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What do you think of Dantonio calling Braxton a "tailback who can throw"?



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Denard is not a tailback that can throw.  He is a tailback than can armpunt. 

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Exactly, really this comment says more about his running ability than his passing ability.  So I think it is a compliment, not even a backhanded compliment.  But I didn't hear it in context so what do I know?

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I agree; the only thing I think wrong with Miller is his touch on passes and I think with experience it will come to him. Duhnard just heaves it and hopes for the best.

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Yeah, if anything he throws too hard on some of those close up screen or swing or other short passes.  And he really throws it too hard (or at least doesn't put enough air under the ball) on his deep passes because he seems to overshoot them a lot.

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Ok, next question. -Dantonio

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This comment is almost better than bacon.


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"Nom nom nom" - Brady Hoke

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"It's ok, he said Braxton was better than Denard, right?"
^ upvote!
Dunno why but I LOL'd at this.  (and voted for it)

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Funny, MSU doesnt even have a QB that can throw!!!

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At this point I would say this is acurate. However, Robinson is no tailback. He is more like a return guy whose throws often get returned going the other way.

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Dantonio is a Mr. Potter who can grow hair.  

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"The revolution will be televised."

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at least our qb is dangerous... msu's well hopefully this isnt the first game he shows up for

mark may wins douchebag of the year... again

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Ask any Spartan fan out there (if you can stomach the pain of talking to green clad bros) and I'm sure they will tell you that their QB is PLENTY dangerous.

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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I definitely took this as an insult to Braxton. 

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"The revolution will be televised."

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I dont really care what he says. NEXT QUESTION!!!

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Too many words in your answer.

To err is human. Really sucking requires having yellow stripes on your helmet.

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There isn't even enough in this for Urban to use it as Bulletin Board material. We have enough areas that we have to improve in that whatever Dantonio says is beside the point.

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He said Braxton can throw, and Braxton is our best runner right now.  I see this as a compliment and a statement of truth.

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I agree. I took it exactly the same way.

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I'm on the fence about this comment. I would like to have heard the entire quote, so nothing is taken out of context, as is the norm amongst most written blurbs like this.
IMHO, I still haven't seen anything from Braxton's accuracy to show me that he's going to be a good passing QB. He's just to inconsistent. He makes some amazing throws sometimes, then he throws a change-up 25 yards down field to a receiver that's more wide open than Shannon Dougherty, that has to stop to catch the ball. That's a throw that he should be hitting Smith almost in stride, maybe with a slight adjustment. Once he works on his footwork, he'll be better. The change ups he throws are when his feet aren't set. It's like Troy, once he learned that in order to throw an accurate ball consistently, you have to set your feet, he became a much more complete QB.

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I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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I think its a compliment. There is a difference between a tailback who can throw and a tailback who tries to throw(Denard).

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Well, we all know Braxton is still developing his arm, but he is very dangerous with his feet.  I think the announcers during the UAB game even made comments about how he runs like a RB.  I didn't take Dantonio's comment as an insult.  Regardless, if the coaches want to use it as motivation for Braxton to improve, then I'm cool with that.

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I believe in Braxton.  As for our defense and tackling ability, well, I'm nervous.  I don't want Braxton to have to manufacture points to come from behind. Play solid football on defense and let Miller have some fun.
Go Bucks!!!

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I think Braxton runs like a dual threat QB, he just does it as well if not better than anyone in the biz.  He's doesn't have the power you get from most RB's and he runs too "upright" through the line of scrimmage to be compared to a RB.  I think Braxton has a one of a kind juke ability that you don't find in most running backs.  I mean seriously, how many RB's do you see juking someone out of their jockstrap on the sidline in the middle of a foot race i.e. 65 yard td run vs miami.  There are many more instances when you see Miller shift his weight and juke so much faster than you typically see out of a freakin running back.  
Braxton Miller is a dual threat QB with ridiculous juke ability, he just needs to work on his passing....Dantionio can say all he wants......I just LOVE it when the Buckeyes make someone eat crow.   

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Brax is as Pryor was, a great athlete learning to play QB. Not a very good QB yet but there is still time.

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It's not an insult. Read the complete article where Dantonio was quoted. He is very complimentary about not only Brax's skill set but how far he has come too. 

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He's not too far off on this comment..I mean Urban even said on the all-access show that Braxton was an athlete taking snaps last season. He isn't too far ahead of last season so I can't say Dantonio is far off based.


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So let me get this right if I understand this.... Dantonio can take a shot at Danard through the media but his players can't do it through twitter. Sounds like a double standard to me! 

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


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I don't think it was meant as a jab against Miller's ability to throw the ball. It COULD mean that he's more durable since he's built a little bit more like a tailback than Nard-dog. 
At the end of the day, it only matters what Miller thinks he meant by it and how or if he uses that for fuel on the field. 

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So long as Braxton plays like Braxton can, and there's an MSU broken ankle/whiplash/lost jock on a juke like only Braxton can lay on a defender nothing Dantonio says will matter.

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Nard Dog roo roo

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It's not much different than what Urbz says right now. He says something along the lines that miler is a great runner who can throw and he wants him to become a great thrower who can run.



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