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How would you rate Ohio State's performance today?



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The defense definitely did a better job today. In a low-scoring game like this, though, one play can be all the difference, so things might have been a little easier for us if just one of the seven defenders Mumphrey tore through had made a fundamentally sound tackle. 
There's always a big divide on this site between those who are critical of the Buckeyes' shortcomings and those who take a win no matter what. I think the difference here is that even though there were still critical penalties and missed tackles, there was still a clear improvement over last week, so I am much happier with today's flawed but sufficient performance that last week's. 

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Who in the Hell votes a C? 

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I went with a B.  There was improvement by the offense, except for Braxton's turnovers.  However, I'm not sure that the defense improved so much as MSU was not as able to take advantage of our weaknesses.
For that, I can see a C, and it would have been so if MSU had an average passing game.  I saw a lot of bad plays, but they are getting the "hey, they won!" treatment from me this week, because they beat a really good team.

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I guarantee there would have been 3-4% of the votes going to D's and F's if those had been options. Buckeye fans cray.

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A Win is an 'A' for me.

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I gave an "A" because of the improvement of the whole team as well as the environment we were playing in.  The closest thing to a complete win thus far.

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A+  for the win on the road
A for the Urban press conference comments again
C for the opponent ( Hell they lost to Notre Dame )
D for the turnovers C'mon man
Averages out to a B for me

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You know what? I give them an A.  First game on the road this year against supposedly the best team in the conference, a team that many on this site expected to beat us today, and the team comes out with a win.  There were problems, and there's a lot of room to grow, but the enthusiasm and excitement Urban and the team showed after the game says A to me.  
They would of lost this game last year.  This team gets knocked down and jumps right back up and hits you back. I think we'll see this team really improve a lot the next few weeks. 

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In my mind, an A is a perfect game.  
3 turnovers does not constitute that.  Therefore, B.

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Road win against a ranked team = an A for me. Which is not to say there weren't mistakes.

The most "loud mouth, disrespect" poster on 11W.

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I gave them a C. Defense was improved in that we tackled 98% of the time rather than giving forearm shivers or shoulder checking them. The offense has to step up though. Carlos ran tough today and Braxton proved that, despite what MSU fans think, he's a tough dude. The receivers need to step it up big time. BTW, Kenny G looked awesome and I'm feeling more confident after watching him lead the team to the end zone.