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If you could change another player's position, who would you move?



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Jake Stoneburner to tight end.

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Agreed, ever since his move to WR he gets maybe 2 catches every other game. His production has plummeted since last year. 

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Funny, CPlunk. :D
Roby has too much talent for just one postion. I think he's being wasted just playing DB. He could be that Percy Harvin type while J. Hall is out. I'm not saying he should be in every play on offense. I just would like to see him playing several times on offense to give the opposing teams something else to have to plan for.
And I bet he could beat Velcro in the first 40 yards of a 100 yard sprint. ;)



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Aaron Craft to safety.

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6'2" and he does know how to play defense.  I think you may be on to something here, and we all know that Coach Meyer reads this forum, so I wouldn't be surprised if there is an announcement this afternoon.  

FitzBuck is clearly the winner.  Not even close.

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Along these lines, Evan Ravenel to linebacker/lineman would be pretty awesome.

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Evan Ravenel----> I don't think they make a helmet big enough to fit his melon. This may be why he choose basketball over the football.



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I had never even thought about Rod Smith to LB.  He could bring some nastiness to that position that is desperately needed, blowing up people at will.

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Rod Smith to LB, whatever he can give the defense is a bonus, if he plays LB he's not fumbling as a RB.

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I voted Roby to WR, but I wouldn't want it to be permanent.  He's too important at CB.  It would be nice to have more quality depth at LB, but I'm not sure Bryant and Smith would really provide that.  Besides, we kinda need Rod Smith to backup Hyde right now.

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I'm with Stoneburner back to TE we gave him his shot at WR hasn't been working out very well. I wouldn't mind having Bryant as a semi OLB or like a permanent Nickel look.

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I thought Stoney performed well against Indiana, so perhaps this signifies that he'll start getting the ball more often.  To me, it seemed like he was a guy who was making some catches then getting some tough yards after the catch.
Also, I think somebody said Stoney's production is down from last season.  If I remember correctly, he had 14 catches last season.  After 7 games this season, he has 11 catches (3rd highest on the team).  Seems he's on pace to surpass his production from last season.

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It's really not hard for any of the receivers to surpass last year's totals considering our leading receiver had 16 (?) catches or so. 11 catches through 7 games (less than 2 catches a game) really isn't much considering how much he was hyped by the coaches during the offseason. Hopefully the Indiana game will be a spark to get him going more the rest of the season because we could really use more reliable targets in the passing game.

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I think Bryant as an LB would be a decent idea.  Maybe not permanently, but he likes to bring the wood, can cover decently, and is pretty quick to close on the ballcarrier.  With Orhian getting PT, I think Bryant could make a decent impact at LB in passing situations.  Wouldn't have underneath routes going for 20+ yards, you'd think.  I don't think that Bryant would be a good idea in normal packages, because a linebacker that small would get wiped out fast by one of the men in the trenches, but in definite passing situations it'd be helpful, in my opinion.

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Bryant can hit, but I agree that he would get destroyed at linebacker, not nearly big enough to take on linemen blocking him. He'd cover better than the Storm Kleins of the world, but teams could just run at him even in passing situations.

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Curtis Grant to LB?

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Hankins to goal line RB.

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That would be hilarious and awesome at the same time. It would take at least 3 people to bring Big Hank down. Thankfully, we aren't really in need for a goal line back, Hyde and Smith are both plenty big for that role.


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Shades of "The Fridge".

Long live the southend.

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DA Bearz! Took the words out of my mouth. Can you imagine the size of the hole the line would need to make for Big Hank to fit through though?



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I was thinking fullback, but this works too!

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Braxton Miller to runningback.


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I think it would be cool if they lined up Braxton as RB and bring Kenny G in. Run a play action zone read to Brax, throw it to him on a wheel route, speed option, the possibilities are endless. Maybe next year or the _ichigan game when everyone really has a grasp of the offense.


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I think you worry about some DB or safety taking a cheap shot on him if hes lined up at wide out. But i do agree it would be awesome to see.

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Roby could be Gamble good in my opinion.  Also, Rod Smith to LB woudln't be bad.  Don't get too many opportunities to fumble at LB. 

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Watched that 2002 NC thing on BTN last night. Damn Gamble was good...

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He should put "Gamble Good" on his business card.


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I may put it on mine.

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I'm good with the Boren move.  Let's just let the others get better at their current positions rather than trying to learn new ones.

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Voted for Roby to WR, just because I think he'd be extremely dynamic with the ball in his hands, but I agree he is too valuable at CB to make it permanent.
I think Bryant to LB would be a good move, but make that 'LB' more of a permanent Star position, and let him roam more like a LB rather than having to be in coverage so often.  I'd actually also be completely in favor of going to more of a dime look rather than nickel in passing situations.  Teams are really taking advantage of the LB situation OSU currently finds itself in.  Klein, Boren, even Shazier, definitely have and will continue to have trouble tracking speedy RB's or WR's.
With that said, two of the remaining games are against pro-style offenses, and two others are against teams that much prefer running the football rather than slinging it around 40-50 times a game.  Purdue may be the last true spread passing team OSU will face this season, so this "problem" may not be seen much the last part of the year.

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Rod Smith to LB

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While we need some help at LB, I don't think it would be much of an advantage for Smith to move.  Right now, our available backs are Hyde, Smith, and Dunn, and Hyde has already been injured this season.  We're too thin to allow one of them to change positions.

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True. Plus he is starting to run the ball really well.

"Do not pray for an easy life. Rather, pray for the the strength to endure a difficult one" - Bruce Lee

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Rod Smith to LB - cause fumbles instead of suffering from them!
I kid, I kid...

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Nate Williams to a true LB position

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agree. It would allow them to start Spence at DE.

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Spence and Washington to the field.

~Because we couldn't go for three~

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I voted Smith to LB only because we need LB's right now.    Not sure I really liked any other the possible moves that were available to vote on but since I did not have one in mind I did not vote other.

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Does anyone know or looked into whether Meyer has ever played a player on Offense and Defense, regularly, over the course of a season during his time at BG, Utah of Florida? I'm thinking both sides in the same game, ala Chris Gamble.

I am all for playing the best player at all times. I think student practice limits and the amount of position preparation necessary each week are as much of a reason that we don't see players lining up on O and D in the same game as is player conditioning.

Gamble was exciting to watch!

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I voted Roby Island to WR but he is needed at CB more than WR. 
Smith to LB might help that depleted unit. 
Anyone know if Smith has had any tackles on Special Teams?