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The B1G's second best college football town is



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Wow first to vote and comment. Small reward for working all night long. :(  Madison because even though their coach is a douch and many of their fans suck, that little city is an awesome football atmosphere.

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I have yet to go to Madison, but I have been to Ann Arbor, and it is a very neat town so that decided my vote.

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Yup, it's like an entire city of the Short Norh, mixed with a hearty dose of Yellow Springs.

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Madison... just a cool area in between those 2 lakes, with lots of good places to go eat/drink etc. 

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Bratsville wins

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I don't know guys, I hear Bloomington is a straight rager!  lulz.

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Bloomington sucks as a CFB town, but it's a very under-rated college town (I'd say it nearly rivals Madison in that regard).

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If Illinois were any good, Champaign-Urbana could be a good football town.  Great beer everywhere.

Columbus to Pasadena: 35 hours.  We're on a road trip through the desert looking for strippers and cocaine... and Rose Bowl wins!

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Madison, even though the last time I was there, I had to witness Lee Evans torching Chris Gamble for the go ahead TD/win.

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East Lansing is a fun town

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Native Ohioan living in Iowa City right now for work. I don't know if it's the second best college town - but Iowa City is fairly underrated. It was just named top party school and the downtown district with a distinctly unique "Ped Mall" is pretty awesome. When I went to my first Ohio State/Iowa game, I was impressed with the town on a college football Saturday, too. It’s nothing like the atmosphere outside of the Shoe, however it’s pretty awesome to see a town of 80,000 double its population. And they’re all wearing black and gold, which definitely stands out.

I would put it ahead of Lincoln and Ann Arbor, honestly.

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No love for West Lafayette or Iowa City...Zzzz...Zzzz...Zzzz...

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^ I just gave my respect for Iowa City.
I've heard West Lafeyette *is* the exact location of America's taint.
You know another neat place to see a game is Minneapolis. We went there two seasons ago to see Ohio State. It’s not a college town, but the University is in an attractive location downtown. We went to a bar before the game, the place was literally 97% scarlet and grey.

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I've only been to Iowa City once and it was a quick 2 day deal, so it could be better than I remember it. West Lafayette on the other hand...
I do like Minneapolis. Never been there for a game, but have been there and experienced the Mall of America, among other things.

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Iowa City's got a sweet tailgate. Blows anything OSU has OUTSIDE of the stadium out of the water.
Purdue isn't actually the taint. Purdue is the location of the white stuff that forms at the corner of your mouth when you are thirsty and have to talk a lot.

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Minneapolis is a great city, the only downside is the apocalyptic frozen hell that it turns into from November to April. Don't get me wrong, I've lived through snowy winters my whole life, but Minneapolis is f##kin COLD. The type of cold where you feel layers of skin peeling off your face.

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Iowa city is great! A lot of friendly folks as well.


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The only B1G college town I haven't liked is Ann Arbor, granted I didn't do much there aside from tailgate on golf course and sit in horrendous traffic.  I had a great time in Iowa City, West Lafayette, Minneapolis, Lincoln and Champaign.  I haven't been to Madison, Happy Valley, Bloomington, Evanston or East Lansing although I'm heading to East Lansing this month.

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I have family in Plymouth, which is just down M-14 from Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor's Main Street is wonderful and has a lot of great places to eat/shop. Plus UM does have quite the campus. The best Mexican I've ever had was The Prickly Pear in Downtown Ann Arbor.
The downside to Ann Arbor? Detroit is ~20-30 minutes away, if that. 

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I've heard good things about Madison as a city, but not many of them involve the frozen missile-throwers at Camp Randall.
I voted for Lincoln. You can't argue with the level of support, granted that there's not a whole lot else to do in Nebraska.

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Of the three schools I've been to (purdue, wisconsin, iowa), Madison wins by a land slide. 

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Never been to Madison, but from what I hear "it's the tits!" Also, I dunno how anyone in their right mind could say Ann Arbor is a better college town than Happy Valley. I've been to both and while I believe Ann Arbor has a lot of potential, Happy Valley should be 2nd in votes after Madison.

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What? Central PA is a dumpster fire.

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Ironic, considering that Harrisburg PA is about to go completely broke because of debts incurred trying to make their trash incinerator profitable.

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Yikes! Glad I'm not actually from there. Only went to boarding school in the area.

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I went to HS in Central PA (Hershey area), it's not all that bad in the capital region. But I obviously agree that the surrounding State College area isn't all that attractive, but the town and space are much better on gamedays than they are in Ann Arbor IMO.

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Been to every B1G stadium except Nebraska. I have never felt that any compared to Columbus. I did fear for my life in Madison though. There was a drunken elderly lady throwing D cell batteries at anyone wearing an OSU shirt. PSU is pretty cool. I am usually one of the red dots in their white outs!

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I got the marshmellows with the pennies. 

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I've actually been to more games in Ann Arbor than Columbus, but that was because there are so many MU fans in Toledo, that I got free tix many times growing up. MU tailgating sux, IMHO. I've been to almost all MAC venues, and on a per person basis, MAC games are better than the Big Shit House.



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And I thought I would have to justify my Madison answer. I was going to say they are just as bad..or good, as Buckeye fans.

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never been to Madison but it looks like a great time... hoping to go the game in Happy Valley this year