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Ohio State has opened as 4½-point favorites over Nebraska. What happens?



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A little worried about Nebraska. I'm confident our offense can move against their defense, but its the other side of the ball that worries me. We can dominate a traditional offense (see State, Michigan), but we've had worlds of trouble with teams spreading the field and with little quick jukey runners. Martinez and Abdullah are exactly that.
To me this is a much tougher game than Michigan State for that reason- bad matchups.
I could see this game being a bit of a scorefest too.

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Like all of us, I'm impressed and elated with Saturday's victory. I'm still concerned with the defense's ability (or inability) to tackle in the open field on those quick WR screens (even where Bell lined up as a WR). The D couldn't stop it/contain it effectively. For whatever reason, MSU quit going to it. If Nebraska should learn anything from the game tape, it's that play. Run it all night and tOSU will be in trouble. 
That being said, their defense looks less talented and more vulnerable than MSU's (see: UCLA).. Braxton and Co. should have a field day. 

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I'm still concerned with the defense's ability (or inability) to tackle in the open field on those quick WR screens (even where Bell lined up as a WR).  MSU quit going to it. If Nebraska should learn anything from the game tape, it's that play

The tape they get won't have that play in it. ;)



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If it's the MSU film, they probably cut out all offensive plays in which Ohio State had a first down or touchdown, acting like it never happened.

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Nebraska, IMO, has the best offense in the B1G.  Duel threat QB, great pair of RB's and good WR's.  The Ohio State defense is going to be very busy and if Ohio State is going to find a way to win the game then Braxton needs to have a better first half then he did against MSU.  2 fumbles and INT will lead to points against a team with an offense like Nebraska. This will not be a low scoring defensive game like we saw with MSU, both teams could be in low 30's.


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We almost beat this team on the road last year if not for our defense lapse. I think with an actual gameplan this year and being at home we can pull out this win.

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Great point. But I'd argue that Nebraska was one of the only games last season in which Ohio State actually had a solid gameplan. But then Braxton got hurt. :(

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"T-Magic" isn't a real "dual" threat QB because those have to actually be able to throw and not just huck the ball downfield like your drunk uncle playing catch on the lawn. Sure they're a little less "conventional" a rushing offense than MSU was but I say bring it on again. Stack the box and force Martinez to throw 40+ screen passes against us. Same strategy, and I am HIGHLY doubtful he'll find any more success than Maxwell did. 
Outside of that one like 90 yard scamper, even UCLA's very PAC-esque toliet paper defense was able to shut down Nebraska and force Martinez to throw. I refuse to believe that for all its faults our defense is even less equipped to deal with them than freaking UCLA's D. 

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Remember what the Wisconsin DE said about him.... he's "skipping rocks" out there!!

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Buckeyes cover, but I too am a little worried about the D and the screen passes and being dinked and doinked down the field.  I watched the second half of the Neb/Wisky game and am a little skeered.

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I will never take this team to cover this year. They could show up and drop 49 points on Nebraska and win by 21, or they could come out flatter than Keira Knightley's chest and win by 1. Honestly, who knows?

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She and Ohio State are/ can be flat, but like you said, they both can be really good looking.

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I love Kiarra Knightly's chest. I do not like the fact that at various times the O or D will take off entire quarters of a game. This is not pretty. 
And for the record, the game they won by one was a helluva showing, all 4 quarters.

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With momentum off the road W, at home, at night, avenging the collapse in Lincoln, Braxton and Co will score 4TDs, and the D will stop the Huskers enough times for a double digit W. (Though there will be a play or three where we will all be screaming for anyone to step up and tackle!!)

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When it comes to betting the spread, I always wear my scarlet colored glasses and so far this year that has got me 2-3.  They covered Miami and Sparty.  They probably won't cover but I'll probably pick them anyway.  I do like the smaller line though, take out the 3 point home field bonus and Vegas thinks this will be a damn good game.  And Vegas always wins, bastards.

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or D) Could go either way. I voted that the Bucks will beat the spread (with fingers and toes crossed).
The Shoe will be CRAZY come Saturday night, the noise should be deafening. Urban and the team will definitely be feeling the love.  OSU Daughter is flying in for the game and reunion with her friends, she said that tons of people are flocking to Columbus for the weekend. Must admit, I am envious.

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I think NEB will win.  I think NEB will spread out our defense.  I think they will run successfully and will pass the ball efficiently, especially given the fact that MSU WRs were open.  Having Burkhead and healthy really makes a difference for NEBs offense and will keep our defense off balance.
On the otherside, I think NEB's defense also has the edge against our offense.  We will truly have to pass the ball to beat NEB and Braxton has not yet shown that he can find the open reciever.  We had receivers open on Sat, but Miller was unable to find them and instead threw elsewhere.  I'm also guessing that our running game will not be at full stregth with Hall out.
I was cautiously optimistic for the MSU game, but I don't feel good about this week's game against NEB.  Hope I'm wrong, but I'll be laying my bet tonight for NEB taking the points.

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I tend to agree with you, Otimist Prime.  MSU brought a 1-D offense, and when the Buckeyes stuffed it, MSU was able to find success through the air.  What beat them was their inability to get any balance going, and all their dropped passes didn't help.  Credit to our D, but MSU was not impressing anyone on offense this year outside of what Bell has done.
I said it during the first 4 games...Nebraska and Purdue will be licking their chops when they're watching the gametape of our defensive back 7.  The linebackers don't quite have a nose for the ball, and the DBs get confused in coverage.  Nebraska, especially, runs misdirection, spread formations, and it will prove to be a much larger challenge.
I don't know if we will lose or not. But it isn't going to be easy.  I'm much more concerned with Nebraska than with Michigan State.

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The crossing routes and 'rubs' Nebraska runs should give OSU's D fits.

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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I'm much more concerned with Nebraska than with Michigan State.

You're just saying that because we know the final score of the OSU/MSU game, and not the OSU/NU game.



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Buckeyedude, actually I'm not.  If you've read my comments over the last 2 weeks, you'd see that.  Thanks for stopping by.

I said it during the first 4 games...Nebraska and Purdue will be licking their chops when they're watching the gametape of our defensive back 7.

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Is Bauserman playing ?

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I'm actually really confident about Nebraska I think we can win by 30 points if we play well or a close 3-7 point game if we play just ok.

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I think that MSU was real wake up call. OSU barely walked out of there against a good defense and a one dimensional offense. Hopefully the D will stand tall again (one really bad play) and the offense will fare better against a mediocre defense and under the lights. This team will be hungry and looking for a bit of revenge for last year. I fully expect a turnaround before our eyes with a rough 1st quarter turning into total dominance by the 4th. This team needs to come alive and I think it happens agains Brasky.

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strange - the line actually dropped from 4 1/2 to 3 1/2-3 ... keep dropping it Vegas! Daddy's gonna jump all over it at 3

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This depends on which Taylor Martinez we see that night. Hopefully it's the one that is best classified as a "dumpster fire." and throws  many balls right to our secondary.

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I hope we cover. I want to win by more than a field goal. 

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I would love for this to be the game that we get medieval on someone, but my gut tells me this isn't the game.  I think we win another tight one this week.

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Personally, I think the MSU game was a HUGE confidence builder for Ohio State. Mentally, a very big win on the road.



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I voted optimistically for OSU to cover, but after thinking about the matchup more I think they will only win by a field goal or less.