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Is this the year Nebraska takes the B1G title?



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I said no, because I'm picking MSU to win the division.
If MSU falters, though, Nebraska has a relatively good shot at the division this year. I like the winner of the Iowa v. Nebraska to be "next in line." I have Michigan finishing about 3rd or 4th in a highly competitive division. The winner of the division will likely have 2 conference losses.  

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I don't think they will but they'll get my vote for who I want to win... Honestly ttun, MSU, and Wiscy are the most likely other options, no thank you.  I'd take Illinois if Beckman can pull out a miracle.

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I voted no because I'm not convinced they'll be much better than last year, and there are still too many obstacles (Wisky, MSU, scUM, Iowa) standing in their way.

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I said Nah, but while disagreeing with the part about Sparty being too tough. I think that people are giving them too much credit and forget how irrelevant they were before these last 2-3 years. They won't stay near the top for long and will slowly drop back into their usual mediocrity.

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Rex Burkhead could carry them to a B1G title, but I think Taylor Martinez needs to to make some plays with arm as well.  Depends how much he has developed this offseason with his arm.

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Their biggest obstacle is Taylor Martinez and his penchant for ill timed turnovers (and that throwing motion, holy hell. That has got to go). If he matures and makes better decisions, they'll be a tough out.
That being said, we were owning them for 3 quarters last year with our worst team (offensively and defensively) in a long, long time. So they've got a ways to go.

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I picked no but not because I believe MSU and UM will be too good for them but because if they do get to the big ten championship game, they will lose to wisconsin. Though I think MSU has the best chance of getting to the big ten championship game.

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I voted no because they don't even have a QB. Pretty simple.

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I voted yes they remember that beatdown in Madison last year and I don't think any other teams are significantly better .

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Nowhere to put this.... HYDE!!! HYDE. This kid is going to blow them away. He fumbled once also last year, no? I thought so. Other than that, he reminded me of Clarett, witout the crazy. My drinking money sais that Hyde is the superstar. Unstoppable, I'll put myself out there. You can make all the fun of me if you want if he bombs out. No, that dude is the next big thing in football.