creating many new ones with those two, give me Gus Johnson for that any day of the week (NCAA tourney vs. Xavier, anyone?).
I like Nessler and Blackledge, but I despise the taste of the town bit. Are they still doing that? Ugh, hated that. If i wanted to see that stuff, I'd watch man vs. food, just call the game. Which stinks because I enjoy them calling the game, I just had to turn it off during that bit.

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I like food.

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I would say herbstriet but i can't stand musty burger

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Paul Keels will do.

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I like Nessler and Blackledge.  Gus Johnson and the dude he works with (Charles Davis?) is second.

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No one likes Tim Brando? Must be an Urban led conspiracy.

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Your next question should be who will win the president election. I'm curious to see the results.

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The choices are:

Kirk Ferentz
Tim Tebow
LeBron James
Have fun with that.

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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I'm still a sucker for the Musberger Herbstriet combo, although I absolutely detest when they go off on tangents and tell stupid stories (which happens at least twice per game).
Musberger is starting to get old though, and you can really hear it when he talks. I really wonder who is going to end up replacing him when the time comes

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Gus Johnson and Dan Dakich (spelling?).

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No Pam Ward love?

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ogoiugt4jqe2ihujwoqhfp0h you just made my head explode a little thinking about her

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I chose Herbie and Bill just because they're my favorite in front of Blackledge and Nessler.  All time would be Keith Jackson for TV announcer and Paul Keels for radio FOR SHO!  

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Keith Jackson forever.
However I voted Herbie and Musburger for nostalgia's sake. Holy Buckeye gets watched once every three weeks.

~Because we couldn't go for three~

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I think because it was so much of my childhood, especially watching Browns games as a kid, but Dick Enberg and Merlin Olsen. Anybody else agree? 

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I used to like Brent and Herbie, but they've been getting worse and worse.  These days it's almost all personal interest stories and very little actual game calling.  The OSU vs. Michigan State game had me on the verge of pulling my ears out.

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Imagine Keith Jackson and Gus Johnson in a booth together....
You would all be chilling and melting into the game, when all of a sudden POW!!!!!!!!!!! OHHHHH MYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!
I miss Gus Johnson calling March Madness, it's just not the same. :(
1:07 in is a classic in Buckeye lore
3:44-4:25 more classic Buckeye stuff (I was on pins and needles during that game)