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Ohio State is down six with 58 seconds to play. Who do you want as your pilot?



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What??? No Kenny G option????

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Beat me to the punch!! +1

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With 59 seconds left, down 8, I'll go with Kenny G.  But with 58 seconds left, down 6, I gotta go with Braxton.  Don't ask me why though.

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IMO, this is an easy choice. Pryor never showed the ability to take it to the house on any given play. His running ability was eluding tacklers and running for a first down, or getting 15yds up the field and stepping out of bounds. I understand the system he was in didnt showcase his running ability but Pryor never showed the ability to cut up field and break the big play.
As a sophmore, give me the homerun running threat because we know your passing is going to be suspect at that age.

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IMO, this is an easy choice. Pryor never showed the ability to take it to the house on any given play. 

I don't think it has anything to do with taking it to the house on the ground. Miller does it when the defense is caught off guard and people are out of position. The real problem is play calling. Which is certainly more aggressive. But the 2 minute drill is just something Tressel and the Walrus couldn't do. In fact, it goes against the principle of "Tresselball", which is really just defensive offense.

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I actually said Terrelle, because I watched him come through in just about that same scenario in Madison.  
Then again, Braxton wasn't bad at the end of last year's Wisky game.

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Or last year's Purdue game. If that extra point had been made at the end of regulation that would have been a fantastic last minute game winning drive.

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You must be referring to the '08 game in Madison, when TP led a SIX MINUTE drive. Not quite 58 seconds. I do, however remember the '08 Penn State game when TP failed to lead a last minute drive, and then again the next year against USC. For that reason, I'd have to go with Braxton.

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Nope, I'm referring to last year when Braxton marched down the field and hit Jordan Hall with one of his scramble-and-throw-back-across-the-field passes for a thirteen yard TD with under a minute left.

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I went with Pryor, although I am rethinking that as I think more about the scenario.
Braxton reminds me in ways of Barry Sanders, the great running back.  He could rip off a td run of 40+ yards at any time.  But he was also capable and prone to losing 5 yards on any given play as well.  Miller is a lot like that.  Very elusive, but with his dancing around susceptible to being dropped for a loss.
Pryor didn't seem to have that same home run threat, but with his size could get the tough yards and keep the chains moving.   
Looking back at the scenario, with only 58 seconds, I would probably change that vote to Braxton, if there is 50+ yards to go. 

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Miller reminds me of Tommy videos.

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Chitown and Normal bring up good points. While Pryor has the ability to make the play and scramble, he was also more ruthless and gutsy than Miller. Remember the 2008 game against Wisconsin where he ran in the winning touch down or the 2010 game against Iowa where Pryor converted on the 4th and 10 run both on the road. I'm sure Miller will have his moments on the road but I want to see one game where the season is on the line, we're in a hostile stadium and Miller silences the crowd. While I factored the 2011 Wisconsin game in my decision, it would be so much better to stage a come back win on the road. Miller will have his time but for now, I'm sticking with Pryor. Maybe the 2012 game vs. Wisconsin? 

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I would chuck it into the endzone on 4th & 10 also if i had Posey on the other end of my pass !
Also, Miller's run against Penn State last week just trumped TP's run at Skoni !




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I don't know that Pryor had more guts than Braxton. Actually I know he didn't. Pryor didn't have to be coaxed very hard to step out of bounds. I can remember several times Pryor stepped out early leaving us all to worry about whether he made the first down or not. I remember Braxton running head first into some tacklers last year and getting spun in the air like a helicopter. Does it take more guts to run head on into a tackler at 6'2" 205 or 6'6" 250? I am not degrading Pryor's performance or positive contributions to our team but in no way would I say Pryor had more guts than Braxton. Braxton exudes team player. I always got the impression that TP, at least Freshman and Sophomore TP was more about himself. I am not slinging mud, just stating my observations.

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Braxton is like a manual transmission...
Clutch skills are required.

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That is an awesome way to put it.

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+1 well said - I'd up vote ya if I could

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It's a damn good thing Urban Effing Meyer knows how to drive a stick!



