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Will Aaron Craft find a place in the NBA once he graduates?



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I think he's a consistent jump shot away from the NBA. Now, whether or not he wants to go, if given the opprotunity, is another quesiton.

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He's a competitor and seems to LOVE to work on his game.  I agree he's a jump shot away from being a sure-fire bet to play in the league.
Many of the "top defenders" currently in the NBA are more system guys who play their role in their teams' defensive structure.  Aaron has the ability to defend one-on-one without help.  That would be a very, very valuable tool in today's NBA with point guards like Rose, Paul, Rondo, Irving, Westbrook, etc.

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Aaron Craft will be a brain surgeon, not a profession athlete... and there is nothing wrong with that!
Absolutely love this kid as a buckeye.

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I think his ball handling and passing are not up to NBA standards either.  He is a great college player that just doesn't translate well to the NBA.

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I love Craft, but the best the guy could hope for is maybe a 3 year NBA career as a backup.... maybe 10 mins a game? If he hasn't developed a good jump shot yet, he never will. Plus he's short..... if you're a short guard, you better be able to shoot the lights out or be a great playmaker.... sorry, but he's neither of those.

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It's one thing to play 32 games a season but the NBA is 80 something. Thats alot of wear and tear on your body. Not sure if he could hold up to it?

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If Steve Blake can have this long of an NBA career, there is absolutely no reason why Aaron Craft can't.
He just needs to prove that he can hit a jumpshot consistently.

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Eric snow managed to have an NBA career so I believe it's a possibilty for craft.

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Aaron craft doesnt need basketball. Basketball needs him though. He is a class act that loves the Lord. 

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As an NBA Allstar, Mark Price was athletically similar to Aaron Craft, but two inches shorter.
The 6-foot (183 cm) Price played college basketball at Georgia Tech. During his time playing on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets men's basketball team, he was a two-time All American and four-time All ACC basketball player who helped lead the Yellow Jackets to an ACC Championship his junior year by defeating North Carolina in the ACC Tournament championship game. He was named the ACC Most Valuable Player for the 1984-85 season and his jersey was retired.[1] A point guard, he mystified critics who said he was too slow, too small and too deliberate for a high-level game. Selected first in the second round (25th overall) by the Dallas Mavericks in the 1986 NBA Draft, he was acquired by the Cleveland Cavaliers in a draft day trade that helped turn the team into an Eastern Conference power.
Mark Price was a four-time NBA Allstar, and played in the League for 12 years. Price was known for his stroke from beyond the arc, and the fowl line. Craft averaged 26 ppg in high school and will develop a more consistent shot, since more offense will be expected of him this year.
There's no doubt in my mind Craft can play in the League, if he wants to. He already plays better defense than Price, but Price was also a tenacious defender for his size.

Go Bucks!

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I say Aaron Craft will go in the NBA and he will become the defensive version of Steve Nash. He will be the hyperactive, all over the place PG that Steve Nash is. But instead of being that guy on offense, he is that guy on defense. He will be at the very least a backup PG getting decent minutes. I think his outside shot will be much better this year and that will be the final piece. He is NBA material. He is better on defense than half of the starting NBA PGs right now. I say he is better than Steve Nash, on defense!

I saw a UFO told me to have a goodyear!

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@BuckeyeBoy you are forgetting something. mark price could absolutely STROKE IT. one of the best shooters ever. craft is not a good shooter and he will never get close to being the shooter mark price is.  
what do you do with him in the NBA? they have guys designated to play defense, and they are 6'7 with a 40 inch vertical (bruce bowen). guarding chris paul, deron williams, and russell westbook will be a little different than guarding jordan taylor, jordan hulls, or any other big ten PG.
6 foot white guys don't make it anymore, especially if they can't shoot. 
love craft though. he will be a great doctor or coach.