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Is Braxton Miller as the primary OSU rushing threat sustainable?



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He needs to trust other RB's besides Hall. As soon as Hall was out of the game I don't think he ever gave the ball over when it was an option read.

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Braxton could probably build that trust a little better if we could keep a back healthy for a while. 

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Hes obviously suseptable to injury as we've seen in the Nebraska game last year and Mich St game. The nice thing about Braxton running the ball is it in many cases gives us an extra blocker which is our RB. When Hall or Hyde get the rock our QB doesn't typically follow or block for them for safety reasons or just by play design

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He'll get dinged up, but kind of like Herbie said yesterday, his pretty thick and durable.  If he can play through the dings what the heck, it gives the team a better chance to win if he's running.  I definitely think someone else needs to step up,and there were a few good plays by Hyde yesterday, so if he can stay healthy he'll be a great option.  This was probably the toughest D we'll have to run on this season, maybe Purdue.  So, I think another RB will emerge. 
I just don't want them to put a leash on Braxton.  He'll play much worse as a result, we've seen evidence of that a couple times this year already.  He's the best player on the field and they need to use him to the best of his abilities.  

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El Guapo is our guy, if he can stay healthy. He's stepped up plenty, and the dude IS fast and powerful. I read during spring that he may be an option to catch a few passes out of the backfield if Hall stays injured. I would like to see more balls thrown to El Guapo. He'd be more difficult to bring down that Jordan.



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This is tackle football they're playing out there.  Anybody's career could end on any given snap.  In this ofense Braxton is going to run the ball as much as is necessary to win the game.

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BM is outstanding but if I were our opponents D coordinator, I am telling my guys to go after the quarterback. BM doesn't pitch it often. I am going to make the running backs beat me. I would like to see more direct running plays until BM masters the read option. Our running backs are sorely under utilized.

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Carlos Hyde > Everything

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Jordan Hall > Carlos Hyde

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BM>Rod Smith>Jordan Hall> Carlos Hyde

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Does anyone here really believe that anybody else besides Hyde picks up the first down on that 3rd & 4? I looked up smash mouth football, and thats the new definition. It's true.

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I like hyde and he is tough...I just think Rod Smith is better. I think smith absolutely could have made it (If his fumbling troubles have been cured). Not sure hall would have made it

All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence. ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

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I like hyde and he is tough...I just think Rod Smith is better.

He's so much better than Hyde that Urban sat down with him and his dad and suggested he transfer.
Still no love for Hyde. Amazing.



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People on this site overrate Hyde for sure, but Smith?
smith has oodles of talent, but he's never going to be as productive as Hyde at OSU. 

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People like Smith because of his star rating.  In real life, game play Hyde is better.  Last year it was true, and when Hyde has been healthy this year it has been true.  Smith has had maybe 4 carries last year and this year that have everyone loving the guy.  Smith has done little, other than fumble, when given the opportunity to say he's better than Hyde. 
At the end of the day Braxton is still the best runner on this team and I say ride him as often as you can.  He'll get dinged, but RB's get dinged all the time too.  If Hyde can stay healthy then he'll get more carries and take some of the pressure off Braxton.  I'd rather have Hyde than Hall though.  I just don't like Hall running from the line of scrimmage that much.  I like him catching the ball and going or on the pitch, but I'd much rather have Braxton or Hyde running it than Hall. I like Smith in garbage time or as a 3rd or 4th option. 

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Agree with most that.
the only thing is that I don't want Hyde or Hall, I want both. They're complementary pieces. Having that guy that can take the pitch, move to split out wide, catch passes out of the backfield, and make quick inside cuts makes the inside runner more effective. 
I think Hyde's effectiveness and stats will skyrocket when both he and Hall are in there. We've seen what happens when we've got Hyde and no Hall- some good runs here and there but it's hard going and no big ones get broken. We've also seen Hall without Hyde- a more effective running game than just Hyde, but still tough going and no big ones broken.
i completely get why Urbs was so excited at the thought of having them both. To me though Hall is the key. He takes a lot of pressure off Braxton, opens up more plays in the play book with versatility, and spreads the defense a little to make things easier for Hyde. Hyde will look better when Hall is in there.
Now, is Hallperfect for that necessary role? Nope. But he's the only one on the team capable of running it this year.

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How do you figure Rod Smith is better?? I mean what has he done to make you feel that way? What becasue of the way he played in High School?? Rod Smith has had plenty of oppurtunities to take the starting job and hasnt done anything up to this point. I dont see why that would change now. The Rod Smith kool-aid must have a little Jack Daniels mixed in cause you guys are drinking it up lol!

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You have to go with what you have - and what we have is Braxton Miller.  I don't blame Braxton for not handing off to anyone other than Hall, those other guys aren't getting it done.  He knows the team's better off when he runs it - he's the magic and electricity and without him we'd be through. 
We have to hope that at some point, the other running backs as well as the receivers live up to their recruiting expectations before someone cleans Braxton’s clock.  Tell me your heart didn’t stop when he grabbed his knee on the play where he fumbled (3rd turnover) – you know it did just like mine.
Urban needs to challenge the rest of the so called “offensive weapons” – maybe it’s time for the 3rd or 4th string guys to get a chance – they can’t do any worse!


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If there was a way for us to win without leaving him out there for all those risky hits, sure. But I just don't see it yet. What can you do? You have to play and work with the team you got. And right now, we only go as far as Braxton takes us. Unless you guys are okay with losing. I know I'm not and neither is Brax or Urban. 

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You cant expect your star QB to run the ball more than your RB's thats just not smart football. We have a capable back in Hyde, Brax just needs to get better at his option reads. I like what Brax brings to the table when he runs the ball, but everytime he gets hit I pray that he gets up. You cant afford to have your QB taking that many hits. He's good sized but he's not built like Tebow. Hell this week was almost disastrous when he tweaked his knee!