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The Buckeyes are giving 17. What say you?



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this is Phil Steel's ("Northcoast Sports") 4 * winner this week.
He has OSU as his highest-rating college game, some of its match-ups/situational...but he points out how much better OSU's special teams are compared to Cal's. That should put OSU over the edge to cover.

"You win with people." - Woody Hayes

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Cal has a worse defense than UCF and a banged up O-line. I think we easily cover 17 points.

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Like UCF, you can't say they don't have athletes to compete in the way Miami was simply over whelmed the first quarter. I picked win, but not cover. I would love to be wrong and see the hammer dropped on them.

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I went with cover.
13 troll votes for Cal with the upset, eh?

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If these guys can beat UCF by 15 playing kind of half-assedly, they can beat Cal by more than 17.  No problemo.

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... playing kind of half-assedly...

That is an understatement. It felt like we were losing for most of the game only to see we were leading by quite a bit.

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Hard to see us not scoring 40-50. Lots of injuries & our team will want to prove they're not sloppy.

You win with people.