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Are you worried about Penn State next week?



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I'm not overly concerned bcs O'Brien plays a more traditional formation on offense and I think tOSU defends it pretty well. I just don't want our first loss to come to them. 

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I gotta think Bill O'Brien is installing about 15 different bubble screens this week.  We can expect heavy doses the rest of the year until we can prove we can stop it consistently.

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

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Heck, if he's smart, he'll only install 2 - that's all he'd need.

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Yup, O'Brien is from the NFL. They find one play tat works and that beat you over the head with it until you stop it. They'll run one play the whole game if they can.

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I try to be optimistic, but I am preparing myself for what may be a tad bit overdue beatdown on Saturday. Which, I hate to even think about happening at PSU. Next week we will play a decent offense and a good defense in an electric atmosphere. This does not bode well in my opinion. Please... someone talk me out of this irrational concern that I have about this game. 

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Hate to be Danny Downer, but I have to agree Chris. Eventually the lack of focus and defense it going to hurt us. Maybe @ PSU, maybe @ Wisconsin, maybe both...I dunno, but if we can somehow pull out victories in those two games, Urban eFfing Meyer should be B1G coach of the year, IMHO.



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You are not being a downer at all.  The games you mention will be difficult.  We will need a fair amount of focus, luck, brilliance, etc. to get through them.  That said, it is possible that we come out on top. Afterall, that is why we play the games.  I know many, including myself, would prefer a steam rolling team right now - one that just nails these last few games.  But, let's face it, they have their work cut out for them.  I would like to think that Purdue was our trap game.  They really played well, as good as they did against ND.  That was not the same team that looked terrible against Wisky and ttun.  But, it seems as though every team can get up to play us.  Going to be a tough final 4 games. 

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First, Penn State is surprisingly good, so there's reason for concern.
Second, O'Brien's offense is more akin to Michigan St than any of the spread teams that have given us that's a positive.
Third, Ted Roof is their defensive coordinator right?  Yea, so there's that.

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PSU seems to be catching everybody when the injury bug does.  Iowa's remaining competent RB had what, 5 carries, because of a severely sprained ankle?  This does not bode well for us because that injury bug is visiting us often.  Whatever LB depth we had has been completely deicimated in the last 4 weeks.  We are playing walking wounded at that position.  Braxton may have checked out OK, but he has to be sore as hell.  And, from the way he played yesterday, I would imagine much of it is from hits absorbed in previous games.  Fortunately, the rest of the O is in pretty good shape, save for Philly B.   However, our D is held together with band aids at this point.  Could be a very interesting game.   I still have faith, Urban's teams just find a way to win sometimes.  Hopefully some of that magic will come forth at crappy valley.  

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A leopard does not change it spots, I don't care who is coaching it. Eventually, PSU will find itself in a game where Matt McGloin will have to play from behind and make a play or two. And when that happens, Moxie will regress back to the mean, much to the delight of Travis Howard and Bradley Roby. When its business time, Matt McGloin will turn back into Matt McGloin.

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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That's MOXIE McGloin to you, good sir! 

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I'm worried a bit about how they're on a roll lately.  I know the B1G is down, but PSU went into Kinnick Stadium and hit Iowa right in the mouth.  I'd say that's a good reason to think they can give OSU a game at Happy Valley.  It's going to be close whether Braxton plays or not IMO. I'm still not convinced this defense can keep a teams offense from making big plays.  I am convinced however that Z. Boren needs to be starting at Mike LB.  I'm amazed how well the middle is covered and defended while he's in (he wasn't out of position at all in this game which really impressed me since it's only his second game at MLB).  Either Klein's still injured or is just that slow, but that opening play was difficult to watch.  

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Ya, even a bad team like PSU can be a tough out when they are on a roll. Good point on Boren too. He might not run down a guy the way Shazier can but he really does patrol the tackle box very well. Stout at the point of attack and at the very least, he's a very solid form tackler. Really hard to believe he's playing the position well and isn't a huge liability in coverage. Grant it, we don't want him covering more than he has to but if he can help in run support and simply drop into the right zones, that's more than any one can say they've done from the Mike.
I'm with you on the big plays too. OSU's O and ST have to make more, that's all we can hope for, you know?
Great post man.

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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You're too kind to Mr. Klein. 

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Anybody hearing what the deal is with Curtis Grant?  Is he injured at all, or is the staff just so completely lacking in confidence in him that they won't let him see the field?  If he's not hurt, it would seem that his long-term prospects for ever playing are quite dim.     Too bad - everything I recall reading about him seemed to indicate he is a high character kid. . .

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Don't know what the situation with C Grant is.  Some players just take a bit longer to make it at this level.  Just remember Eddie George - I know different position, different circumstance, but none the less his freshman and sophomore years were meh.  Then just look what happened!!!!!!  

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I'm not very worried. They use a type of offense that our defense can actually play good against. Besides Ohio could beat them in Beaver Stadium, why wouldn't we be able to?

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It's a road game.   Biggest reason to worry as far as I know.

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I'm worried the TE passing game of PSU is going tear the defense up, especially without any depth at LB.
Remember, Simms was a nonfactor for MSU (injury right?). Had he played like the rest of the season, and like I think PSU will, the passing game could win the game.

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I'm a buddhist and believe positive kharmic energy has taken over Kenny G.  But it will be a tough game on the road and all...


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No early line yet on the game because Vegas is listing Braxton as doubtful. I'm guessing that Braxton will remain doubtful and the line will hover around PSU -3.5 (PSU favored).
The game will come down to how well Kenny plays, the OL blocks with Hyde being a bigger focal point of the offense, and how prepared Boren is to take the great majority of snaps at Mike. Hope that Josh Perry is okay. Not sure they'll play as much nickel against PSU. Otherwise, though, I expect the DL and DBs to play their best game of the season up to this point.
But the game could still go in the other direction fast with Kenny starting his first game in a hostile environment. I have faith in Kenny G, though.    

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When this comment is viewed on the "recent comments" page, a link to a pop-up ad appears over "hover around" in my above comment. The ad is for something called "Yellow Moxie." Hmmm . . . that's kinda eerily ironic. Is that good omen or a bad omen? I'm thinking it could be a good omen, as in "yellow" = cowardly (Moxie).    

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no, because I'm not getting a tour of the shower facilites
what, too soon?

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