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This question is a bit hard to answer. put them in the same offenses with the same coaches and the same play calls and then we will have a better idea of how to answer this. Pryor could have been amazing in an urban meyer offense.

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Yeah, TP would have put up huge numbers. Remember him saying he would put up the same numbers as Cam Newton if he played in the spread. I always thought he was probably right when he made that statement.


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That is the premise of my post below of choosing Miller due to the offense he plays in.

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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Honestly, I'd take either one and feel pretty good. I voted for Braxton though because he throws a better deep ball imo. He's also three times as shifty and has way more moves in the open field than TP. Pryor had a hell of a stiff arm, but that was about it.


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I think the deep ball is the one place that Pryor has a clear advantage (besides speed and stiff arm).  Braxton either lofts it too much to make sure he gets it there if the guy is wide open, or he guns it with no air under it at all.  He has hit a couple in stride so far this year, but Pryor always seemed more comfortable making those passes than many of the underneath passes.  He also had more developed recievers, so it is possible that they made him look better.

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Yeah having Devier Posey and Dane SANZENBACHER!! help out quite a bit.  At this point, we don't have those type of receivers... yet.  Corey Brown and Devin Smith could be there eventually.

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The same Posey that dropped a perfect pass in that Iowa game.

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I'll take Braxton. He just has that uncanny ability to pull us out of whatever dire straits we may be in with his running mixed in with the occasional deep ball. Brax is just magic!

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I voted for Braxton but if you give me Pryor in this system, with this O-line blocking the way they are, I have to go with him. 

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Braxton. In such a short career so far, he has shown he is capable of the winning drive already 4-5 times and would have had another if Posey caught that ball against UM last year. He is just really solid in clutch situations.
Plus I really think Pryor had a better team all around. The defenses he had were way better! And Pryor was around during the RichRod years. UM is more formidable now against Brax.Yet Braxton will probably finish with an undefeated season which is something Pryor never did! I also think Braxton will be in NYC for the heisman, win or not. Pryor never made it there. I know this is an overall comment but I think it is pertaining because heisman and being able to go undefeated add to the clutchness. That is a lot of pressure to carry and only the best finish. Pryor just never did it.

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Only difference in the defensive, "talent", now & when Tress was coaching, is just that:
Defensive COACHING!!!!!!!!!!!

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I picked Miller because of the offense he is in.  It is designed to strike quicker and has more options to do so. 

3M hoards the KoolAid like Elaine hoards sponges.

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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Honestly, I'd say Sophomore Braxton over any Prior. Yeah he had the elusiveness and won games but I just remember shaking my head saying WTF too many times!

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Braxton. He's clutch. That's really all I can say.
Honestly I'd be very happy with either. Or with Krenzel. 

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Circle K was a great QB that isn't mentioned as much as he should be (especially since he's the last QB to be the field general to win a NC).

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I voted Braxton. If there was 47 seconds left, I would vote for Guiton!

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I voted for Braxton, but Pryor was pretty damn good in his own right.  You don't go 38-4(?) as a starter and not have made some clutch plays.  Pryor's stiff arm was legendary.  Having Terrelle in Meyer's offense would have been scary good.  You put the 2010 defense and Meyer with TP that year it would have been game over for the rest of the country.
Braxton will get there.  He has more upside and seems to be more coachable, less cocky or arrogant

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I chose Brax360
He's a question for you, which is better 2010 Iowa game with TP or Wisconsin 2011 with Brax360?  

"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you."

"I love football. I think it is most wonderful game in world and I despise to lose."

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That's a trick question.  The 2010 Iowa game never happened.  But, seriously, anytime we beat Baby Bret is good.  Especially since they were so highly rated and the national love fest with their transferback.

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I hope we absolutly PUNISH Wisky!!!!

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Terrelle Pryor without question, I love Braxton but Pryor did this on a regular basis.  Plus Pryor was a lot better at moving the chains than Braxton is, with Braxton it is pretty much home run or nothing.

