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Who wins next weekend?



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At poll time, MSU is leading E. Michigan 9-7 late in the 3rd. Wondering if OSU/Sparty should even be ranked come kickoff.

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Ohio State is bad, but Sparty is worse. It will be the battle of bad offense. We should... and a big should, be able to stop them on offense. I expect a very slow scoring game. Ohio State 17 Sparty 13

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edit 16-7
MSU wins because Maxwell will have a miracle day and murder OSU, making us 4-1 and then we never have to hear that 12-0 garbage any more. But it would be nice if we did win fingers cross! 

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


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MSU definitely has a better defense, but our offense is leaps better than theirs.  I think we'll still manage to put up 20+ points, and we'll probably give up 20 to MSU too.  I think MSU will put up more than some other teams we've faced just because MSU hasn't had as much of a cupcake schedule as the other teams we've faced.
Depends which team of ours shows up, but I see this as something like 24-20 us.  Could easily go the other way though.

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Almost no team in the big ten can look at another team and say "these guys suck".  We all collectively stink and I hope that people understand that, this will be a great game and go down to the wire I think.