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Which group of captains from the Tressel era was the strongest?



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This is the most difficult poll question I've seen in a long, long time.


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That '02 team had more heart than I've ever seen in a football team.  I'm going to bet that those two safties did a lot to instill that mentality.

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I am surprised that the 08 team got so few of votes, those captains for that year had some amazing senior leadership.

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agreed. Boeckman really handled himself well, by all accounts, when he was demoted, after starting every game the previous season (with somewhat successfull results).
But my vote was for Doss. He was a BOSS in '02, and led that D in the Championship Game.


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Very Very tough to answer...but I'll take A.J. Hawk anyday of the week. His presence in that "Captainship" in my opinion makes it the strongest by default.

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Echo the points above about this being a tough question to answer.  I guess this is one of those good problems to have.  This list is a who's who of great leaders coupled with exceptional talent (at least at the college level).  I have to go with Doss and Nickey though.  The national championship aside, they stepped up during what was still largely a transition period and led a team that was almost literally flying by the seat of its pants every game that year. 

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Mike Doss, good lord could that guy hit