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I'll take Braxton any day of the week....& twice on Saturdays!!!

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Ask me after the game vs. ttun...

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TP ran like a gazelle. Those long strides made it look like he wasn't moving at all, but man was he dusting people! I voted Miller, but I think that may be a case of loving the one you're with. TP was really, really good.

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It is impossible for me to compare stats because of different coaches, supporting casts, situations etc...  What I can say from observation, is that there was not a single time I remember Pryor getting stopped on a rushing play that he had to get, 3rd or 4th down and short yardage.  I am not saying it didn't happen, but the sheer volume of success blocks out any failures.  While both players have different abilities, if I had to move the chains, needed tough yards, I would go with Pryor at that point in their respective careers.

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I went with Miller because, though their passing credits are similar, and TP was a freakish athlete and competitor, Braxton makes at least one jaw-dropping play every game. He is a blast to watch. That run vs Penn State was the sickest one yard run I have ever seen. 



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Somehow I sense, "Tat-Gate", resentment has blinded those who picked Brax over TP. Like it or not, TP was one of THEE Greats of Buckeye history.
To this day, I still think, no, BELIEVE, that had we not had that, "scandal", Coach Tressell would've had his 2nd National Championship ring.
Sad truth, 2 of our best ever,(TP & Clarett), wil live in infamy!

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Sorry, I can't find this TP you speak of anywhere in The Ohio State University record books.  Ahhh Coach Tress... what could have been...

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I saw stats from 2008 and 2009... have you checked those years yet?

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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Oh there he is... Thanks for the directions NoVA. Guess I shouldn't have joked about "the year that wasn't" since the poll Q was about sophmore years.

“But, I don’t know. I’m not too broken up that they’ve been not that great since I’ve been here.”

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Happy to help

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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The fairer question would be who would you want with Bolman's line and playcalling? TP was always hindered by the lack of coaching, something that Brax is getting now. I think people forget that the offensive line play was pretty bad when TP was here and his mentor was an unqualified video coordinator. 

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I don't think it's a slam dunk. The numbers say that 2012 Brax is a (slightly) better passer than the 2009 TP, and Miller is having one of the best running seasons in Buckeye history, even including actual running backs. However, there is no team on this year's schedule comparable to 2009 USC, Iowa, Penn State, and (Rose Bowl) Oregon; Pryor went 3-1 in those games. Both players had major off days against Purdue.
I voted for Miller, but it's mostly due to us being 9-0. Remembering how Pryor finished his sophomore season, I might have a different answer if asked again in a month.

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I chose Brax, but to be fair to Pryor, he was held back by #walrusball and Sicilliano coaching him.  I can only imagine the ridiculous numbers he would have put up under Meyer/Herman...

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Depends on which down. Pryor was really good on 3rd down, if you remember. My memory ain't $h*t anymore, but I do remember that.



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Braxton's play hasn't lost us a game yet a la TP Purdue Harbor, so I have to go with Brax. When Pryor was QB, I was always waiting for the boneheaded play, withBraxton I feel much more comfortable. 

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Braxton Miller.  

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Braxton Miller, and it's not even close. I believe it was around this point in his career that many were calling for a TP position change. TP was surrounded by weapons, and still less than spectacular. Braxton is this team. The only other major threat to opposing defenses is Rod Smith, and, well, you've seen the 30 threads. The only advantage Pryor has is his frame. Braxton Miller is special. Not that "oh boy, he's one of the best players in CFB" special. He's a sophomore that has only recently had decent coaching, and is already a Heisman candidate. Look at the TD run v. Penn State. Mad Brax is going to rewrite the record books. TP will never start another football game.

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You mean the idiots after the Purdue game? I'm sure their tone changed after the Oregon game.

People really need to stop down playing what Pryor meant to Ohio State because of what happened down the road.

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gotta go with brax hes electric

mark may wins douchebag of the year... again

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"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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2 different players,  playing under diff coaching staffs and systems.  How would BM perform under previous scheme,  how would TP perform in current scheme.  We will never know,  I would take either.